Eyecare Tips for Smartphone Users

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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Follow our helpful steps to ensure your eyes are kept safe while you're using your smartphone or other mobile device.

In an age where much of what we do is shaped or influenced by technology, it's no surprise that there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally. Of course, the smartphone is an ingenious invention, allowing users to communicate, share and learn on-the-go, however users should be sure to take precaution - especially when it comes to eye health.

With many people relying on smartphones for work purposes, they no doubt spend prolonged periods of time looking at their screen. Over time, this can lead to eyestrain, even for those with perfectly good eyesight. Symptoms of eyestrain include burning or irritated eyes, tiredness, headaches, aching eyes, and dry eyes as a result of not blinking. These are all extremely uncomfortable and a visit should be made to an optometrist if one or more of these symptoms is experienced.

In order to reduce the risk of experiencing eyestrain when using your smartphone, Feel Good Contacts have come up with a few useful tips to follow:


eyecare tips for smartphone users

Staring at a smartphone screen for long periods of time can cause your eyes to become dry and sore. This leads to discomfort and if not tended to, could produce severe problems further down the line.

To avoid experiencing dry eyes, remember to blink regularly when using your smartphone, no matter how interesting the task is. If your eyes do become dry, it may be worth having some eye drops to hand, as these help to add moisture.

Use Bigger Fonts

Eyestrain from smartphone use can occur as a result of squinting the eyes to read tiny fonts. Smartphone screens are much smaller than regular laptop or PC screens, which means reading long pieces of text on them can be trickier.

It is a good idea, therefore, to change the font size on your smartphone. This can be done in the Settings tab, with many phones providing the option for large fonts that are tailored to those with poor vision.

Keep the Screen at Eye Level

eyecare tips for smartphone users

When looking at your smartphone screen, make sure it is held at eye level or just below eye-level. This means that you won't need to move your eyes into a position that doesn't feel natural and cause them to feel strained.

Go for Regular Eye Tests

Whether you use a smartphone regularly or not, it is important to go for regular eye tests. For adults aged under 40, it is recommended to see an optometrist two or three times a year. For those who already have poor vision, Feel Good Contact Lenses advises you to attend appointments more frequently. 

If you have any questions surrounding eye health, or contact lenses, our dedicated customer service personnel are here to help.

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