Halloween Contact Lenses: Stay safe, stay spooky

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Coloured contact lenses are a fun way to elevate your costume, but you should be wary about where you buy them from. We have a look at the ways you can keep safe when wearing coloured contact lenses this Halloween.

Halloween is that time of year when you get to be creative with your fancy dress. There are lots of ways you can give your costume that finishing touch. A long, dark wig could help you transform into Morticia Addams. Maybe a dousing of fake blood could be just the thing to give your outfit that creepy edge. Or you could add the wow-factor to your look by using coloured contact lenses.

Coloured contact lenses are a fun way to add some mystery to your Halloween costume and bring your character to life. Whether it be yellow lenses for a terrifying wolf look, or ocean blue contacts for a glamorous mermaid moment. There are lots of options out there to choose from, and a lot of retailers too. One such retailer is owned by reality star Marnie Simpson, a television personality best known for appearing on the popular reality TV show Geordie Shore – a British version of the American show Jersey Shore.

Marnie Simpson released her own range of cosmetic contact lenses under the name I Spy Eyes in 2017. The range sells everything from natural, everyday colours to more outrageous and vivid hues, along with lenses specifically for costume and Halloween.

Recently, Marnie was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) from advertising her contact lenses because they were said to be unsafe. Although her contacts are non-corrective, they still need to be sold under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner, optician or optometrist, they currently are not. She and her legal team argue that supervision isn’t needed because the lenses sold at I Spy Eyes were not designed to correct, remedy or relieve a sight defect and therefore are not covered by the Opticians Act 1989.

The ASA responded to this by stating that the law was amended in 2005 to include all contact lenses, prescription or not. This means that the contact lenses sold in Marnie’s range are in fact, covered by the Opticians Act 1989.

Marnie’s adverts have been branded as misleading because her fans would assume that they could buy lenses from her website without needing to see an optician. The ASA said, “Because the ads implied the sale of zero-powered contact lenses by the advertiser was legal and because the ads encouraged an unsafe practice, we concluded they were in breach of the Code.”

Buy your coloured contacts from reputable sellers

You should always buy your contact lenses from companies that are supervised by a registered optician. There are many places you can buy coloured contact lenses from such as tattoo parlours, costume shops, market stalls and beauty shops, particularly around Halloween.

It's tempting to just go for the cheapest option available, but you’d be putting your eyes at serious risk. These retailers aren’t adhering to the same high level of safety standards as those supervised by opticians. A lot of people have bought contact lenses from such places and reported itching, discomfort and the feeling of something being in their eye (ironically, there literally is something in your eye when you’re wearing contact lenses, but you shouldn’t feel that it’s there!). Coloured contact lenses are safe to use as long as the lens is properly fitted to your eye, make sure you get the correct fit by getting a prescription before purchasing.

Halloween contact lens safety tips

1. Always wash your hands and make sure they are completely dry before inserting or removing your lenses (make sure you dry them with a towel that doesn’t shed, or you risk those fibres being transferred to your eye)

2. Remove your lenses before you remove your make-up

3. Don’t rub your eyes whilst wearing the lenses

4. If your lenses can be used multiple times, make sure the lenses are stored in a clean lens case with solution inside at night

5. Don’t reuse your daily, disposable lenses

6. If you experience any discomfort during wear, remove and discontinue use

7. Don’t sleep in your lenses, and only wear for the recommended time

Find the perfect coloured contact lens for you

Feel Good Contacts was founded by qualified optometrists who care about supplying high-quality contact lenses at an affordable price. We have a broad range of coloured contacts, all available in prescription and non-prescription versions. FreshLook Colorblends have a combination of natural and more striking hues. Comfi Colors 1 Day are a high-water content, thin lens that provides all day comfort. You’ll also have the benefit of throwing these away after one use, avoiding the hassle of a cleaning routine at the end of the day. Air Optix Colors have three different colours blended together to add even more depth to your eyes. Whatever colour you choose, remember to look after your lenses

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