Love Island Sunglasses Style Guide for 2019

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Calling all Love Island fanatics! We’ve rounded up the top stylish sunglasses worn by the 2019 Love Island contestants. Get the look with our discounted designer sunglasses today.

Love Island is back and its contagious. Here we are again glued to our screens watching a new batch of guys and girls settling into the Majorcan villa in hope of winning the grand cash prize (oh and love). Whether you’re ready to watch at 9pm, or catching up before you get into work, we’ve all dedicated an hour of our day to the show, then an extra hour dissecting it all in the office. Love Island fever has spread, even to those who swore they were immune.

Unfortunately for Lucie, “Bevvy” hasn’t caught on and won’t be making the Love Island dictionary which already includes, melt, pied, factor 50, buzzin’ and loyal to name a few. Style is an important part of the show, and we can’t help wondering what the Love Islanders are wearing, especially their stylish sunglasses

Love Island Sunglasses

Find your type with our selection of Love Island sunglasses worn by your favourite Islanders:
Amber Love Island Sunglasses

Get the style: Polaroid PLD 6069/S/X Rose Gold 210/0J Polarised

Amber’s sunglasses on Love Island match her fun and sassy spirit. Within the first few episodes of series five, she makes it clear that she suits just about any pair of sunnies and Callum on the other hand does not. Ouch. The mirrored aviators worn by Amber are the perfect summer accessory and designed to make a statement. The classic teardrop lens shape offers more coverage to keep you safe from the sunlight and help you face the drama, we mean sun, in style.

Molly-Mae’s Black Aviator Sunglasses

Molly Mae Love Island Sunglasses

Get the style: Polaroid PLD 6069/S/X Silver YBZ/EX Polarised

Social media influencer Molly-Mae turned a few heads in the villa and despite Maura’s keen efforts, Tommy chose to couple up with Molly-Mae again. Whilst she wasn’t clear on her feelings towards Tommy what we can categorically assure you is that these Black Aviators are 100% her type. The signature aviator sunglasses have always been timeless in style and just like Molly-Mae they make a comeback.

Tommy’s Flat-Top Sunglasses

Tommy Love Island Sunglasses

Get the style:

Polaroid PLD 6076/S Black 807/M9 Polarised

Polaroid PLD 6076/S Grey KB7/5Z Polarised

Known for his HUGE… boxing background and famous brother, Tommy Fury gets our attention beyond his celebrity background. He keeps up the celeb style with these fierce flat-top sunglasses. Compared to other sunglasses, these frames provide more coverage, while the square silhouette is designed to accentuate the angles of your face. Paired with a cheeky smile, it brings together the perfect summer sunglasses style.

Image by: @loveisland

Yewande’s Sleek Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Yewandes Love Island Sunglasses

Get the style:

Polaroid PLD 4074/S Black 807/M9 Polarised

Polaroid PLD 4074/S Havana 086/SP Polarised

Yewande hit a few bumps during her time in the Love Island villa and we were never convinced that her and Danny were a great match. After returning from his date with Arabella, Danny confirms it went well, leaving Yewande throwing shade in these sleek cat-eye sunglasses. Yewande’s sunglasses embrace a classic feline appeal, designed to suit most facial shapes and modernised into a fierce tortoise style to keep up to date with all the latest trends. At least her and her sunnies make a great pair.

Image by: @loveisland

Curtis’s Retro Oval Sunglasses

Curtis Love Island Sunglasses

Get the style:

Polaroid PLD 6066/S Black 79D/M9 Polarised

Polaroid PLD 6066/S Blue LKS/XN Polarised

Professional ballroom dancer Curtis pairs his old-school manners with these retro oval sunglasses, making the perfect couple, we mean look. He’s become one of our favourite Islanders who’s become the agony aunt of the villa, always lending an ear and guidance during love squabbles. His laid-back and easy-going personality are the perfect match to these round sunglasses, after Amy of course.

Image by: @loveisland

Michael’s Round Sunglasses

Michael Love Island Sunglasses

Get the style:

Polaroid PLD 2053/S Black 807/M9 Polarised

Polaroid PLD 2053/S Orange L7Q/HE Polarised

FIRE-fighter Michael has set the villa alight with his charm and is currently coupled up with the fiery Amber, could they be the favourite couple to win this year’s Love Island? We’d like to thank Michael for his good looks and good spot in seeing Maura listen into the lad’s conversation. Whether you’re seeking shade or simply playing it cool, Michael’s sunglasses on Love Island can be paired with absolutely any outfit. The round sunglasses worn by Michael are incredibly versatile and has a vintage flare.

We hope you’ve found your type of Love Island style sunglasses and if you didn’t find your look, you’ll find a wider range of top trending designer sunglasses for men and women at Feel Good Contacts.

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