Why you should try contact lenses in 2020

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Thursday, 09 January 2020 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Free yourself from glasses by trying contact lenses in 2020.

A lot happened in 2019, as always there were highs and there were lows, but now it’s time to look forward to 2020. After putting away the Christmas decorations and buying one too many packets of discounted mince pies, it’s time to start planning out your New Year’s Resolutions.

January is the month for self-improvement, the start of a new year feels kind of like setting the reset button, a great time for reflection. Typical resolutions include exercising more, preparing more lunches for work and saving money. Here at Feel Good, we think the best decision you can make for your eyesight is to switch from glasses to contact lenses, here’s why…


New year, new you, new look

We live in a world that is arguably too focused on image, however there are some who hate the way they look in glasses. If you’re one of those people, contact lenses can provide a way for you to change your style whilst providing the same visual clarity as glasses.

There’s no denying that wearing glasses completely changes the way you look. If you’re after a change of style in the new year, you can enjoy clear vision with contact lenses.


Looking to be more active?

If one of your goals is to be more active, wearing glasses can be an annoying burden. Nobody wants spectacles jumping up and down on the bridge of the nose as they're running. Glasses can also very easily fall off and get broken while playing football or rugby. You'll take the hassle out of playing sports if you wear contact lenses. Make the switch to ensure your game isn’t interrupted by falling glasses.


Look after your eyes this January

Even if you’ve never needed visual correction before, your sight can start to deteriorate with age, so it’s best to go to an optician regularly. If you’ve noticed your sight isn’t as sharp as it used to be then it’s even more important to get your eyes checked. Signs of visual deterioration include struggling to read small print or not being able to see your TV from the sofa.

Leaving these symptoms can cause long-term discomfort and make your vision much worse. Look after your vision in 2020 by visiting an eye care professional and promise yourself to do this at least every two years.


Contact lenses that cost less

Buy contact lenses online at Feel Good Contacts for a wide range of high quality, prescription lenses available for up to 50% less than high street opticians. We stock many different types of contact lenses, including popular brands such as Acuvue moist, Focus Dailies and Air Optix. We also have all your other eye care essentials such as contact lens solution and lens cases.

In addition, we offer all new customers a 10% discount on their first order! You can also enjoy FREE delivery when you spend over €55. Affordable, comfortable and convenient, contacts will have you Feeling Good about leaving your glasses behind in 2019.  

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