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Tuesday, 31 October 2023 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Did you know, bright sunshine can determine victory or defeat in a tennis match? Yes, you heard it right. Famous tennis players choose to wear sunglasses to beat the sun and their opponent in court.

Professional tennis players such as Janko Tipsarevic, Sam Stosur, and Denis Istomin, sported sunglasses during their respective tennis matches.

Let’s discuss why tennis players choose to wear sunglasses during matches and unveil top brands for tennis sunglasses.

Should tennis players wear sunglasses?

The sunny conditions make tennis a really difficult game for players. Hence, they should definitely wear sunglasses that protects their eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, enhancing visual clarity during matches.

Some tennis players might have a prescription, due to which they are recommended to wear prescription sunglasses. Furthermore, sunglasses are a blessing in windy conditions, safeguarding their eyes from dust and debris.

Which tennis players wear sunglasses?

We have listed some famous tennis players who wear sunglasses on the court. Take a look.

Janko Tipsarevic

Janko Tipsarevic

During matches, people spotted this Serbian former tennis player wearing Oakley sunglasses with photochromatic lenses. He achieved 4 ATP World Tour titles, 1 ATP doubles title, 3 Futures, and 15 Challenger titles throughout his successful career.

Sam Stosur

Sam Stosur

The former tennis player, Sam Stosur, has been sporting sunglasses on court since her early teens. With multiple victories at the US Open in 2011 and the French Open in 2010, she thanks her sunglasses for helping her maintain clear vision in sunny conditions.

Denis Istomin

Denis Istomin

His historic victory over Novak Djokovic at the 2017 Australian Open, Denis Istomin regards him as a tennis powerhouse. Denis also bagged two singles titles at the Aegon Open Nottingham in 2015 and the Chengdu Open in 2007. He opts for Oakley sunglasses, not just for style but also to improve his visual comfort while battling in tennis matches.

What type of sunglasses are best for tennis?

Tennis players prioritise specific features when selecting sunglasses to wear during their respective matches. The key attributes of a good pair of tennis sunglasses include:

  • Wrap around frames: wrap sunglasses offer a comfortable fit while protecting your eyes from side glare, which is important for maintaining focus during matches
  • Polarised sunglasses: these lenses not only reduce reflective glare, but also enhance clarity and comfort of vision however, it is not the best choice for tennis.
  • Comfortable grip: sunglasses with temple tip grips for ears are the best choice for hot and humid conditions, enhancing comfort and stability during an intense match
  • Lens colour: brown or amber tinted lenses for tennis as they tone down strong sunlight and boost contrast, making surroundings appear sharper. Blue lenses can also be a great choice, as they decrease glare and enhance contrast, particularly useful for highlighting the yellow tennis ball
  • Mirrored lenses: these lenses provide visual comfort by reducing discomfort from bright light and reducing glare while on court

What are the best tennis sunglasses?

Is your favourite outdoor game tennis? Do you also find it difficult to deal with the strong sun rays while playing tennis? Fret not, we at Feel Good Contacts have got you covered with the best pair of tennis sunglasses that optimises your performance while maintaining visual clarity and protecting eyes from harmful UV rays.

Feel Good Collection Lana Brown Polarised

These oversized polarised sunglasses are crafted from high quality plastic material; they guarantee durability and comfort during intense tennis tournaments. The brown gradient lenses not only make a fashion statement but also provide 100% UVA and UVB protection for sunny days.

Oakley Sylas OO9448-01 Prizm Grey

These sunglasses are suitable for both men and women. The square frames are lightweight guaranteeing all-day comfort for tennis players. The sleek black frame is crafted from durable plastic. Dark grey lenses provide UVA and UVB protection, while Prism technology enhances colour and clarity. The silver Oakley logo graces the temples. A soft pouch is included for keeping these sporty shades safe from dirt and debris when not in use.

Ray-Ban RB4068 Tortoise 642/57 Polarised

These sunglasses feature a rectangle silhouette that elevates the facial features. Crafted from robust acetate, the tortoise print frames are durable. Offering 100% UV protection, they protect from harmful sun rays during an intense tennis match in scorching heat.

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