Saline Solutions and Contact Lens Cleaners

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Saline solutions are created using a gentle formula that makes them highly adept at rinsing, and occasionally storing, disinfected contact lenses. Saline solutions leave your lenses feeling fresh, moist and comfortable to wear, also ensuring that there’s no lingering dirt or debris or traces of any cleaner or disinfecting solution that could cause irritation.

Popular saline solutions such as Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution and Lens Plus Solution are available at the guaranteed cheapest prices in Ireland when you buy contact lens solutions online at

Cleaning tablets

Cleaning tablets are designed for use alongside disinfecting solutions. All you need to do is dissolve one tablet in a disinfecting solution to increase the intensity of the clean, therefore ensuring all protein and bacteria is removed from the surface of the lens. These tablets also work to neutralise the solution, making sure no cleaning product remains on the lenses, keeping your eyes safe from any possible irritation.

Why not try Ultrazyme Universal Protein Cleaner? This exceptional contact lens cleaning tablet ensures total hygiene for you and your lenses.
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