Feel Good Contacts Quality Statement


This Quality Statement is a testimony of quality assurance for all products sold at Feel Good Contacts; this includes, contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lens solutions and eye care products. With Feel Good Contacts’ in-house Opticians and chain of leading manufacturers, authenticity, quality standards and customer satisfaction are met through rigorous quality checks and adherence to industry best practices.

Oversight and Management

The selection of products is endorsed by the brand's in-house Opticians, consisting of a Contact Lens Optician, Dispensing Opticians and an Ophthalmologist. Their collective expertise ensures that each product attains the highest standards of quality, aligning with the brand's commitment to delivering exceptional eye care products.

Feel Good Contacts’ comprehensive quality assurance begins at the sourcing stage, where the Opticians research and shortlist the best products for customers, followed by partnering up with trusted suppliers who share Feel Good Contacts’ commitment to improving vision and eye health.

Thorough checks for prescription glasses orders are carried out by Feel Good Contacts’ expert Opticians to ensure they meet industry standards. This includes prescription verifications, materials and cosmetic appearance. At Feel Good Contacts, it is a requirement that each glasses’ lens undergoes a meticulous quality check and is tested using a focimeter to validate the customer's prescription. Furthermore, all glasses undergo a visual inspection for frame condition before being dispatched.

Prescription Verification

For prescription glasses, customers are required to confirm that they possess a written spectacle prescription from a registered medical practitioner or Optometrist that is no more than two years old. We do not accept orders with prescriptions older than this timeframe.

For contact lens orders, customers must refer to a valid contact lens prescription from a contact lens assessment performed within the last two years.

Feel Good Contacts advise that you have a regular check up to make sure that your eyes are healthy and that your prescription is up to date.


Whilst ordering, each customer is required to declare that they are aged 16 or above and are not registered as blind or partially sighted. Customers are responsible for ensuring they are not using the same prescription for both glasses and contact lenses, as these prescriptions differ and should be prescribed by a practising Optician.

To ensure you are placing an order according to your prescription we may ask for additional information. We reserve the right to ask you or your Optician for a copy of the original prescription or to confirm the prescription's validity and accuracy.


Feel Good Contacts is dedicated to delivering eyewear products of superior quality that align with industry standards. Our diverse selection of products proudly bears either the CE or UKCA mark, underscoring our commitment to providing products that are compliant with EU and UK health and safety standards. The presence of the CE and UKCA mark on our products signifies thorough assessment has been made by the manufacturers. At Feel Good Contacts, the well-being of our customers is of utmost importance and the CE/UKCA mark serves as a clear indicator of the reliability and exceptional quality of our products.

Healthcare Advice Notice and After Care

Feel Good Contacts guarantees that all products are packaged safely, without any damage. Each order provides clear instructions on do’s and don'ts, including additional advice for the customer, such as how to insert your lenses, how to take out your lenses, maintaining your contact lenses and more. Our qualified opticians craft the advice and instructions and is identical to the same standards as you will receive from an optical high street practice. Additionally, our qualified and skilled opticians are available to help with any queries and advice you may need.

All glasses and sunglasses provided by our establishment adhere to the highest standards of quality, and we proudly offer a 12-month warranty starting from the date of purchase. This warranty is a testament to our dedication to providing durable and reliable products to our valued customers.

Feel Good Contacts provides a regulatory professional optical service where customers can reach out to our customer service team throughout the week.

The Expert Panel

Tina Patel

Tina Patel

Contact Lens Optician

Wut Win

Wut Win

Dispensing Optician

Khuram Sarwar

Khuram Sarwar

Dispensing Optician

Alastair Lockwood

Alastair Lockwood

Eye Health Advisor, Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon

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