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Acuvue Oasys Product Description

Renowned eye care experts Johnson & Johnson are the proud creators of Acuvue Oasys. These weekly contact lenses can be worn for up to two weeks of daily wear, or continuously for a week (if approved by your optician).

Designed with Hydraclear® Plus technology, Acuvue Oasys stabilise the tear film, which prevents the onset of dry and tired eyes. This provides an ideal option for contact lens wearers who spend their day in front of digital devices and in air-conditioned environments. In addition, the silicone hydrogel design of these weekly contact lenses maintains the natural moisture of your eyes and allows more oxygen to pass through the lens than standard hydrogel contacts. This promotes comfortable and hydrated contact lens wear throughout even the longest of day.

Rely on premium performance with Acuvue Oasys contact lenses, as they feature built-in UV protection to keep your eyes safe and healthy. On top of this, a convenient 123 indicator and visibility tint ensure a simple and easy application.

Wearing them as two weekly contacts means you’ll need to maintain the quality of your lenses with a simple cleaning routine. Fortunately, at, we stock everything you need to clean, rinse, disinfect and store your lenses. Why not opt for comfi All-in-One Solution and find everything you need in one bottle?

You can also opt to wear Acuvue Oasys continuously for up to six days and seven nights of continuous wear. However, you’ll need to seek advice from your optician should you wish to wear them as extended wear lenses.

At, you'll also find Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia and Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism.

Benefits & Features

  • Two weekly contact lenses
  • Can be worn as extended wear (day and night) for a week if approved by your optician
  • HYDRACLEAR® technology for comfort
  • Blocks 96.1% of UVA and 99.9% of UVB rays
  • Visitint technology and 1,2,3 indicator to help with application
  • 38% water content

Alternatives to Acuvue Oasys contact lenses

comfi Pure 1 Day are similar contacts, however offer the convenience of being daily disposables.

Acuvue Oasys parameters

Power range 8.00 to -12.00
Base curve(s) 8.4mm, 8.8mm
Diameter(s) 14mm
Lens material Senofilcon A
Water content 38%
Oxygen permeability 147 Dk/t


  • By: Emran Syees On: 02 Jan 2019
  • By: Dorota Halasa On: 22 Dec 2018
  • By: Ingrida Alkauskiene On: 16 Dec 2018
  • By: Neil Anthony On: 12 Dec 2018
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  • By: Anna Szajda On: 06 Dec 2018
  • By: Rakan Oustwani On: 04 Dec 2018
  • By: Joanna Wolanska On: 02 Dec 2018
    Great as usual
  • By: Iveta Kukle On: 27 Nov 2018
    Perfect thanks
  • By: Robert Hirst On: 22 Nov 2018
  • By: Weronika Grabowska On: 20 Nov 2018
  • By: Lakeisha Johnson On: 20 Nov 2018
  • By: Steve Griffiths On: 19 Nov 2018
  • By: Lyndsey Watson On: 12 Nov 2018
    Excellent as ever.
  • By: Katy Stephenson On: 02 Nov 2018
    Efficient service and great value lenses! Very happy to recommend.
  • By: Rowena Joyner On: 26 Oct 2018
    Always brilliant customer service, arrived the next day and the little bag of Haribo is always a nice little treat!
  • By: Ajitha Ratnayake On: 22 Oct 2018
    Excellent delivery and nice touch with the Haribo :) Very good price too
  • By: Linda Bays On: 20 Oct 2018
    I have placed several orders now and have been very pleased with the speed of delivery and quality of goods.
  • By: Adjoa Ofosu-Ameyaw On: 29 Sep 2018
    Came to Memphis, TN so quickly! I am going to be a customer from now on!
  • By: Dave Lepore On: 24 Sep 2018
    Great Customer Service. Very Easy To Order. Solid Company.
  • By: Ariane Diniz On: 18 Sep 2018
  • By: Brandon Sparks Thompson On: 09 Sep 2018
    Very comfortable
  • By: Rupert Da Silva On: 03 Sep 2018
    Love them! They are very comfortable to wear, no problems.
  • By: Kate Pyper On: 30 Aug 2018
    Have been using this Acuvue Oasys for years. Love it. Service is fast and good! I ordered my contact lenses yesterday afternoon and received them this morning!
  • By: Luke Child On: 27 Aug 2018
    Quick delivery and brilliant product.
  • By: June Ward On: 18 Aug 2018
    Usually very good product been using them for years s. Had a bad batch this time as they kept breaking on the edges
  • By: Karen Siu Ting Salvatierra On: 17 Aug 2018
    Very comfortable to use. Really enjoyed these lenses since I started using them. I switched from the Acuvue2. These ones don't make my eyes tired and I dont have to use hydrating tears. I have been using them for the last 3 years and it's my preferred contact lenses.
  • By: Monica On: 17 Aug 2018
    love this product. I have used it for years and i am really happy
  • By: Louby221 On: 16 Aug 2018
    Have been using these contacts for 4 years now, very comfortable to have in all day, clear vision and to be honest I have to remember I have them in they feel no different, had contacts before which were uncomfortable and itched my eyes but never had a problem with these, reasonably priced as well.
  • By: Lorraine Trego On: 15 Aug 2018
    Very good product I wear them early morning to evening with no problems
  • By: Anne On: 15 Aug 2018
    First time to try these. I think I will go back to dailies. Only because I think it’s more hygienic. They are very comfortable and can be worn for a long time without feeling dry eyed.
  • By: Val On: 15 Aug 2018
    Excellent service. Ordered in the evening and they arrived the next day. I was amazed but really pleased
  • By: Hanne Lene Schierff On: 12 Aug 2018
    Used these for years. No dryness. Fortnightly change works well. Environmentally better than dailies. Would recommend
  • By: Melinda On: 09 Aug 2018
    Used these for years! It''s what my eye drs have always recommended for breathability for my eyes so I''ve stuck with them.
  • By: Cynthia On: 08 Aug 2018
    I have used this product continually for several years without the slightest concerns or discomfort. The lenses are easy to apply and remove and feel completely natural. I wear them for around 16 hours every day.
  • By: Sarah Diebelius On: 08 Aug 2018
    I live in a tropical climate so need the UV and the breathability. I have found these to be the best on both counts
  • By: Wilhelmena Lira On: 07 Aug 2018
    very good prices easy to use
  • By: Sarah N On: 06 Aug 2018
    Comfortable, practical and relatively cost-effective option. Apparently good for your eyes.
  • By: Eve On: 06 Aug 2018
    High quality lenses that are easy to wear
  • By: Anon On: 03 Aug 2018
    Been using these for the past 10 years if not more. No complaints. Great Product.
  • By: Francesca Zammit On: 02 Aug 2018
    Always satisfied with the products and very quick international delivery
  • By: Konstantina Gouveli On: 01 Aug 2018
    This is a very good bran that I trust and use for 10 years
  • By: DENISE H. On: 31 Jul 2018
    So much more comfortable to wear compared to the very dry Focus dailies which I''d been wearing.
  • By: Allison Zeng On: 29 Jul 2018
    does not fit for me, feels a little bit uncomfortable
  • By: Benita Johnson On: 27 Jul 2018
    Very comfortable. Even with 24hr wear.
  • By: Robyn On: 25 Jul 2018
    Very comfortable and let your eyes breath
  • By: Janet On: 24 Jul 2018
    Have used for years, always 100 percent quality, wouldn''t use anything else
  • By: Estera Swoboda On: 23 Jul 2018
    It was so nice to deal with You guys, It was so quick and I found a small pack of sweets in my delivery from You. It made my day, thank You xx
  • By: Amanda Taylor On: 22 Jul 2018
    In a word “Excellent”. I wear my contact lenses pretty much 24/7 and have dry eyes but these contact lenses are so comfortable.
  • By: Mariyah Shah On: 21 Jul 2018
    To be honest, i am not one to write reviews but i need to on this product. I have severe dry eyes and i work as a cabin crew, i always wear my lense when flying and these contact lense are magical. No irritation, no dry eyes. No nothing negative! Absolutely love these lense! Do not hesitate to buy if you have dry eyes and in doubt. #not sponsor. LOL.
  • By: Sam On: 20 Jul 2018
    A little expensive but they are comfortable and very good quality. I wear these daily and they work out more cheaper then dailies.
  • By: Vasilis On: 19 Jul 2018
    The best soft lenses you can buy. Have been using them for 10 years and never looked back. Bi-weekly but could be worn a bit longer if you have to. Do not dry eyes and feel so light.
  • By: Andy On: 19 Jul 2018
    Very comfrotable and long lasting!
  • By: GARETH SEWARD On: 18 Jul 2018
    My first ever contact lenses so I have nothing to compare them against, but they are very user-friendly and I completely forget that I am even wearing them!
  • By: Alan Gore On: 17 Jul 2018
    extremely fast and always reliable. have never let me down
  • By: Liam Doran On: 16 Jul 2018
    Very comfortable lenses. Top product
  • By: Khadija Mehmood On: 15 Jul 2018
    I love these, they’re a bit in the expensive side but I recommend them over the cheaper versions as they rip easier
  • By: Claire On: 15 Jul 2018
    I have tried many, many contact lenses. As a dry eye sufferer finding a lens which suited my eyes was a long task. Acuvue Oasys fitted the requirements, whilst also being good value for money.
  • By: Zeyda On: 10 Jul 2018
    After long time using this lenses I have not complaint with that, they are soft and comfortable on eyes. The only point to highlight if there, if you got very dry eyes use some drops before place the lenses and that could relief any dryness. Highly recommended.
  • By: Justyna Xxx On: 09 Jul 2018
  • By: Renee Rushton On: 08 Jul 2018
    The Acuvue Oasys lenses are the best lenses in my opinion, easy to wear and if i forget to take them out you are able to sleep in them. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • By: M Green On: 07 Jul 2018
    My son has been using his contact lenses for about a year when my previous opticians put price up from £33 for 3 months to about £60. A friend of mine recommended your website and the lenses were delivered the next day. Brilliant service, thank you.
  • By: Justin On: 05 Jul 2018
    Comfortable, useable for longer than two weeks if you look after them
  • By: Ann On: 04 Jul 2018
    Good lenses very comfortable to wear all day and reasonably priced
  • By: Sab Sandhu On: 29 Jun 2018
  • By: Laura Leuzzi On: 27 Jun 2018
    Good price and fast delivery
  • By: Daiva Juraitiene On: 26 Jun 2018
    I buy Acuvue Oasys contact lens for 5 years and I really happy with them.
  • By: Christopher On: 25 Jun 2018
    Comfortable lenses and keep eyes fresh.
  • By: Mrs Antonia Oltman On: 23 Jun 2018
    Have been using these lenses for a few years now, very comfortable and easy to wear
  • By: Claudia On: 21 Jun 2018
    I''m always using the same brand and I''m very happy with them!
  • By: Laura Mcpeake On: 17 Jun 2018
    Great reliable service with next day delivery.
  • By: Tracy Bond On: 16 Jun 2018
    Great for dry eyes and very easy to wear. I’ve tried all brands for dry eyes and although they are more expensive than others, it’s worth the extra as I can wear my lenses now all day without the need to feel I want to take them out.
  • By: Andy Harris On: 14 Jun 2018
    Nice and comfortable! No problems
  • By: Gita On: 13 Jun 2018
    I had very dry eyes (even though I don''t have dry eyes in general) with every contact lenses I tried apart from these, these are like magic! Some days I have them in for 14 hours or so and not a single issue. Perfect!
  • By: Christian On: 11 Jun 2018
    Last abit longer than recommended and are very comfortable.
  • By: Bruce Mackay On: 10 Jun 2018
    Cheaper than taking a plan out
  • By: Richard Dalton On: 10 Jun 2018
    Last over 2 weeks, comfortable
  • By: James Robinson On: 09 Jun 2018
    These have been great for many years for me. Always comfortable even after wearing for a long period of time.
  • By: Nader On: 08 Jun 2018
    Great lenses and very convenient.
  • By: Mark Brightman On: 03 Jun 2018
    I have used this product for 6 months now and i can say iam very happy with these Lenses.
  • By: Dave Phillips On: 30 May 2018
    Another contact lens order completed very quickly and efficiently by Feel Good Contacts, at a very competitive price. I will certainly continue to use this company for my regular orders.
  • By: Julian Clement Smith On: 28 May 2018
    Superb comfort. Excellent fit
  • By: Amanda Taylor On: 27 May 2018
    Top product! Very comfortable and good for those of us who’s eyes are a little bit on the dry side.
  • By: Nicola Slawson On: 26 May 2018
    Love this company . Great customer service. These lenses are the best . I have dry eye and very high pescription. Highly recommend
  • By: Alison Wilkin On: 21 May 2018
    Brilliant service, ordered one day received the lenses the next day. the lenses are really comfortable and are the same as I had from my opticians but half the price. thank you feel good contacts.
  • By: NJ On: 20 May 2018
    Used these lenses for around 6 years. However on the last order one of the lens was stuck to bottom of case meaning it broke when removed. I have had this on several occasions over the years.
  • By: Ravikalaa Krishnan On: 18 May 2018
    This product is very good and comfort to wear.
  • By: Ana On: 17 May 2018
    Been using these for a few years now, no complaints
  • By: Valerie Watson On: 13 May 2018
    So comfortable, I love them!
  • By: Olga Segina On: 11 May 2018
    Good quality, and fast delivery!
  • By: Elisa Kamsky On: 09 May 2018
    Amazing. Was sceptical but they are comfy. I wear them swimming & in steam room.
  • By: Alistair Davis On: 06 May 2018
    Does the job it should do, well
  • By: Gege Fu On: 04 May 2018
    amazing. My favorite contacts hands down and I love the speedy delivery from Feel good contacts.
  • By: Greig Marshall On: 04 May 2018
    Used these lenses for years now, always comfortable and hassle free.
  • By: Erika Sanna On: 28 Apr 2018
    this time I had problems with delivery. I also requested free transportation and I was £ 2.99 discounted from my bank account.
  • By: Plessis Serge On: 26 Apr 2018
    Very comfortable, I wear them 24 hours for 2 weeks before replacing, no problems, just hydrate them every morning with eye drops.Will buy again.
  • By: Rich On: 23 Apr 2018
    Outstanding prices and customer support! I would not shop anywhere else for contact lenses.
  • By: CaraU On: 21 Apr 2018
    I''ve been using these for 10 years (for 14+ hours a day) with no issues.
  • By: Justina On: 11 Apr 2018
    Been using these contact lenses for long. Can wear them all day and my eyes still moisten even on the planes! Soo happy :)
  • By: Alan G Massey On: 10 Apr 2018
    The lenses are the Rolls Royce of the lens world. They are always of high quality.
  • By: Linda Utting On: 03 Apr 2018
    Impressed when the contact lense order arrived the following day. Disappointed with the blink eye drops & use by date June 2018. Wouldn’t have bought if i’d known they were old stock
  • By: Cheryl Gee On: 30 Mar 2018
    Excellent contact lenses. Would have no hesitation recommending them.
  • By: Tolcia On: 29 Mar 2018
    Good ones, even for my dry eyes
  • By: Dawn Nowosad On: 29 Mar 2018
    Excellent service, super fast delivery :-)
  • By: Reda On: 26 Mar 2018
    quality is very good. Packaging is safe. I strongly recommend to everyone.
  • By: Claire Maisuria On: 24 Mar 2018
    Perfect for me, most comfortable lenses I have worn.
  • By: Laura Mcpeake On: 22 Mar 2018
    Next day delivery and easy to wear lenses.
  • By: Dawn Kenwright On: 22 Mar 2018
    Very comfortable to wear and very reasonably priced
  • By: Lesley Brown On: 20 Mar 2018
    This is my usual brand. The 2 week lense gives me better clarity than a monthly. Well pleased.
  • By: Miroslaw Woloszynek On: 18 Mar 2018
    The most comfortable lenses (for myself at least).
  • By: Kerry On: 16 Mar 2018
    Fantastic service, always prompt delivery and love the little Haribo’s x
  • By: Lena On: 07 Mar 2018
    This is the best contact lenses that I ever had . Is like you have nothing. Your eyes don''t get dry either. They are amazing ????
  • By: Alessia On: 07 Mar 2018
    Used them for years and they never gave me problems!
  • By: Jo Taylor On: 06 Mar 2018
    Already have been using this product, extremely comfortable
  • By: Richard Brown On: 04 Mar 2018
    Great lense for money and comfortable to wear
  • By: Cherry On: 03 Mar 2018
    They are good lenses, not bad price.
  • By: Bloomsbury On: 28 Feb 2018
    Very good quality product and would use again.
  • By: Ali Hetherington On: 28 Feb 2018
    Great service and quick response to queries
  • By: Kasia B. On: 27 Feb 2018
    Very good quality, I have been using this brand for more than 10 years and do not consider any change.
  • By: Diane Taylor On: 27 Feb 2018
    Poor quality; normally no problems but two pairs have now split.
  • By: Graham On: 27 Feb 2018
    Very comfortable and excellent value.
  • By: Melody On: 25 Feb 2018
    Two weeks is great. Having been using for a year or so and find these excellent.
  • By: John Evans On: 25 Feb 2018
    Very good lens. Very comfortable all day.
  • By: Niamh Stevenson On: 20 Feb 2018
    Lenses comfortable as usual
  • By: Vitor Alexandre De Matos On: 20 Feb 2018
    Really good, I''ve been using it for over 5y and they are amazing..
  • By: Amanda Hawkes On: 16 Feb 2018
    Easy to order, next day delivery- what’s not to like?!
  • By: Margaret Cassidy On: 16 Feb 2018
    These lenses are soft easy to use and the perfect lense for me.
  • By: Kamila Ciempka On: 15 Feb 2018
    Good quality, fast shipping. I recommend.
  • By: Justyna Xxx On: 13 Feb 2018
    The best contact lenses ..........
  • By: Sara Thomas On: 12 Feb 2018
    Best contact lenses I''ve ever worn - I forget I''m wearing them! Others I''ve tried seem too be too big and drying after a few hours, as if I can feel the lenses poking the bottom of my eye or I can feel it shrivelling up. LOVE Acuvue Oasys!
  • By: Mrs Jo Moody Customer On: 11 Feb 2018
    Fabulous product. Comfortable lenses, consistently good
  • By: Carol Mcphillips On: 11 Feb 2018
    I find the product very comfortable to wear all day , and the fact that they have a good wear by date. Fast delivery good service . I would recommend this product
  • By: Daisy Bradley On: 11 Feb 2018
    Used these before and loved them before they were discontinued by spec savers! So happy to have found them again, and at a bargain price!
  • By: Jemma Parsons On: 11 Feb 2018
    Comfy, good value, rarely rip. Never drying
  • By: Hayley On: 11 Feb 2018
    Happy with these, Specsavers recommended them and was happy to get these cheaper online.
  • By: Elisa K On: 10 Feb 2018
    Comfy. Legit. Worth it. Recommend
  • By: Rekha Mirpuri On: 10 Feb 2018
    Sometimes we''ve had to ring and complain about the odd scratch on a lens. But Feel good are pretty ok about replacing or refunding
  • By: Rory On: 07 Feb 2018
    Have used these for years. Great lenses.
  • By: Marie On: 07 Feb 2018
    Very pleased with these contacts
  • By: Eve On: 06 Feb 2018
    Comfortable and high quality lenses
  • By: Alison On: 04 Feb 2018
    Used Acuvue Oasys for several years. No problems. Very comfortable lenses and great price.
  • By: Candace De OLiveira On: 30 Jan 2018
    I have tried other lenses but I am very happy with these. They stay moist the whole day. If i sleep with them in for a night, I do not wake up with dry eyes. They fit perfect and no irritations.
  • By: Jurate Banyte On: 30 Jan 2018
    Perfect quality!!! Fast delivery.
  • By: Joanna On: 25 Jan 2018
    Best contact lenses I ever used. Highly recommended. With UV protection
  • By: Aleksandra Bojek On: 24 Jan 2018
    Excellent customer service and fast delivery.
  • By: Cynthia On: 19 Jan 2018
    Have used these lenses for several years with excellent results. Highly recommended.
  • By: Leah Entwistle On: 13 Jan 2018
    Very comfortable and true to description, could be cheaper
  • By: Monica On: 08 Jan 2018
    great product i have used for quite a few years and I am really happy with it
  • By: Mrs S On: 02 Jan 2018
    Worn contacts for 20 years these are by far the best never get sore eyes!
  • By: Lizzie On: 02 Jan 2018
    Good lenses for dry eyes and lasted well
  • By: Gurpinder On: 31 Dec 2017
    Really excellent, easy to insert and comfortable
  • By: Zeina On: 31 Dec 2017
    The most comfortable lenses I’ve used! Doesn’t leave my eye dry. I wear them everyday and not experienced any problems thus far.
  • By: Mrs Jo Moody Customer On: 27 Dec 2017
    Fabulous product. I have been using Acuvue for years and NO complaints
  • By: Pam Stevens On: 27 Dec 2017
    These contact lenses are brilliant. They last for ages and are extremely comfortable- you can''t feel them. The bonus is you can sleep with them in. Can''t fault them.
  • By: Sarah Hamilton On: 26 Dec 2017
    The best possible without going to the most expensive daily use lenses.
  • By: Maria On: 23 Dec 2017
    Great quality in good price
  • By: Despo On: 22 Dec 2017
    great contacts. had dry eyes and switched to them from my previous ones a while back- since then no problems
  • By: Peter Spedding On: 21 Dec 2017
    Does what it says on the tin.
  • By: Laetitia On: 21 Dec 2017
    The contact lenses are ok but I prefer the previous version of these bi-weekly. They are supposed to be moister but I don''t think it is particularly true. They are still good quality lenses though but would have liked to be able to still get the previous version
  • By: MSD On: 20 Dec 2017
    I wear this product 24/7 continuously for 6 days (give my eyes one day rest) never had a problem, in fact, it''s lovely to be able to see when I wake up in the mornings! would recommend them 100%.
  • By: Manuela Manukyan On: 16 Dec 2017
    The best one! I will recommend you!
  • By: Narine On: 16 Dec 2017
    Great lenses and super delivery!
  • By: Steven Robertson On: 13 Dec 2017
    been using these for the last few years & never had a problem
  • By: Neil On: 12 Dec 2017
    I like these contact lenses I wear them all day and no sore eyes
  • By: Aman Kaur On: 11 Dec 2017
    Comfortable long wear lens
  • By: Valerie Goulding On: 10 Dec 2017
    Great lenses, ideal for all day wear.
  • By: Mr zuber ahmed On: 10 Dec 2017
    Love these, comfortable and best fit
  • By: Mr Page On: 09 Dec 2017
    Can dry out towards the end of the day but overall good
  • By: Mr Jones On: 29 Nov 2017
    All fine - standard lenses used many times
  • By: Ewan. On: 29 Nov 2017
    Great product, comfortable and hassle free.
  • By: David On: 29 Nov 2017
    Comfortable lenses which don''t dry out.
  • By: Satisfied Customer On: 28 Nov 2017
    Best lenses I’ve used so far!
  • By: Valerie Watson On: 28 Nov 2017
    So comfortable to wear, can highly recommend these - especially as my eyes have a tendency to dry out.
  • By: Mrs Bates On: 27 Nov 2017
    Value for money, excellent service and following day delivery
  • By: Emma Lockwood On: 20 Nov 2017
    Great product, moist and lasting on eyes
  • By: Adam Laycock On: 17 Nov 2017
    Very comfortable and reliable
  • By: Andrew Coleman On: 15 Nov 2017
    Brilliant product. Have been using for several months now and the best I''ve used yet.
  • By: Rita Nagi On: 14 Nov 2017
    Excellent service, highly recommend.
  • By: Kathryn King On: 14 Nov 2017
    These lenses were a new product for me not used this brand before. The are very good but for me personally I prefer Alcon as they have the option to slightly improve with the power e.g. Medium or high. Also the lenses are bigger making reading for me better as I need multi focal lenses.
  • By: Sharon78 On: 14 Nov 2017
    Great product, great delivery times.
  • By: James Mcgoldrick On: 11 Nov 2017
    Reliable and easy to wear
  • By: Beverley Atherton On: 11 Nov 2017
    Best contact lenses ever. Comfortable and a great service.
  • By: Hannah On: 09 Nov 2017
    I find these the best contact lenses to use, I wear these for up to 11 hours a day and my eyes never dry out.
  • By: Mrs C On: 08 Nov 2017
    Very comfortable contacts. I tried various brands through my optician, but found these to be the most comfortable. They also last me around 4-6 weeks, not just 2, which is even better value than advertised!
  • By: Nigel Brindley On: 05 Nov 2017
    Wearable comfort that lasts all day
  • By: Doreen On: 04 Nov 2017
    Comfortable, good quality lenses
  • By: Gary Linney On: 02 Nov 2017
    Easy to wear, comfortable and affordable
  • By: JULIAN WARD On: 01 Nov 2017
    I''ve used J&J lenses for many years and they have not failed to impress. Triathlon was my sport of choice and they never let me down. Employment day split between screen & on site, sometimes a dusty environment they have never failed me. RECOMMENDED!!
  • By: Anna On: 31 Oct 2017
    Really Soft nad comfortable to wear
  • By: E.C. On: 27 Oct 2017
    I have been using this brand for years and I''m very happy with it. Very comfortable! Make sure you don''t buy cheap solutions because this lenses are very good and cheap solutions make them dry faster.
  • By: Ly Vervaet On: 26 Oct 2017
    Great lenses as they are two weekly replacement so my eyes always feel fresh
  • By: Susan Allison On: 25 Oct 2017
    I have been using these lenses for several years, and think they are the best on the market.
  • By: Lisa On: 24 Oct 2017
    Great lenses for dry eyes
  • By: S Chung On: 24 Oct 2017
    Very good product and comfortable
  • By: Katharine Marriott On: 19 Oct 2017
    Very comfortable lenses, would recommend.
  • By: Stephen Bell On: 18 Oct 2017
    Not very good Poor quality and not strong.
  • By: Anna Borsey On: 18 Oct 2017
    Too soon to say much about this type of contact lens as this is the first time I have bought and used it.
  • By: Steven Robertson On: 18 Oct 2017
    I now pay half the price I used to for my Oasys lenses & delivery is fast, Recommended
  • By: pat williams On: 17 Oct 2017
    Best on the market. Extremely comfortable.
  • By: Joanna Bradford On: 17 Oct 2017
    Very comfortable and easy to wear
  • By: T Alexander On: 14 Oct 2017
    Good for dry eyes but not for too many hours in a day.
  • By: Justina On: 13 Oct 2017
    I just love them as they are so comfortable to wear and you forget that you are wearing lenses :)
  • By: Sue Burford On: 12 Oct 2017
    Very happy with the service Easy to order on line and speedy delivery and well packaged
  • By: Anonymous On: 08 Oct 2017
    Great lenses although probably not recommended to wear overnight as this will cause infections.
  • By: Donna Thomas On: 08 Oct 2017
    Never had a problem with these
  • By: Natasha On: 05 Oct 2017
    No more dry eyes with these contact pen. I''ve had no eye problems since wearing these
  • By: Sal On: 03 Oct 2017
    really comfortable lenses
  • By: Caron Parsons On: 03 Oct 2017
    Have been using these for a long time, very happy.
  • By: Erika Prado On: 30 Sep 2017
    Simply perfect. Love them.
  • By: Arturs Semjonovs On: 26 Sep 2017
    Best solution for contact lenses
  • By: Tracey Anton Miller On: 26 Sep 2017
    Great product and great service. Highly recommend
  • By: Tara On: 25 Sep 2017
    Best contact lenses I have used. Doesn''t make my eyes feel dry even after wearing for a whole day.
  • By: Customer On: 24 Sep 2017
    Great lenses. Very comfortable
  • By: Ross Boyd On: 21 Sep 2017
    Great and comfortable - Very easy to put in
  • By: Michaela On: 20 Sep 2017
    I only recently moved to Acuvue Oasys from a discontinued type and can''t be happier!
  • By: Lynda Rosier On: 18 Sep 2017
    Good value for money, well packaged. Will definitely order again
  • By: Miss Ionie On: 17 Sep 2017
    Good price, fast delivery especially compared to opticians and ease because no prescription proof required. Can order quickly on the go!
  • By: Julie McGlynn On: 16 Sep 2017
    Excellent contact lense, very comfortable, have been using them for about 7 yrs now with no problems
  • By: Steve Fox On: 14 Sep 2017
    Comfortable lenses the best I have ever used
  • By: Jessica Young On: 14 Sep 2017
    Very comfortable lenses to wear
  • By: Peter Shakespeare On: 12 Sep 2017
    Excellent value, very fast delivery A+++++
  • By: Justyna Xxx On: 11 Sep 2017
    Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • By: Sandhya K On: 10 Sep 2017
    Great and quick service every time!
  • By: Asta On: 09 Sep 2017
    best Lenses Best Prices :)
  • By: Nathalie Faint On: 08 Sep 2017
    I have found that I do not always get more than a few wears out of before they are uncomfortable!
  • By: Shirley Robertson On: 07 Sep 2017
    Always fit and last well, recommend them to anyone as long as they are for your shape of eye. Excellent.
  • By: Uvesh Karni Abubakkar On: 07 Sep 2017
    best for dry eyes it''s very comfortable
  • By: Jagoda On: 04 Sep 2017
    Great contact lenses. I recommend
  • By: Laura On: 04 Sep 2017
    Comfortable, easy to put in, easily visible especially when you''re terribly short sighted like me.
  • By: Elizandra Marins On: 01 Sep 2017
    Good quality and convertible lenses
  • By: Jeff Guntren On: 31 Aug 2017
    I''ve been using these lenses for many years. They are the only ones I''ve found that don''t dry my eyes out too much (all contacts do a little bit) and they are comfortable. They also have the advantage of blocking the gases which induce tears from chopping onions!! ;-)
  • By: MONIQUE CARNEIRO On: 31 Aug 2017
    Great product. Very softer and it doesn''t produce irritations. Perfect!
  • By: Corey Hilton On: 28 Aug 2017
    Great service with fair prices and quick shipping
  • By: Stephanie Ashton On: 27 Aug 2017
    these are a very comfortable lens and do the job like no other.. other lens I''ve tried dry eyes out these do not. The best I have tried by far.
  • By: Natasha Wilson On: 22 Aug 2017
    Comfortable, durable and easy to wear.
  • By: Eka On: 21 Aug 2017
    I used to use Specsavers, but these are much more comfortable
  • By: Ross Boyd On: 21 Aug 2017
    Very comfortable and easy to use
  • By: Edyta On: 20 Aug 2017
    Very comfortable, bought my second box already.
  • By: Karen Levitt On: 20 Aug 2017
    Comfortable, non-drying, good product.
  • By: Londonliving51 On: 20 Aug 2017
    good products recommended
  • By: Robyn On: 16 Aug 2017
    Best contacts I''ve found. Really comfortable
  • By: MARY ROBBS On: 14 Aug 2017
    Great for dry eyes, tired eyes and hayfever days!
  • By: Lorraine Kelly On: 11 Aug 2017
    Great lenses, very moisturising.
  • By: J Grogan On: 10 Aug 2017
    An excellent product with exemplary service. An easy 5* rating!
  • By: Charlie Edwards On: 10 Aug 2017
    Eyes feel great with these lenses, good fit
  • By: Donal Woods On: 08 Aug 2017
    Great service will use again.
  • By: Sally Wilcox On: 07 Aug 2017
    A good product. Quick delivery
  • By: Kelly Hamilton On: 03 Aug 2017
    First choice always! Don''t dry out
  • By: Radoslaw Skrzypczak On: 02 Aug 2017
    Love those lenses. Hope one day they will have night vision and good zoom :-p
  • By: Lisa On: 01 Aug 2017
    Great lenses, keep my eyes moist and great vision
  • By: Irena Osip-Trzcinska On: 01 Aug 2017
    Very good and very comfortable .
  • By: Brendan Young On: 30 Jul 2017
    Great for those with dry eyes.
  • By: Johnny Kay On: 30 Jul 2017
    Lens are very comfortable, unlike some daily lenses that dry out I feel these keep your eyes moist. I would personally recommend these as the best 2 weekly lens.
  • By: Anita OHara On: 29 Jul 2017
    Superb product, comfortable lenses which can be worn for !long periods of time. Would recommend them to all contact lenses wearers.
  • By: H Shah On: 27 Jul 2017
    good service, quick delivery
  • By: Emma Scollick On: 25 Jul 2017
    Excellent service and fast delivery cannot fault.
  • By: Nary Tsog On: 25 Jul 2017
    Good quality , no problem using them so far
  • By: Annie On: 23 Jul 2017
    It''s very comfy. I can''t bearly feel it and I wear it when I take a nap in the afternoon too. Will buy it again.
  • By: Laura Wu On: 23 Jul 2017
    Very comfortable and long term wearing.
  • By: Ricky On: 23 Jul 2017
    These are the only contact lenses I''ve ever worn and I find them very comfortable to wear all day long
  • By: Danni On: 22 Jul 2017
    Always get my lens from here
  • By: Michelle Kelly On: 21 Jul 2017
    Fast efficient service Excellent
  • By: Peyton On: 20 Jul 2017
    My favourite contact lenses as I am a sufferer of hayfever and these allow me to change my lenses every 14 days so the pollen isn''t as built up on them. Lifesaving
  • By: Nira On: 20 Jul 2017
    correct items, good prices, quick delivery, would highly recommend.
  • By: Catherine Marion On: 20 Jul 2017
    Good contact lenses, never hurt my eyes.
  • By: Milong Chang On: 19 Jul 2017
    Fantastic lens!! Blilliant!
  • By: Richard Pearson On: 16 Jul 2017
    Excellent product and excellent service
  • By: Aamena Khan On: 16 Jul 2017
    Very comfortable lenses, last for a good 12 hours without feeling dry.
  • By: Mr Jeremy Morby On: 14 Jul 2017
    Not the cheapest but very good value for money. A high quality and the best healthy option for my eyes.
  • By: L. LeBlanc On: 13 Jul 2017
    They do what they say they''ll do.
  • By: Robyn Hudak On: 13 Jul 2017
    Great, inexpensive and very easy to buy!
  • By: Andrew Munro On: 11 Jul 2017
    No complaints here - been using these for years.
  • By: Zornitsa Peeva On: 09 Jul 2017
    Very comfortable! Time-savers!
  • By: Pam Stevens On: 08 Jul 2017
    Excellent product - I used to use daily disposables and they were always splitting, that never happens with these - they''re very comfortable and great if you not off - no problems. They never dry out so you don''t get that gritty feeling either. Brilliant product.
  • By: Sue On: 07 Jul 2017
    Very comfortable and a lovely fit
  • By: Kathleen Kirk On: 07 Jul 2017
    The most comfortable lenses I have tried to date, they do like to be quite wet just before you place them in your eye but otherwise are great and last really well.
  • By: Mahvish Shami On: 07 Jul 2017
    Love these lenses! Hardly feels like there is anything in the eye.
  • By: Sara Hughes On: 06 Jul 2017
    Fabulously comfortable and long lasting! Love these lenses
  • By: QP On: 05 Jul 2017
    Great service. Very efficient and hassle free.
  • By: Mrs B Rutter On: 05 Jul 2017
    These are really comfortable lenses and keep my eyes well hydrated
  • By: Mr zuber ahmed On: 05 Jul 2017
    These lenses are very comfy. I always wear them for long periods and have no issues. Very happy lens wearer.
  • By: Chloe Davies On: 05 Jul 2017
    Very comfortable lenses at an affordable price
  • By: Katie On: 02 Jul 2017
    Brilliant comfy all day without the need for eye drops
  • By: Mila On: 01 Jul 2017
    Very quick and smooth transaction. Great service, thank you!
  • By: Julie Sugden On: 30 Jun 2017
    After trying lots of other brands and nearly giving up because they were dry and hurting these are so comfortable to wear . i even slept in them because I forgot they were in and they lasted through to the evening ! Very pleased.
  • By: Christopher Berlingieri On: 29 Jun 2017
    The lenses are very comfortable.
  • By: Simon Mills On: 28 Jun 2017
    The place to go for contact lenses
  • By: Angela On: 28 Jun 2017
    Excellent value, comfy lenses
  • By: Allison On: 28 Jun 2017
    Good replacement for Acuvue Advance
  • By: Saffy Mcadam On: 28 Jun 2017
    comfy lenses. buy them very often
  • By: Deb Devon On: 27 Jun 2017
    Very comfortable lens, no problems.
  • By: Sharon On: 27 Jun 2017
    Excellent quality! Very hydrated.
  • By: Q.L On: 26 Jun 2017
    Very moist, soft. Can''t feel it when you wear it. Just a bit pricey.
  • By: AS On: 26 Jun 2017
    Deliveries on time and as expected. On one occasion a contact lense was misformed and I was able to get a discount off the next order
  • By: Becki On: 25 Jun 2017
    Comfy and good for dry eyes.
  • By: Jenelle Murray-King On: 25 Jun 2017
    They are comfortable but find they can tear
  • By: MR E S AINSWORTH On: 21 Jun 2017
    These lenses are durable, super comfortable, keenly priced and best by far.
  • By: Kate On: 18 Jun 2017
    These are my favourite ones. I''m wearing contact lenses for 15 years and have tried many different brands and options but always went back to Acuvue Oasys. They are the best. Very comfortable can wear them 17 hours a day!
  • By: MARK CHADWICK On: 18 Jun 2017
    Excellent customer service from order to delivery
  • By: Giovana On: 18 Jun 2017
    Moist, reliable and accurate
  • By: Esma pasalic On: 14 Jun 2017
    Excellent service! Good quality
  • By: Miss nikki eddowes On: 13 Jun 2017
    Excellent service, very happy with my order and would recommend to anyone.
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    Best contacts ever! Love them so much
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    Fantastic product, keeps eyes fresh and lasts the entire period of use.
  • By: Raquel De Alencar On: 07 Jun 2017
    Really good contact lenses, very comfortable.
  • By: Mary Ratcliffe On: 07 Jun 2017
    Excellent vision quality, comfortable lenses
  • By: Miss wheeler On: 05 Jun 2017
    Very good, professional service.
  • By: Tracy On: 04 Jun 2017
    These were sent as a replacement as my usual Acuvue lenses were discontinued. Only been using them for a couple of weeks but seem to dry out quicker than my last lenses.
  • By: Ian Hillier On: 02 Jun 2017
    Great product. Does exactly the job intended
  • By: Anna On: 02 Jun 2017
    Really good contact lenses. Don''t feel even that I have got them.
  • By: Dahae Jun On: 30 May 2017
    reliable products, best choice for short term wear contact lenses (daily+weekly) moist all day
  • By: Claire Maisuria On: 30 May 2017
    Have worn these lenses for many years and have never had any problems. My eye health is excellent as confirmed by my optician.
  • By: Ben Seddon On: 29 May 2017
    Lovely contact lenses, always buy these and they are very comfortable
  • By: Lina Shkeir On: 29 May 2017
    Good product. Tried other but came back for the same.
  • By: Lisa Murphy On: 28 May 2017
    Superb service, fast delivery
  • By: Magdalena On: 27 May 2017
    Great contact lenses use them all the time. Price is great as well
  • By: Katie On: 25 May 2017
    Love these contacts! Have been using them for years, very comfortable and never experience dryness
  • By: Customer On: 24 May 2017
    I suffer with dry eyes. These contact lenses are great to wear without my eyes drying out
  • By: Sara Dri On: 23 May 2017
    Have been using them for years! Love them!
  • By: Nat C On: 23 May 2017
    Great lenses reliable. Have used these for years, not had many tear
  • By: Heather Doughty On: 22 May 2017
    Great product, very breathable and hard wearing
  • By: Mairead On: 19 May 2017
    Excellent service in every respect. Will continue to use and continue to recommend to family and friends.
  • By: Reena On: 18 May 2017
    Great company, I have no complaints. Quick and easy.
  • By: Maggy On: 17 May 2017
    Good product, however my eyes get dry at the end of the day.
  • By: Justina Cep On: 17 May 2017
    Always order same product,very good lenses
  • By: A. Lafratta On: 17 May 2017
    The order was simple and the delivery fast.
  • By: Chris Rodger On: 16 May 2017
    Used these contacts for years and they are fantastic
  • By: Chris On: 15 May 2017
    Pretty comfortable all in all, have been using these for a while. Quite delicate and can sometimes tear.
  • By: Lisa Li On: 14 May 2017
    Recommend for those with dry eyes- extra comfort
  • By: David De hert On: 13 May 2017
    Really good quality, service and quick delivery
  • By: Emma On: 12 May 2017
    Really great service, I have saved loads of money would recommend
  • By: Charlotte Bramley On: 11 May 2017
    Speedy and always correct
  • By: FC On: 10 May 2017
    qood quality - quick arrival
  • By: Ross Boyd On: 10 May 2017
    Comfortable and easy to use.
  • By: Y K On: 09 May 2017
    I have been using this product more than 20 years!!! I have got dry eyes but this lenses are nice and moist, even I use long hours everyday. I have tried daily one or other products but keep coming back to this one. I will not use any other products again!!!
  • By: Sam On: 07 May 2017
    Great lenses, have been happily using for around 5 years having experimented with various others before.
  • By: Karen On: 07 May 2017
    Excellent lenses. Tried many lenses for dry eyes until I found these. Keeps eyes moist all day.
  • By: Mrs Jo Moody Customer On: 07 May 2017
    These are superb lenses which I have used for many years. My prescription is always correct and without fault
  • By: Michael On: 05 May 2017
    Very quick and very easy - kept my prescription on file.
  • By: Mark Sewell On: 04 May 2017
    Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • By: Anonymous On: 03 May 2017
    Comfortable, been using them for years
  • By: Stephen Milne On: 02 May 2017
    Very easy ordering and quick delivery
  • By: Naseem On: 27 Apr 2017
    Great delivery of products
  • By: Sarah buggins On: 27 Apr 2017
    Incredible customer service- fast exchange provided and excellent communication when my prescription changed. Thanks so much.
  • By: Malcolm Lillistone On: 26 Apr 2017
    Used for many years, extreme comfort and do not dry out the eyes.
  • By: Rita On: 26 Apr 2017
    Good quality good price contact lenses for 2 weeks use. Sometimes they don''t last 2 weeks, so some there is scope for improvement.
  • By: Jane On: 25 Apr 2017
    Great lenses, comfortable to wear all day long
  • By: Liam Doran On: 24 Apr 2017
    Very good comfort top brand
  • By: Weng Aw On: 22 Apr 2017
    good, well priced. product arrived in good time
  • By: Sarah Hiscock On: 22 Apr 2017
    No problem with these lenses
  • By: Ben Evans On: 21 Apr 2017
    Good lenses. Rather thin and prone to ''cracking'' before due to replacement
  • By: lamorna bailey On: 21 Apr 2017
    Sometimes make my eyes weep.
  • By: angie On: 19 Apr 2017
    great lenses, great lenses
  • By: Catherine Morgan Wania On: 17 Apr 2017
    Have only ever used these and am not looking for an alternative.
  • By: Mrs B Rutter On: 16 Apr 2017
    Great product at a great price
  • By: Linda Meldrum On: 14 Apr 2017
    Best contact lenses I have used and most comfortable.
  • By: David Feeney On: 13 Apr 2017
    Great product. Comfortable over a long period of time.
  • By: Lee Bardsley On: 09 Apr 2017
    A very good contact lense
  • By: Alex Avoreys On: 07 Apr 2017
    I like it more than ''advanced'' version. Eyes feel comfortable
  • By: Wayne Wilson On: 06 Apr 2017
    Very good product! I''ve been using the acuvue oasys lenses for quite a few years now I''ve I''ve never had an issue with them, there very comfortable and you don''t know your wearing them. Very good product.
  • By: Jenelle Murray-King On: 05 Apr 2017
    Comfortable easy to wear contacts
  • By: Matthew Thurbon On: 04 Apr 2017
    Have been wearing lenses 20years and acuvue oasys are by far the best for comfort
  • By: Carole Fortune On: 04 Apr 2017
    Have been wearing these lenses for a few years and was pleased to find them online. Comfortable and durable
  • By: Luna On: 03 Apr 2017
    Great service, very quick.
  • By: Vik V On: 01 Apr 2017
    Not bad but my eyes do get dry if I have been using the computer all day at work.
  • By: Patty On: 28 Mar 2017
    Comfortable, easy to use contact lenses.
  • By: Jeff Guntren On: 27 Mar 2017
    Eyes don''t get as dry while wearing these lenses -- the best i''ve tried!
  • By: Amy On: 27 Mar 2017
    Good quality product. Easy to use
  • By: ying zhao On: 22 Mar 2017
    Have been using this website for ordering my contact lenses. Very happy about the setvice and product will keep ordering
  • By: Dan P On: 21 Mar 2017
    Always a winner! Feels very comfortable and keeps eyes moist
  • By: Patricia Birchall On: 21 Mar 2017
    These are the most comfortable lenses for me. Quality never varies and I will continue to wear them.
  • By: Esther On: 20 Mar 2017
    These lenses are very comfortable and simple. Just make sure to remember when you opened them as they are only bi-weekly.
  • By: Alicia A On: 20 Mar 2017
    Excellent product stops my eyes drying out
  • By: BARBARA Barker On: 19 Mar 2017
    Excellent product and comfortable to wear.
  • By: Violetta On: 19 Mar 2017
    The best contacts for my eyes!
  • By: LD On: 18 Mar 2017
    This is a very good lens for people with sensitive eyes which are prone to dryness
  • By: Sanjid Ahmed On: 16 Mar 2017
    I''ve been using this brand for a long time. This lenses are one of the best quality in my opinion.
  • By: Bella123 On: 16 Mar 2017
    I like using these. They are very comfortable and I work at a computer all day in an office that is quite dry.
  • By: Robert On: 16 Mar 2017
    I have been wearing these continuously for a week, they are slightly dry in the mornings but after a minute or so are very comfortable again. Will definitely be reordering.
  • By: TJH On: 16 Mar 2017
    Exactly the same as my optician bought lenses
  • By: William (from London) On: 14 Mar 2017
    These lenses work perfectly for me. so I highly recommend!
  • By: C DUCKETT On: 14 Mar 2017
    Great lenses, most comfortable I''ve tried
  • By: Paul On: 14 Mar 2017
    Fast service, and lens exactly as advertised. I''ll be using again in the future.
  • By: Elizabeth Clark On: 11 Mar 2017
    Great service easy to use , fast and reliable
  • By: Dilo Lalande On: 10 Mar 2017
    These lenses feel really comfortable in my eyes, where others have made them irritable.
  • By: Emma On: 09 Mar 2017
    Super product always keep my eyes well moisturised
  • By: Marie Raeburn On: 05 Mar 2017
    great contact lenses, very happy with wearing these contact lenses
  • By: Kelly Rafter On: 05 Mar 2017
    Very good, keep my eyes moist even if I wear them all day long.
  • By: J Grant On: 01 Mar 2017
    I have used these lenses for years now and experienced no problems. Comfortable, easy to insert/remove and cleaned effectively with the right solution.
  • By: Bonnie Jones On: 28 Feb 2017
    Sometimes you get a dodgy batch but most of the time these lenses do the jobn very well and much cheaper than purchasing from an opticians direct..
  • By: Miss Katy Lench On: 26 Feb 2017
    These two-week lenses are comfortable and moisturising. Reassuring to have a UV filter ncluded and high oxygen exchange. Very happy with them.
  • By: Joanna Partlett On: 25 Feb 2017
    Comfortable and very hydrating. A great lens to wear all day and the best for dry eyes.
  • By: Sophie Harrison On: 25 Feb 2017
    Always keep my eyes healthy and moist with the environment I work in
  • By: MM On: 25 Feb 2017
    Excellent lenses, easy on the eyes and non-irritant!
  • By: GramCa On: 22 Feb 2017
    I used them every day, and are perfect. Thank you!
  • By: A Randle On: 18 Feb 2017
    Great product, easy on the eye!
  • By: Patricia Borzecka On: 16 Feb 2017
    Great service, friendly staff, fast delivery and great prices :)
  • By: Odette LG On: 14 Feb 2017
    These have been by far the best lenses I have found in the last 20 years
  • By: Elizabeth On: 13 Feb 2017
    the lenses are very comfortable, to the extent that sometimes I''ll forget to remove them before I sleep because it doesn''t irritate my eyes.
  • By: Olga Mudryakova On: 13 Feb 2017
    Use them for many years, very comfortable for daily wear
  • By: R Mathew On: 13 Feb 2017
    It is the cost effective and speedy service available
  • By: Janice Easton On: 12 Feb 2017
    I have only recently started wearing contact lenses and have found these to be extremely comfortable to wear. I wear them most days for 12 hours and they are as comfortable at the end of the day as they were at the beginning.
  • By: sanda On: 10 Feb 2017
    I have tried a lot of lenses in the past year, but these are by far the best.
  • By: Kate Butler On: 08 Feb 2017
    I''ve used Acuvue Oasys for years, they are comfortable and affordable, no problems.
  • By: Mr Page On: 08 Feb 2017
    Comfi, can dry out if wearing all day but otherwise good
  • By: FT On: 02 Feb 2017
    I moved to this from using daily contacts and I''m very happy in making this decision ( even for someone with sensitive eyes). They are very comfortable to wear and are very light on the eyes, hence, you don''t feel like you have anything stuck to your eyes.
  • By: Irene On: 01 Feb 2017
    Good product and good service
  • By: Karen Handyside On: 31 Jan 2017
    This is the only brand I use & trust
  • By: Raquel Ferri On: 29 Jan 2017
    Very comfortable lenses! I just use acuvue oasys
  • By: Pete On: 27 Jan 2017
    High quality Acuvue contact lenses, have used for many years without any issues, highly recommended.
  • By: Ceylan Miller On: 25 Jan 2017
    I have been using Acuvue Oasys for the last 16 years. I tried other brands, too but none of them felt as comfortable as these ones. My eyes never feel dry and it''s easy to clean them.
  • By: Andrew Sommerville On: 25 Jan 2017
    Best lenses I''ve had. Never had a problem with them
  • By: Timur Navruzov On: 25 Jan 2017
    So far no problems, although hurt a bit at the beginning
  • By: Luke Dunn On: 24 Jan 2017
    They''re really good for value; the bi-weekly ones. I do prefer dailies but dailies are really expensive so these are pretty good. A lot better than others I''ve used
  • By: Louise Morgan-jones On: 23 Jan 2017
    nice and comfortable lenses I hate having to take them out!
  • By: Rosana On: 22 Jan 2017
    These contacts do the job, my eyes get a little bit dry if I wear them for a whole day at work so I make sure that I also use eye drops
  • By: XUAN CHEN On: 20 Jan 2017
    Good experience to buy Acuvue contact lenses online.
  • By: Poonam Patel On: 20 Jan 2017
    very very effective for dry eyes.. I have tried pretty much everything in the market but these are the best
  • By: Fiddian On: 18 Jan 2017
    I always order Acuvue Oasis. They''re comfortable to wear. I only wear in the day and dispose after 2 weeks.
  • By: GABRIEL RAMOS On: 17 Jan 2017
    Comfortable lenses. Nice to use when practicing sports.
  • By: Mark Schneider On: 15 Jan 2017
    Acuvue oasys change my life every day and keep the dreaded glasses in their case
  • By: Sreedhar Devireddy On: 08 Jan 2017
    Excellent Product ..have been using it from 7 years
  • By: Mrs B Rutter On: 08 Jan 2017
    These lenses are really comfortable, much better than dailies. My eyes never get dry whilst I''m wearing them. Would definitely recommend them.
  • By: Fiona Knapp On: 05 Jan 2017
    found these lenses to be comfortable and would recommend them.
  • By: Joanne Jones On: 02 Jan 2017
    Comfortable to wear, easy to remove
  • By: Jan On: 24 Jun 2016
    I forget that I need glasses ! these are so comfortable I wish they could stay in forever. Maybe you could come up with a yearly contact Lense !
  • By: Ash On: 17 Mar 2016
    Love these lenses, they are the best for me!
  • By: Natalia On: 26 Feb 2016
    I really struggled finding the right contacts for me and these are fantastic. I spend a lot of time working on my computer and they really help.
  • By: Carl On: 16 Jul 2015
    Just ordered my next 3 months supply of these lenses. Wore them for a night out for over 12 hours, no irritation. Brilliant lenses!!


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