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If you’re planning a short or long trip it’s important to have your travel essentials ready to take with you. As a contact lens wearer, this means your travel checklist should include all travel sized items that you can fit into your carry-on bag and complies with airport regulations.

What are the best travel essentials?

Thankfully, at Feel Good Contacts we’ve compiled a list of the best travel essentials to meet your eye care needs for when you go away.

Travel pack solutions and contact lens case

Most brands have travel-sized bottles of their solutions, making it easier to travel abroad with your contact lens solution. We stock popular travel size multi-purpose solutions including comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack, ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack, Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack and more. They come in a bottle of 60ml to 100ml and with a contact lens case to store your lenses in.

For additional contact lens cases, we stock the Feel Good Contact Lens Case Triple Pack, should you need to replace yours or store more than one pair of lenses.

Eye drops

Eye drops are the perfect answer to relieve eyes from tired, dry, gritty or irritable symptoms and incredibly handy to take with you on holiday. comfi Drops are available in travel friendly 10ml bottle, ideal to take with you on-the-go. For single-use vials, Blink Contacts Vials are easy to carry with you wherever you go, whenever you need to reintroduce moisture to your eyes.

If you have trouble applying eye drops, Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist easily rehydrates your eyes in just a few sprays.


When you’re out and about these pre-soaked Eye Doctor Lid Wipes are convenient to remove any dirt or discharge form your eyelid and eyelashes. You can simply keep a few packs in your handbag, ready to soothe and refresh your eyes.

The Eye Doctor Lid Cleanser comes in a travel friendly 100ml pack size, designed to remove dirt, debris and eye makeup. The gentle formula is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes and can easily fit into your carry-on luggage.


Accompany your spectacle glasses or sunglasses with the Feel Good Cleaning Kit and the Feel Good Handy Kit. Both kits include a multi-tool keychain to re-adjust and tighten any loose bolts. While, the Cleaning Kit holds a spray and fibre lens cloths to effectively wipe any dirt or debris off your lenses. And, the Handy Kit has a soft pouch which can be used to clean and store your glasses.

Can I carry my contact solution on a plane?

You can carry your contact lens solution onto a plane, provided it meets airport regulations and comes in a maximum capacity of 100ml. Carrying contact solution aboard the plane is a smart idea in case you need to take out your lenses for any reason.

How long will my travel solution last me?

A travel pack contact lens solution can last from two weeks up to a month. This will depend on how often you use your solution, as some people are likely to rinse their lenses more often than others.

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