Feel Good Reward Points

Reward Points

At Feel Good Contacts, we value our customers and think that they deserve a reward for their loyalty – that’s why we’ve created Reward Points. Our Reward Points are just one of the ways to benefit from shopping with us. We hope you take full advantage of our programme.

How does it work?

So, each euro you spend on your basket, earns you twenty Reward Points. These will automatically go straight into your account, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger!

The benefit of our Reward Points is that you can redeem them immediately and across ALL of our products. So, you can choose to build up your points for a greater saving or use them straight away to get money off your next order.

How to use them ?

Spend €1 = Earn 20
Spend 1000 = Earn €0.50

(Don’t worry… You can redeem your points even if you have less than 1000!)

You will be able to redeem your Reward Points at the checkout process and use them to save money on future orders!

Visit the My Account section to see how many Reward Points you’ve earned. Please see our terms and conditions to find out more.