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Medically reviewed by Sharon Copeland on 12 October 2021

Can I buy contact lenses without prescription online in Ireland?

You can buy contact lenses without prescription online at Feel Good Contacts. While we don’t ask for a copy of your prescription when ordering online from us, we advise that you have a check up to make sure that your eyes are healthy and that your prescription is up to date.

Once you’ve had a contact lens fitting from your optician, you can request a copy of your prescription so that you have all the details at hand when placing your order. Alternatively, you can look at the information on the packaging of your current contact lenses.

If you bought lenses from opticians such as Specsavers, Boots or Vision Express, you can find the equivalent lens at Feel Good Contacts by taking a look at our ‘All Contact lens Brands’ page. We stock the same lenses sourced directly from the manufacturers for up to 50% cheaper. The only difference is the packaging.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions upon placing your order, you are confirming that you have a valid prescription from an eye test performed within the last two years.

To avoid any problems of discomfort or blurred vision with the fit of the lenses, it’s important not to deviate from your optician’s advice.

Why is my contact lens prescription different from my glasses prescription?

A contact lens prescription is different to a glasses prescription. Glasses sit on your nose at a small distance away from your eyes, whereas contact lenses sit on the surface of the eye. Your optician will take these factors into account to give you the best vision correction which is why the two will require different prescriptions.

If you already wear glasses and want to try contact lenses, you will need to visit your optician to be fitted for contact lenses, after which you’ll receive a contact lenses prescription. They will take into account your lifestyle as well as assessing the comfort of the lenses.

Buying the wrong type of contact lenses or using the wrong prescription can lead to:

  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Eye strain and fatigue

Contact lenses purchased without a proper prescription from your optician can lead to eye health complications and problems that can cause lasting damage.

How do I buy my prescription contact lenses if I don’t have a prescription?

While we trust that you know your prescription and don’t need to verify it, you will need the details of your prescription to buy contact lenses. If you have lost your prescription, you can refer to the box of your contact lenses for the right specifications required to order.

Contact lenses are medical products and can cause serious damage to your sight if not fitted correctly, therefore you should only purchase them after being fitted by an optician. This includes coloured and non-prescription lenses.

What does my prescription look like?

A prescription includes specifications like your name, expiry date, base curve of the contacts, their diameter, and the additional figures if you have astigmatism or presbyopia. You will find these specifications listed separately for each eye, as they can be different.

You can find contact lens prescription examples on our contact lens prescription article.

How do I obtain a contact lens prescription?

Your prescription will be given to you by your optician during your check-up/aftercare. Your contact lens box will also have the details of your prescription on the side and so will the blister packs that contain your contact lenses.

Where can I buy contact lenses without prescription?

You can buy contact lenses without a prescription online at Feel Good Contacts as long as you have the box the lenses came in and know that you have an up-to-date prescription.

Contact lenses are medical devices that need to be fitted and prescribed. Therefore, buying contact lenses is not the same as buying glasses and you cannot simply walk into a shop and buy them without an up-to-date signed prescription.

You can buy Acuvue without prescription in addition to other well-known brands for the cheapest price in the UK online at Feel Good Contacts.


Do prescription contact lenses come in colours?

There are a range of coloured contact lenses that come with prescription as well as planos (non-prescription). At Feel Good Contacts, we stock top brands including comfi, FreshLook, Expressions and SofLens coloured contact lenses.

You can purchase prescription coloured contact lenses in a range of colours to correct both short sightedness (myopia) and long sightedness (hyperopia). These are available as both dailies and monthly contact lenses.

Where can I buy cheap/discount prescription contact lenses?

You can buy cheap contact lenses without a prescription online at Feel Good Contacts. We stock prescription contact lenses for the guaranteed cheapest price in the UK and Ireland for up to 50% cheaper than high-street opticians. If you happen to find the same contact lenses online for less elsewhere, we’ll happily refund you the difference. That’s our Price Match Guarantee!