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We stock a wide range of eye drops, dry eye treatments, supplements, lid wipes and other eye care products, all available for the guaranteed cheapest prices in Ireland. Find everything you need to look after your eyes when you shop online with us and save up to 50% on high street opticians’ prices.
While primarily used to treat the symptoms of dry eye, eye drops can also be used for a variety of other reasons. Great for hay fever season, and to treat general discomfort and irritation, our selection of eye drops are your ideal companions whether you’re a contact lens wearer or not.

We stock plenty of eye drops that can even be used when you have your lenses in, while we also offer you the choice of 10ml bottles or multi-packs of single-use vials for many of our eye drops.
If you’re prone to dry eye, you’ll know that having an effective treatment at hand is an essential in dealing with the issues. Our extensive range of dry eye treatments includes eye drops for dry eyes, as well as eye sprays and gels for those who aren’t fans of eye drops.
Sometimes the best form of attack is a strong defence, which is why we’re delighted to stock a selection of eye care supplements and vitamins, as well as a number of hygienic daily eyelid wipes.

Prevent infection before it happens with our daily eyelid wipes, designed to leave your eyelids and the areas around your eyes hygienic and feeling fresh. You can also support your visual acuity by simply adding our eye vitamins and supplements to your diet.
Alternatives to eye drops and gels, our range of eye care accessories can help treat a number of eye conditions, whether its dry eye, hay fever or other allergies.
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