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What are eye drops?

Eye drops are a form of artificial tears used to soothe dry eyes, alleviate feelings of grittiness and irritation and eyes revitalise eyes that feel and appear tired. These symptoms can be caused by several things including general fatigue, allergies (particularly pollen and pets), computer eye strain and other prolonged screen use such as on smart phone devices and tablets, air conditioning/heating, sudden changes in weather. Whether you want some relief from irritated eyes, to simply re-wet your lenses, your eyes will feel more hydrated and moisturised directly after use and sometimes for several hours. FeelGoodContacts.ie stocks a wide range of eye drops from the most trusted manufacturers, including comfi, Blink, Systane, Clinitas and Artelac, ensuring that we have a product that will work for you. 

What different types of eye drops are there? 

All of our eye drops are available as handy travel sized bottles – usually around 10ml – that can easily fit into you bag, purse, pocket and travel luggage. Even more convenient, many of our eye drops come as handy vials that are even more compact and easy to carry around, holding just the right amount for a single application in both eyes. Those who wear the comfi range of contact lenses will be thrilled to know that the value for money brand also stocks comfi Drops. Complete your entire comfi range with these deeply hydrating drops that have a light feeling when applied. 

Blink is likely the most recognised brand on the market, with various eye drops to treat a variety of issues. Spend long hours in front of the computer? Blink Intensive Tears Bottle offer instant relief from worn out eyes and help combat blurry vision. Need to brighten up sluggish eyes? Blink Refreshing Bottle will turn that around. Alternately, you may also use the Blink Refreshing Eye Mist of you prefer not to place anything directly into your eyes. The ultra-refreshing mist can be sprayed onto your eyes and offers the same instant relief. 

How to apply eye drops?

Eye drops couldn’t be anymore easy to use. Similarly, to inserting contact lenses, simply hold your eye open and tilt your head back slightly. Position your open bottle of drops or vial directly over your eye and squeeze a couple of times. Then, blink a few times to allow the drop to distribute around your eyes and wipe away any excess drops. Eye drops are made to be of a similar consistency and pH of your eyes, but if for any reason you feel discomfort or irritation it is best to consult with your optician who can recommend a different product. 

Eye drops that can be used with contact lenses

The majority of eye drops can be used in conjunction with soft contact lenses. Although it is best to double check the packaging and with your optician whether any product will be suitable for your own personal use as everyone’s eyes differ. 

What are the best eye drops for dry eyes?

All eye drops to some degree or another are made to revive dry eyes, but some have more intense formulas than others. While wearing contact lenses doesn’t necessarily cause dry eyes, it can intensify the issue if you already suffer from the condition. Eye drops such as Blink Contacts Bottle can be used whilst wearing contact lenses, re-wetting your lenses and reintroducing some moisture into the eyes.  The Systane range of eye drops also offers incredible relief from dry eyes with Systane Ultra Bottle and Systane Hydration drops, both designed to tackle intense fatigue and provide soothing and instant relief. Systane Ultra are also available in handy miniature vials. For guaranteed all-day relief Altacor’s Clinitas Soothe Multi eye drops and vials offer intense hydration for dry gritty and irritated eyes, while Artelac Rebalance is specially formulated to lubricate your tear film. 


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