FreshLook Colorblends

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  • FreshLook Colorblends
  • FreshLook Colorblends
  • FreshLook Colorblends
FreshLook Colorblends FreshLook Colorblends FreshLook Colorblends FreshLook Colorblends FreshLook Colorblends FreshLook Colorblends
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Save up to 46%, Why not try?
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Save up to 46%, Why not try?
comfi Colors 1 Day
€8.50 10 lenses

FreshLook Colorblends Product Description

Enhance your eye colour with FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses. Whether you’re after a subtle eye colour update or are wanting to turn heads with a more dramatic change, achieve your desired look with these exceptional coloured contact lenses.

The first ‘3-in-1’ colour contact lens, this stylish lens innovatively blends three different shades together, creating a look that enhances your natural eye colour.


Benefits of FreshLook Colorblends

Be sure of the highest quality from your colour contacts when you wear these best-selling colour lenses from renowned manufacturers, Alcon & Ciba Vision. FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses deliver an unrivalled level of performance, freshness and comfort, that doesn’t dip as the day goes on.

Made with a 55% water content these lenses hydrate your eyes over the course of the day, preventing the onset of dry eye and keeping them moist and comfortable. As a result, clear and comfortable vision is delivered from the start of the day till the end of it with these high-quality monthly contact lenses.


Do FreshLook Colorblends look natural?

The FreshLook Colorblends range comes in 12 colours. Grey, Green or Brown provide a gentle enhancement for lighter colour eyes, while Blue, Pure Hazel and Honey are a great choice of FreshLook Colorblends contacts for dark brown eyes. For those after an entirely fresh look, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, True Sapphire, Sterling Grey or even Amethyst offer a more striking update.

If you’re wearing contact lenses for purely cosmetic use, you’ll be happy to know you can find these quality coloured contacts in plano (zero prescription) form. Even if it’s for cosmetic purposes we recommend checking with your eye care professional to see if these lenses are suitable for you.


How long can you use FreshLook Colorblends?

As monthly contact lenses, you’ll need to remove your lenses every night and store them in a multi-purpose solution, such as comfi All-in-One Solution, to ensure they stay clean, fresh and comfortable to wear.


Alternative contact lenses to FreshLook Colorblends

FreshLook Colors offer a more bold and dramatic effect or why not try FreshLook One Day as a daily alternative to FreshLook Colorblends.

Benefits & Features
  • Monthly contact lenses – one month of daily wear
  • Available in 12 different colours
  • Available in a wide variety of prescriptions, as well as in zero prescription form
  • 55% water content

FreshLook Colorblends contacts for darker eyes

Sterling grey, gemstone green and brilliant blue are among three of the best FreshLook Colorblends contacts for darker eyes. The vibrant and natural looking colour contact lenses in the will blend into your natural eye colour, whilst offering a transformative lighter shade.

FreshLook Colorblends contacts for lighter eyes

Brown, blue and turquoise are three of the most alluring FreshLook Colorblends contacts for lighter eyes. Darker shades in the collection work better with lighter eyes, and will offer an opaque colour blend that mergers seamlessly with your natural eye colour.


FreshLook Colorblends parameters

Manufacturer Alcon & Ciba Vision
Brand FreshLook
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range +6.00 to -8.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14.5mm
Lens material Phemfilcon A
Water content 55%
Oxygen permeability 20 Dk/t

Want to compare lenses? Browse our extensive contact lens specification page.
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  • giulia - 17 Sep 2019
    Great product!
  • Alexandra - 13 Sep 2019
    Delivery was fast. Had a burning sensation first time.
  • Cristian Derick - 09 Sep 2019
    This brand is awesome. Very thin for people that have troubles with uncomfortable and heavy lenses :)
  • tabs - 03 Sep 2019
    A lot cheaper then other companies I have used and the quality is also great!
  • S K - 02 Sep 2019
    Wish they could send a sample lens.
  • Denise young - 29 Aug 2019
    Nice colour
  • Pratheeka Siva - 27 Aug 2019
    Perfect thank you
  • Michael Wrighton - 26 Aug 2019
    So I have brown eyes and these made them blue; you literally could not tell I had brown eyes. As my pupils contracted you could see a minimal small brown halo, or as they expanded the peripheral vision became slightly blurred - but this cannot be helped. The colour is an absolute measurement and cannot move with the pupil but these are bloody good! The coverage of colour on the lens is actually incredible - I am more than impressed and use these for my cosplay with no worries.
  • Evelina Nausedaite - 24 Aug 2019
  • Fatima Mahmood - 24 Aug 2019
    Fast delivery and amazing service
  • Nishat Akhtar - 23 Aug 2019
    100% happy with feel good lenses.
  • Armine Minasyan - 20 Aug 2019
    Great quality. Thank you.
  • Houda - 20 Aug 2019
    Not good quality
  • Liana - 19 Aug 2019
    Love the product although had problems with my second lot were it split and I had a piece stuck in my eye
  • Keri - 17 Aug 2019
    Great product
  • anjelica - 16 Aug 2019
    I got brilliant blue, the colour is great and covers my brown eyes perfectly!
  • Izzah Saheel - 15 Aug 2019
    Fantastic contacts, very natural looking
  • ANNE MONTFORD - 13 Aug 2019
    Perfect and proper size and strength
  • Sadia Zafar - 13 Aug 2019
    Always worn these... glad I get them a great price ! Now I want free delivery haha!
  • Shola Oluwatayo - 13 Aug 2019
    Perfect contacts
  • Izzah Saheel - 12 Aug 2019
  • MRS M HEWITT - 12 Aug 2019
    Great lenses good price nice courts to choose from
  • Nikita Lamba - 10 Aug 2019
    Really comfortable to wear and durable. Value for money.
  • Ayesha Hussain - 09 Aug 2019
    Very easy to wear, and great choice of colours
  • Salma Jabeen - 07 Aug 2019
    Beautiful colour lenses however were too big for my eyes. Kept slipping everytime I blinked. Waste of £30
  • Henna - 05 Aug 2019
    Amazing, I received so many compliments.
  • Shelley Weston - 04 Aug 2019
  • Rupa - 01 Aug 2019
    Great price very comfortable. Am happy with it.
  • Mavish Mehboob - 30 Jul 2019
    The colour of the lenses were lovely but I felt that the lenses were quite big in terms of diameter. Every time I would look up or down, left or right, the colour of the lens would obstruct my view. I couldn’t change the diameter of the lens when ordering. Also they were uncomfortable for about an hour or so. I wear daily disposable lens so the quality of these lenses were not the best but they were ok.
  • Gary - 30 Jul 2019
    Great Lenses bought these as a change of colour altho i cant see a thing without wearing my glasses lol great product and value for money i gave bought a few different colours of these lenses and all have dramatically changed my natural eye colour(Brown)to the colour i bought weather its the Brilliant blue the Sterling Grey they do a great job im thinking of getting them in my prescription Vision
  • Gary Vanderburg - 28 Jul 2019
    Great Product been buying these foe a while
  • Hajer Abugseaa - 28 Jul 2019
    Great product
  • ANNE - 28 Jul 2019
    I have had these before from my optician So I knew what to expect
  • Deborah Antel - 20 Jul 2019
  • Sophie - 20 Jul 2019
    So comfy!!
  • Faye - 19 Jul 2019
  • Harbinder Kaur - 17 Jul 2019
    The contacts are not natural. The middle is very orangey and the outer circle is very dark.
  • Ross Paterson - 17 Jul 2019
    ive used this product for the past 10years and i have no complains whatsover.
  • Mark Stafford - 16 Jul 2019
    Perfect fir... comfortable and easy to wear....
  • Streen G - 14 Jul 2019
    Great service great product
  • Isabella Capone - 13 Jul 2019
    100% . Always a Very good shopping experience. Ordering, good quality product and quick delivery. Excellent customer service. Thank you!?????
  • Sara Wilby - 12 Jul 2019
    Worn them for years. Love them!
  • Thrasyvoulos Kafetzis - 11 Jul 2019
    As Good as expected!
  • mrs. malik - 06 Jul 2019
  • Kiran Aujla - 06 Jul 2019
    Great product
  • Anon - 06 Jul 2019
    Not very bright, problem with right lens
  • Isla A - 02 Jul 2019
    Colours weren’t the same
  • Toni Shaw - 30 Jun 2019
    First time wearing contacts. Worn for full 12 shift at work working in a hot busy kitchen I was amazed no runny eyes no redness really comfortable would definitely recommend .i had the blue and what a beautiful blue it was I looked totally different
  • Malaz Ahmed - 27 Jun 2019
    Worth the money !
  • Nejla Huseyin - 27 Jun 2019
    Been using this brand for over 10 years and I have never had a bad batch. Monthly wear and always lasts.
  • E Kirby - 26 Jun 2019
    I''ve been using these forever. They are really comfortable and don''t look fake as I''ve had lots of people complimenting on my eyes since I started wearing these over 10 years ago! They don''t irritate the eyes at all.
  • Gohar Galstyan - 24 Jun 2019
    good product
  • Miss A.M - 22 Jun 2019
    Decent quality. Cheaper than specsavers but for my eyes i prefer air optix.
  • Sajra Akhtar - 20 Jun 2019
    Good price and good lenses
  • Customerrusna - 18 Jun 2019
    Would have loved them if you did icy grey colour in freshlook blend like i get from my optition
  • Isaac Essuman - 17 Jun 2019
    Good quality contacts
  • Sabrina Gipson - 15 Jun 2019
    I really like my Fresh Look contacts. I will be placing another order really soon to try a different color.
  • Susan - 14 Jun 2019
    Natural colours. I have green eyes and brown lenses look lovely.
  • Kiana Golchin - 14 Jun 2019
    Super fast delivery fantastic thank you.
  • MISS Sofia Ansari - 13 Jun 2019
    Great lenses!
  • Mrs J. Bratt - 12 Jun 2019
    Comfortable and good colour depth
  • Therese Hayward - 11 Jun 2019
    Comfortable and changed my look! Very pleased so far!
  • Jamie Carter - 10 Jun 2019
    SOOO COMFORTABLE. I have been wearing clear lenses for a year but switched to these for a different look. Did not expect for them to be even more comfortable than my standard ones.
  • Alison Davinson - 09 Jun 2019
    Brilliant and easy to put in and out
  • Customer - 07 Jun 2019
    Very helpful customer service and the product is great. Many thanks Will be ordering again :)
  • Kiran - 07 Jun 2019
    Very good!
  • Suvi - 05 Jun 2019
    Comfortable monthly colour lenses - I''ve been wearing these for years.
  • Darakhshan Khan - 01 Jun 2019
  • Kiran Aujla - 31 May 2019
    Great product
  • Joanne Simpson - 31 May 2019
    Excellent quality
  • Ioana - 31 May 2019
    I love them!!
  • Sairah - 31 May 2019
    Always buy these lenses from here at a great price.
  • Kalli Cho - 30 May 2019
    As described
  • Lilly Ali - 18 May 2019
    Beautiful colour the grey, especially on brown eyes, mine are light brown and these look absolutely fab!
  • Yas - 13 May 2019
    Been using freshlook for 20 years..haven’t changed since.
  • Sameena Akhtar - 12 May 2019
    Hassle free speedy service!
  • Karendip Sidhu - 11 May 2019
    They are comfortable, but wouldn’t recommend wearing the colour blends for prolonged periods as they irritate my eyes. But they look great and there is a lot of colours to choose from.
  • customer - 09 May 2019
    Made my vision very cloudy. After a few hours eyes were very sore
  • C mcnally - 09 May 2019
    The contacts are comfortable and value for money
  • STAYCIE WILLIAMS - 07 May 2019
    Excellent product, cama earlier than expected, well packed plus an extra gift, will definitely do business with you again.
  • Mo Main - 07 May 2019
    Amazing, comfortable
  • Simone - 04 May 2019
    Lovely colour lenses
  • Laurelle Fields - 03 May 2019
    Fantastic alway use !!!
  • AD - 02 May 2019
    5/5 Loved them
  • Nadine Wiltshire - 02 May 2019
    Lovely natural looking colours comfy
  • Andrea leech - 29 Apr 2019
    Love these lenses very comfortable and the colours are amazing! Always get compliments I wear brilliant blue and the colour is beautiful ??
  • Georgia Charfi - 28 Apr 2019
    The product is very good, and easy to find what we want in the web site
  • susan - 25 Apr 2019
    I orderd green and the quality is fine, perhaps I would like the colour slightly stronger....I have tried Gemstone green, but they are a little alien looking. So if like me you already have green eyes, these may not be enough colour.
  • Paige Honey - 24 Apr 2019
    Been using fresh look for about 5 years love the colours, I always get compliments and they are so comfortable.
  • ALISON PEARCE - 23 Apr 2019
    lovely lenses honey shade really changes my dark brown eyes for a nice change but think makes my pupils look small so going to try freshlook illuminate ones. Love this site save an absolute fortune plus next day delivery!
  • Nayi Colmenares - 18 Apr 2019
    Very comfortable ,, just tiny bit big but background it’s clear, which it’s totally fine, with a nice subtle blend and look,??
  • Lou - 15 Apr 2019
    Amazing colours that completely transform your eyes, I always get compliments when wearing these !
  • Donnene Haynes - 12 Apr 2019
    Soft lenses. No irritation. Brilliant blue a great colour to enhance your eyes. Would recommend lenses.
  • Saiqa Arif - 08 Apr 2019
  • Maishaa - 07 Apr 2019
    Favourite lenses. Colour grey is my go to. Does make your eyes dry so don''t recommend wearing it for more than 5/6 hours.
  • Anoushka Avetoom - 07 Apr 2019
    Beautiful natural green colour....always get comments on my eye own colour is light brown ??
  • Amina Sadiq - 05 Apr 2019
    Always used the same product for 20 yrs now..servce is flawless
  • celia34 - 04 Apr 2019
    great lenses that alter the colour of my dark brown eyes to give a totally different look
  • Nayma Patel - 04 Apr 2019
    Comfortable and natural looking lenses.
  • Zahraa - 03 Apr 2019
    Love ‘em. Been purchasing them for years now and also the green colour looks so natural!