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Reasons to buy Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween contact lenses are the ultimate accessory for costume parties and Halloween events. Whether you're going for a vampire, zombie, or alien look, our Halloween lenses offer a wide array of colours to suit your imagination and add a touch of mystique.

This Halloween, create the craziest looks with our high-quality Halloween contact lenses. Our specially curated collection of Crazy lenses and coloured contact lenses is designed to bring your spookiest fantasies to life. Explore our extensive selection of Halloween contact lenses in IE at the most affordable prices online.

Our stock includes established brands such as FreshLook and Air Optix as well as our homegrown brand comfi Colors Enhance. Earn Reward Points when you buy Halloween contact lenses from Feel Good Contacts and get 10% off your first order or up to 16% off if you’re a student and studying a full-time degree. Our Price Match Guarantee will ensure you enjoy cheaper prices across all contact lenses. Get SAME DAY DISPATCH when you place your order before 05:45pm.

Best place to buy Halloween contact lenses online

The best place to buy Halloween, cosmetic or coloured contact lenses online is from a trusted online contact lens retailer, such as Feel Good Contacts. We offer a variety of coloured lenses, including comfi Colors Crazy, FreshLook and more. All our products are of high-quality and come in their original manufacturer's packaging.

A kaleidoscope of colours and features

Our Halloween contact lenses are available in an electrifying range of colours and designs. From blood-red vampire eyes to green-eyed Maleficent, you'll find several lens options that complements our OOTD. Shop our Halloween special collection at affordable prices and explore spooky patterns, cat's eyes and more.

Prescription or cosmetic: Green contact lenses as per your vision requirements

Do not let your vision haunt your Halloween fun. We offer prescription Halloween contact lenses for those who require vision correction and for those who don’t! Now, you can play hide and seek and spook your friends with scary costumes, all whilst seeing them clearly.

Next day delivery for your last-minute plans

Running out of time to complement your Halloween costume with the right pair of lenses? No worries. We offer Same day dispatch for Halloween contact lenses across Ireland. Get your Crazy lenses and coloured lenses for less, just in time to shine at your Halloween party.

Are Halloween contact lenses safe to wear?

Not all Halloween contact lenses are safe to wear. It's best to buy Halloween, cosmetic, coloured or crazy lenses from a reputable contact lens retailer to ensure they have passed all quality checks. Read our safety guide to learn more.

Top tips to take care of your Halloween contacts

Taking care of your Halloween contact lenses is very important to ensure safe wear every time you put them on. Here are some tips to take care of your Crazy lenses and coloured contact lenses so that you don’t have to burn your pocket time and again:

  • Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and pat dry before handling your lenses
  • Remove the contact lens from the blisters carefully and make sure it isn’t sprawled inside-out.
  • When using monthly lenses, make sure to clean them after each use with contact lens solution to reduce the risk of infections and maintain good eye health. Daily disposable wearers can simply wear the lenses once and then dispose of them.
  • Insert your lenses first, then apply your makeup
  • Never share your contact lenses with others
  • Always follow the advice given by your optician and only wear your lenses for the time recommended.
  • If you are experiencing any discomfort, vision problems, or other issues with your eyes, it is important to schedule an appointment with your optician
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