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What are hazel contact lenses?

Offering a lighter shade than brown lenses, hazel contact lenses are a subtle option that’s ideal for lighter coloured eyes.

You’ll find prescription coloured contact lenses in a variety of hazel shades, for correcting short-sightedness or long-sightedness, while we also stock cosmetic contact lenses in hazel.

Why should I choose hazel contact lenses?

Enjoy a noticeable eye colour change, with an understated and natural look, when you wear hazel contact lenses.

These lenses combine brown, amber and green shades to offer a hazel tint, suited to all eye colours, albeit more effective for those with lighter eyes.

What types of hazel contact lenses are there?

FreshLook Colorblends work to blend 3 shades of a colour together, offering an alluring enhancement of your natural eye colour. Choose these monthly coloured contacts in Honey or Pure Hazel colours.

Air Optix Colors provide a similarly natural-looking eye colour enhancement, also available in Pure Hazel or Honey, and are renowned for offering an exceptional level of comfort.

Enjoy a vibrant eye colour change with FreshLook Colors hazel contact lenses. These monthly contacts are the perfect choice for anyone after a more dramatic change.

Expressions Colors offer a more intense shade, best suited to darker eyes.

Choose between India and Dark Hazel shades with SofLens Natural Colors, monthly hazel contact lenses for a unique and striking eye colour change.

Those after total convenience can try FreshLook One Day daily coloured contact lenses in Hazel. They achieve an exciting eye colour update and are ideal for anyone who doesn’t wear lenses often.

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