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What are cosmetic contact lenses?

Cosmetic contact lenses are also known as plano or zero powered coloured contact lenses, and are used purely for fashion or cosmetic purposes. These coloured contact lenses can be purchased without a prescription as they do not offer a visual correction and can be used to enhance or change the colour of your eye.

What types of cosmetic contact lenses are there? stocks an extensive range of cosmetic contact lenses, available in a wide selection of colours to complete your desired look.

If you plan on wearing your cosmetic contact lenses for just a few occasions, Freshlook One Day daily contact lenses give you the option of a flexible contact lens wear. Both a perfect addition to your night out or everyday look.

For enhancement contact lenses, Freshlook Colorblends and Air Optix Color offer a natural-looking transition by using a 3-in-1 colour mix to blend with your natural eye colour. These lenses are both monthly disposable contact lenses which can be worn daily for up to a whole month, provided they are stored in contact lens solution overnight.

Alternatively, for one tone or opaque contact lenses, Freshlook Colors, Expressions Colors and SofLens Natural Colors achieve a more vibrant and bold eye colour change. These lenses are designed to completely change the colour of your eye and offer a striking look.

For definition, Freshlook Illuminate are designed to make eyes appear larger, as they add a darker ring around the iris for larger and brighter-looking eyes.

Why not shop cosmetic contact lenses by colour?

Please note the appearance of your chosen cosmetic contact lenses will depend on your natural eye colour, hair colour and skin tone. If you’re stuck, why not read our helpful guide on how to choose a colour contact lens.

All of our coloured contact lenses are also available in prescription form for your visual correction needs.

How can I buy cosmetic contact lenses?

At, buying cosmetic contact lenses is simple and easy. All you will need to do, is select your desired cosmetic contact lens and colour. Then under prescription details, select ‘0.00 – zero’ and add to basket.

If you are trying cosmetic contact lenses for the first time, we recommend visiting your optician beforehand to confirm whether your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear.

For any questions you may have please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team. Call us on 01 514 3614 or email us at

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