Hazel Contact Lenses

What are hazel contact lenses?

Hazel contact lenses will change the colour of your iris to a light brown tone. Hazel contact lenses are a popular choice as they are a natural and neutral shade. They are a great option for those who have dark brown eyes and want to lighten the tone of their eyes, while if you already have light brown eyes, hazel contact lenses will add some depth and definition to your eyes.

Hazel contact lenses are available in both prescription (for shorts-sightedness and long-sightedness) and non-prescription options. As with normal prescription lenses, if you have a refractive error, you must have a contact lens test and obtain a valid prescription from your optician.

Will hazel contact lenses suit me?

Hazel contact lenses are a neutral and common eye colour. Their natural appearance makes them highly versatile and they will look good on all skin tones and work well with all hair colours.

FreshLook Colors offer a great deal of depth and vibrancy if you’re looking for a highly noticeable, but incredibly natural colour change. Equally vibrant, and perfectly suited for dark eyes that need a much more opaque coloured lens, Expressions Colors (Singles) by CooperVison are a bright and charismatic hazel coloured contact lens.

For a truly natural look, we would suggest FreshLook Colorblends, which offers 3-in-1 colour blend technology. These contacts come in ‘pure hazel’ and ‘honey’ colours, with honey the slightly darker shade of the two.

Air Optix Colors are also available as hazel contact lenses, and in a honey shade. These silicone hydrogel lenses offer an increased level of comfort during daily wear. Enjoy all day comfort, clarity and hydration throughout the entire one month wearing cycle.

Just as captivating are SofLens Natural Colors, which carry a deep shade of ‘dark hazel’ for a rich and intense colour change.

If you prefer wearing a daily disposable lens, FreshLook One Day offers a hazel contact lens that can be worn once and thrown away at the end of the day.

Why should I choose hazel contact lenses?

Hazel contact lenses make a strong style statement whilst still giving you a natural looking appearance. When buying monthly hazel lenses, we recommend storing them in a multi-purpose contact lens solution such as comfi All-in-one Solution. In addition, you’ll also find a Feel Good Contact Lens Case for helping to store your lenses.