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At Feel Good Contacts, we stock a wide range of prescription coloured contact lenses. Enhance your natural eye colour for a daytime look or choose an opaque lens to achieve a more dramatic look for seasonal holidays. All of our coloured lenses are available with a contact lens prescription.

You can get daily coloured contacts as well as monthlies. Wearing colour contact lenses are an easy way to change your style. If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, you can read our guide on how to look after your contact lenses.

Can you get Coloured contact lenses with a prescription?

Yes, you can enjoy a stylish change to your natural eye colour with prescription coloured contact lenses. Wear contact lenses in a different colour for a fancy-dress party, or as a fashionable change to your everyday look. You could also wear coloured contact lenses for Halloween to elevate your costume. Simply choose your preferred colour and enter your power on the product page.

Can you get tinted contact lenses?

Some contact lenses are tinted slightly to allow the user to see the lens more clearly when inserting or taking it out. These tints are not designed for colour enhancement to the eye. The tint is not noticeable on the eye when the lens is worn.

How do Coloured contacts work?

Corrective coloured contact lenses have a transparent circle in the middle, this is the part you see through. The outer edge of the lens is tinted with a pigment to mimic the colour patterns of an iris, allowing the lens to blend seamlessly with your natural eye colour.

There are two main types of vision corrective coloured contact lenses. There are enhancement tints, which offer a subtle amount of colour to the eye, Enhancement tints are best suited to lighter coloured eyes such as blue and green. This type of lens will not show much of a difference in colour to darker eyes. The other kind of coloured contact lenses are opaque lenses.

Wearing prescription coloured contact lenses on Halloween

Seasonal holidays and parties are the perfect time to change your style with coloured contact lenses. Halloween is a particularly popular time to wear coloured contact lenses, and you can enjoy clear vision and a fashionable change to your eye colour at the same time. Choose a bright colour to stand out and make a statement, or more subdued colour for your everyday look.

Prescription coloured contact lenses for dark eyes

Opaque lenses have a deeper pigment added and so work much better over darker eyes. This type of lens will completely change the colour of the eye. This can be a natural or a dramatic change depending on the colour chosen, as well as the skin tone and hair colour of the wearer.

Some of the coloured contact lenses that work for dark eyes in our range include FreshLook Colorblends. The shades in this range go from natural colours such as brown, honey and True Sapphire, to more striking hues like Gemstone Green, Sterling Grey and Amethyst. For more information on choosing the right prescription coloured contact lens for dark eyes, please visit our Eye Care Hub.

How long do Coloured contacts last?

This will depend on what type of coloured lens you have and how sensitive your eyes are. A daily prescription coloured contact such as comfi Colors 1 Day or the FreshLook One Day can be worn for a day and then must be thrown away. Daily disposable prescription coloured lenses are the most convenient option as they don’t require a cleaning routine.

Monthly lenses, like Air Optix Colors or FreshLook Colors, can be worn every day for up to a month before being thrown away. At the end of each day of wear, the lenses must be cleaned and stored in solution at night.

Can you sleep with colored contacts in?

You cannot sleep in coloured contacts overnight and there are no coloured contact lenses currently on the market that are approved for extended wear. If prescribed by your eye doctor, you may wear contact lenses approved for extended wear.

However, even if you have been prescribed extended wear lenses, it’s best to take your lenses out at night if you can. When worn overnight, the contact lens acts as a physical barrier. This stops oxygen from reaching the eye and increasing your chances of developing an eye infection.

Prescription coloured contact lenses next day delivery

You can enjoy FREE next day delivery on orders over €55. That means you can order your favourite pair of coloured contact lens in your prescription and have them arrive the very next day. You’ll also get the lowest price in Ireland when you shop with us, thanks to our Price Match Guarantee.

Where to get prescription coloured contact lenses

Visit Feel Good Contacts to buy coloured prescription contact lenses. Our high-quality lenses are comfortable to wear and come in a wide range of colours.

If you have any questions about prescription coloured lenses, please visit our Eye Care Hub. As well as coloured contacts, you'll also find information there on a variety of subjects such as myopia (short-sightedness) and dry eye. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly customer service team on 01 514 3614.

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