comfi Colors 1 Day

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Single Pack
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  • comfi Colors 1 Day
  • comfi Colors 1 Day
  • comfi Colors 1 Day
comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day comfi Colors 1 Day



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comfi Colors 1 Day Product Description

comfi Colors 1 Day are the latest daily disposable coloured contact lenses, with five stylish colours to choose from to enhance your look.

Available in Gorgeous Brown, Sweet Hazel, Divine Green, Timeless Grey and True Blue, these lenses can be worn as part of your daily look or special night out. These comfi Colors 1 Day contact lenses use a colour blend technology that suits both light and dark eye colours. 

Whether you’re after cosmetic or prescription coloured contact lenses, these stunning dailies offer a fuller and natural colour enhancement. Made with patented hydrogel material and a thin lens design, they offer smooth and comfortable contact lens wear for up to 12 hours. 

Appreciate beautifully coloured eyes and total convenience with these daily disposable lenses, as you can simply discard them after a full day or night’s wear. Then, simply apply a fresh new pair of comfi Colors 1 Day the next morning.

Not sure which coloured contact lenses will suit your eyes? The look of coloured lenses in your eye can vary depending on your eye colour, skin tone and hair colour. comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack gives you the option to try all five different colours in one single pack, before you make the decision. 
Benefits & Features
  • Daily disposable lenses
  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Available in a wide selection of prescriptions, as well as plano form
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • 55% water content
  • Up to 12 hours of wear

comfi Colors 1 Day parameters

Manufacturer comfi
Brand comfi
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range 0.00 to -8.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14.2mm
Lens material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Water content 55%
Oxygen permeability 32 Dk/t

Want to compare lenses? Browse our extensive contact lens specification page.
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  • Zena Rose - 16 Sep 2019
    I ordered the grey, my eyes are light brown and you can’t notice the difference at all my eyes still look no different a complete waste of money and no point wearing them again.
  • Clare Jones - 15 Sep 2019
    Disappointed in the colour only brown around the edge not much colour though out the middle of lenses
  • Mo Sadiq - 14 Sep 2019
    Comfortable and quick delivery
  • Jessica - 11 Sep 2019
    Lovely contact lenses, however up close, you are able to see that they are imitation. In terms of the prescriptive element, very good.
  • Alyna Jones - 08 Sep 2019
    I love these brown contacts as they are comfy to wear and allow me to change my eye colour when I want. They are good value for money and I will continue to order these to use along side my normal daily contact lenses.
  • Natalie - 07 Sep 2019
    Very comfy lenses, forget that i am wearing them. Eyes dont dry out can wear them all day. Been using them for 3-4 months now and will continue to do so. Happy that i gave them a try as they are now the lenses i i use regularly.
  • Richard - 04 Sep 2019
    happy customer
  • muhammad hussain - 03 Sep 2019
    Amazing color and very comfy
  • Shakia Sultana - 30 Aug 2019
    Love it
  • B CARREON - 29 Aug 2019
    great purchade.divine green colours suits my brown eyes.
  • Danica Guanzon - 29 Aug 2019
    comfy lenses
  • Mehwish - 24 Aug 2019
    Very comfortable coloured lense I bought coloured ones first time And I m very happy about my purchase
  • Shamsa Zaman - 23 Aug 2019
    This time not fit and uncomfortable
  • Suzanne - 21 Aug 2019
    Pleased with this product; comfortable and good value
  • H Stone - 21 Aug 2019
    No difference shown with blue on blue eyes, was quickly sent replacement green. Unfortunately even these don’t show a colour difference. Was told that would have to be end of matter if green also didnt show up. Would not buy again as effect is same as with clear contact lenses.
  • Chatrawee Sanehwong - 18 Aug 2019 it
  • Angelina Gumbs - 16 Aug 2019
    Love these had so many compliments even I cant stop looking in the mirror at my eyes :)such a nice contact lenses comfortable and lovely twinkle in my eyes.lots of people saying oh didn't realise your eyes were Hazel and light brown😃am like thank you😏 . Most natural contacts ever!!! I will continue to buy for the foreseeable future thank you Feelgood Contacts
  • Mrs Whitehead - 13 Aug 2019
    Totally love them
  • Temilade Olaitan - 10 Aug 2019
    These have been the most comfortable coloured contacts I’ve ever used! Sometimes I forget they’re on
  • Zainab Ali - 10 Aug 2019
    They weren’t the colour I expected
  • jeremy harrison - 08 Aug 2019
    Great colours. Easy to use
  • Ikra Adil - 06 Aug 2019
    Good lenses..but colour not as good as expected.
  • Maya - 06 Aug 2019
    Look so natural & comfortable
  • Nate - 05 Aug 2019
    Green didn''t do too much to my eyes as they''re already blue/green - it made the green more consistent but that''s about it. The lenses themselves are not massively comfortable. They feel rough even getting them out of the packet and the first time I tried them I switched one of them out for a regular clear lens after about two hours because of the amount of irritation to my eye it caused. The second time I tried them I had them in for about six hours, and there wasn''t significant irritation but they dried out really quick. Maybe good for a Halloween costume or a special event but no good for legitimate day-to-day use.
  • Judy - 04 Aug 2019
    Great lenses at a very competitive price .... and superfast delivery!!
  • Leyaleya - 30 Jul 2019
    It''s the only one my eyes can stand for long hours - love it!
  • Cristina - 29 Jul 2019
    At first I thought they weren''t going to be as good as my normal brand but I was pleasantly surprised, they are very comfortable. I love the range of colours, they are subtle but I have had compliments since using them.
  • Mel C - 26 Jul 2019
    Love these - true blue is a really dark but sparkling blue
  • Alixia - 22 Jul 2019
    I love these. They make my eyes pop and it doesn''t look too obvious or fake. Like all contacts it''s a bit dry, so make sure you have some eye drops around
  • Wayne Brown - 20 Jul 2019
    Worth every penny
  • Nikita Rahman - 18 Jul 2019
    Very comfortable to wear. I wasn't expecting such quality for an affordable price like this. I have very dark brown eyes and on my eyes the lenses' colour appears very subtle so if you want the colour to be highly visible this is not going to work but I love the natural look. amazing product
  • MARIE LANE - 17 Jul 2019
    Comfi is a great description for these contact lenes. They are very easy to wear
  • shamaila - 17 Jul 2019
    Comfy and moist
  • Tehreem Pervez - 17 Jul 2019
    Very comfortable to wear and they look super natural too on my very dark brown eyes, which is great. I would say they give off a very subtle colour so if you want something more dramatic or vibrant then go for something else.
  • Neil Gooch - 12 Jul 2019
    Reasonably priced. Easy to order from website. Comfortable.
  • Nikki - 04 Jul 2019
    really comfortable and do not dry out towards end of day
  • Kefilwe Ncube - 02 Jul 2019
    Love them they have a natural colour and enhance ones eyes
  • Mark Best - 02 Jul 2019
    Have not used yet but look good
  • Catherine Young - 02 Jul 2019
    Very comfortable. Always found coloured lens a little uncomfortable, until now.
  • Ruth Pauline Bal - 02 Jul 2019
    it doesnt work well with dark eyes as shown kn the example picture
  • Andreea - 01 Jul 2019
    I enjoy wearing colour-full lens and used to buy big trusted brands which not only irritated my eyes easily, were uncomfortable, dried after couple of hours and were expensive. As I was tired of buying expeensives ones, after reading the review I decided to give it a try to Confi Colours and I may say that are brilliant! The lenses are very smooth does not dry Easy and do not irritate the eye( I have sensitive eyes) and have a pleasant colour. Great value for my money too. Will definitely make this my first choice from now one
  • Sarah Richardson - 30 Jun 2019
    Super comfy contacts and a really good price! Dont make your eyes dry and a perfect fit. Will definitely keep buying these. The only colour that disappointed was the brown the hazel is bazarly darker.
  • Satara Jahangir - 30 Jun 2019
    amazing lenses feel and look good.. would definitely recommend buying these if you want to have a natural look
  • Teresa Toal - 29 Jun 2019
    Service was excellent!... however I found the lenses were uncomfortable and colour was not strong enough to change the colour of my eyes ( I have brown eyes)
  • Cheryl Risk - 24 Jun 2019
    These didn’t change the colour of my eyes at all. My eyes barely looked any different. I was dressing up as Barbie for a fancy dress party. My eyes are brown and so I needed them to be blue. But literally no one could see the difference in my eyes which was disappointing
  • Mahnoor Iqbal - 23 Jun 2019
    So when I was thinking of buy these in timeless gray I was kinda worried because I seen some comments saying they’re not good but honestly If you’re looking for something natural, THIS IS IT! Honestly so so so pretty I’m in loveeee. Can’t wait to buy some of the other colours too. I have dark brown eyes btw
  • Nisha - 22 Jun 2019
    Quick service ..hassle free
  • Jiri Ferko - 18 Jun 2019
    Very fast delivery...
  • Charlotte Pascoe - 18 Jun 2019
    These are great lenses. They are super comfortable and true blue was great in emphasising my eyes in a fairly subtle way.
  • Brogan Taylor - 18 Jun 2019
    Really comfortable for a coloured lense! Easy to put in and look so nice on the eye.
  • Erika Giel - 17 Jun 2019
    I love the colour and looks natural if you have a dark eyes.
  • Lindy - 17 Jun 2019
    Most comfortable lenses I’ve had in a long time! Very pleased
  • B Virdi - 15 Jun 2019
    Very comfortable
  • Louisa Samuel - 11 Jun 2019
    First time purchase and now I'm hooked. Perfect fit, clear and comfortable, lovely subtle colour (timeless grey) and superfast delivery, thank you. Highly recommended company. 5stars!
  • Lorna - 10 Jun 2019
    Comfortable and nice for night out
  • Ovuline Nabulime - 09 Jun 2019
    Great! They came the next fay
  • mrs m - 09 Jun 2019
    Love them, and great value for money.
  • Janet - 08 Jun 2019
    I love coloured lenses. I have indeterminate greenish eye colour and like to enhance my eyes especially if out. These are great.
  • Teresa Powell; - 06 Jun 2019
    Gorgeous,perfect lift Or my blue eyes
  • Simona Yordanova - 04 Jun 2019
    Amazing colour
  • Mr LEE fox - 03 Jun 2019
    Not as blue as I would of liked but good lenses and really comfortable
  • Paul Charlton - 29 May 2019
    Comfortable lenses but I bought these for a colour and it''s a waste of time as you cant even tell I have coloured lenses in.
  • kathy - 27 May 2019
    Excellent I took a risk and I will be definitely purchasing again xx
  • Oana Rusti - 24 May 2019
    Not really what i expected to be
  • Lorraine - 23 May 2019
    Super comfy
  • Billi Ullah - 23 May 2019
    I bought the grey colour lenses and you can’t tell that I even have a different colour in my eyes, which is quite a shame
  • Vanessa Vasani - 20 May 2019
    The colour of my True Blue lenses is enough to enhance my eyes whilst looking totally natural. I’m really pleased with the effect.
  • shelley - 13 May 2019
    Good quality and comfortable wear but I chose the wrong colour
  • Sharon Hillman - 12 May 2019
    Not as much colour as was expecting
  • Sarah Warby - 12 May 2019
    Useless. I bought the GREEN lenses, to wear over one of my blue eyes for a fancy dress costume. There was no discernable difference between the eye with the lens vs the one without. Complete waste of money.
  • Slawomira Olek - 10 May 2019
    Very happy with them. Blue contacts intensify my blue eyes in natural but noticeable way. Comfortable to wear from morning to evening. Grey contacts make my blue eyes steel blue, like them too.Overall good product for a very good price. For sure will reorder.
  • Rajvir Bola - 10 May 2019
    Comfortable and natural looking colours. In love with this product.
  • Axar Ullah - 10 May 2019
  • Roja Panahi - 08 May 2019
    It was the best contact lens that I’ve ever used. It doesn’t dry up the eyes and looks very natural.
  • Lisa Shah - 08 May 2019
    Look very natural Very comfi
  • Joanne - 06 May 2019
    Live these colour lens ..I e tried four colours ..will try more ..thank you
  • Miss Ella Akehurst - 05 May 2019
    These are so good having tried others far ,far more expensive they don''t hurt!I can see and the colour is perfect!Wish i had found you before!
  • Tina Burrows - 04 May 2019
  • Moureen - 02 May 2019
    Cheap and fast delivery. So happy!
  • Axar Ullah - 02 May 2019
    Gorgeous Brown sure is gorgeous!!!!
  • Dawn - 30 Apr 2019
    Can wear these all day without any dryness of the eye, colours are lovely and such speedy delivery, can''t be beaten in my opinion. Great value too.
  • Joanne - 30 Apr 2019
    This is a great product ..tried blue and grey love them thank you
  • Slawomira Olek - 28 Apr 2019
    Timeless Grey made my blue eyes look dark grey/steel colour and alluring (as I was told). Not the effect I was hoping for, but at the end of the day-I really like it. Comfortable to wear, good price. Three working days delivery. Great service.
  • S Ahmad - 26 Apr 2019
    Very comfy and nice colour
  • Komalpreet Kaur - 26 Apr 2019
    Too big for my eye
  • Fazila Suleman - 24 Apr 2019
  • Anneka Butt - 23 Apr 2019
    Very natural, blend really well with my brown eyes love them
  • Alyna Jones - 22 Apr 2019
    Great contacts, comfortable and affordable.
  • Jo allsopp - 22 Apr 2019
    Really please with your service & your Lenses
  • Michele Palmer - 21 Apr 2019
    Very comfortable lenses, gives my pale blue eyes a lovely colour. service excellent, next day delivery and box fits in letter box
  • Rhonda Ferry - 16 Apr 2019
    Good product
  • Roxanne - 13 Apr 2019
    Quality product
  • Sassia Turner - 09 Apr 2019
    Easy to put in and looks amazing feeling. Comfortable all day . Definitely worth a buy .
  • Christina - 08 Apr 2019
    Quite comfortable on eye. No problem yet
  • Pauline Granger - 06 Apr 2019
    This is my first trial with these lens and so far I am finding them really comfortable and great value.
  • Susan - 06 Apr 2019
    They look & feel fantastic. Unfortunately I ordered wrong prescription level. Totally my fault.
  • Jo-D - 05 Apr 2019
    easier to put in not as flimsy
  • Rhonda Ferry - 04 Apr 2019
    Fun colours and very reasonable price.
  • Anna Sarkisyan - 03 Apr 2019
    So beautiful colours, great quality!
  • Sarah - 02 Apr 2019