Biofinity Contact Lenses

Biofinity is the range of contact lenses by CooperVision known for providing an unrivalled degree of comfort for monthly contact lens wearers. The range caters for monthly and extended wear contact lens wearers with appropriate prescriptions for myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.

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What are Biofinity contact lenses?

Biofinity’s range of contact lenses use ‘comfilcon A’, a silicone hydrogel material that is recognised to be highly comfortable and breathable. They are one of the most popular brands of contact lenses in the world today, and for good reason! Biofinity contact lenses are premium lenses for experienced wearers.

Biofinity, created by CooperVision, is a range of contact lenses that provide an unrivalled degree of comfort for monthly contact lens wearers. Designed with an unmatched commitment to comfort, Biofinity is an excellent choice in today’s busy world, ensuring people can have uninterrupted, flawless vision all day long.

Why should I choose Biofinity lenses?

Biofinity contact lenses are an excellent choice for people with a range of prescriptions, including complex prescriptions. They offer many benefits, including advanced comfort, breathability, ease of handling, and more.

Unmatched comfort

Biofinity contact lenses deliver unmatched comfort for all-day wear. The full range benefits from ‘comfilcon A’, a silicone hydrogel material which allows eyes to receive plenty of oxygen, keeping them fresher and moist and preventing the onset of dry eye and irritation over even the longest of days.


The Biofinity range also benefits from Aquaform Technology which keeps lenses wettable and soft to wear. This makes Biofinity contact lenses ideal for those who are prone to dry eyes as a result of digital screen use or other factors of modern living such as drying elements from central heating and air conditioning.

Suitable for any visual requirements

The Biofinity range of contact lenses caters to all visual requirements. The flagship monthly Biofinity lenses can correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness in a range of dioptres from +8.00D to -12.00D. Biofinity toric contact lenses correct astigmatism, while Biofinity multifocal corrects presbyopia. Other Biofinity lenses available include Biofinity XR and Biofinity XR Toric, specialist lenses designed for those with more extreme prescriptions.

High performance

Biofinity lenses boast an aspheric front surface design for excellent visual acuity. The curvature changes across the surface of the lens, resulting in a gradual change in power from the centre of the lens to the edge.

Ease of handling

Biofinity lenses feature a light blue visibility tint to ensure that the process of inserting and removing your lenses is effortless.

Frequently asked questions about Biofinity contact lenses

Who are Biofinity contact lenses for?

Biofinity contact lenses are designed for contact lens wearers with a valid and appropriate prescription for short-sightedness, long-sightedness, presbyopia or astigmatism. They are likely to be prescribed to contact lens wearers who want a premium experience and are familiar with contact lenses.

As the range offers monthly disposable contact lenses, lenses should be removed at the end of each day, cleaned and reused for up to 30 days or used as extended wear for up to seven consecutive days. As such, it is important that those who use Biofinity contact lenses have a well-developed and confident contact lens hygiene regimen.

To find out if Biofinity offers an appropriate lens for you, visit your optician and request a contact lens fitting.

Can I wear Biofinity as extended wear lenses?

Due to their exceptional degree of breathability, Biofinity can be worn as extended wear lenses (if prescribed by an optician) for up to a week.

If approved by your eye care professional, Biofinity contacts can be worn for up to six days and seven nights without needing to be removed. This means you can enjoy total convenience alongside exceptional comfort when you wear these extended wear contact lenses.

How can I look after my Biofinity contact lenses?

If worn as monthly disposable contacts, Biofinity lenses require nightly removal. You’ll need to take them out every night, before cleaning and storing them overnight in a suitable contact lens solution and case.

By cleaning and storing your Biofinity contact lenses every night, you can ensure the build-up of any debris is eliminated. In addition, your lenses will be rehydrated and conditioned, meaning they’ll feel just as soft and comfortable on the last day of the month as they did on the first.

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