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Biofinity Biofinity Biofinity Biofinity
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comfi Air
Save up to 22%, Why not try?
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Save up to 22%, Why not try?
comfi Air
€3.00 1 lens
€8.90 3 lenses

Biofinity Product Description

Providing an unrivalled degree of comfort, hydration and performance, Biofinity contact lenses are a proud creation of eye care experts CooperVision. These impressive monthly contact lenses provide a high level of visual correction without compromising on comfort from morning till night.


Benefits of Biofinity Contact Lenses


Patented Aquaform Technology has been used in the making of these premium monthly contact lenses, achieving a water content of 48% and a naturally wettable lens surface that lasts all day long. All of which ensures eyes stay hydrated throughout the day, while the silicone hydrogel material of the lens itself allows more oxygen to reach the eye than with most other soft contact lenses - keeping them fresh and preventing them from drying out as the day goes by.

Ideal for those susceptible to dry eyes, Biofinity contacts are perfectly equipped to stand up to the demands of modern living, reducing the effect air conditioning and digital screen use can have on your eyes. Making them incredibly reliable


How long can you wear Biofinity Contacts?


Keeping up the premium level of comfort and quality of these lenses requires a simple nightly cleaning and storing routine, which can be made even easier with a multi-purpose solution, such as our best-selling comfi All-in-One Solution.


Can you sleep in Biofinity?


Alternatively, if approved by your optician, these monthly lenses can be worn as extended wear lenses. This means you can wear them as daily wear and nightly wear lenses for as long as a week without removal, offering you total freedom in how you wish to wear them, and making them ideal for those whose no two weeks are ever the same. However, you'll need to speak with your optician to determine if your eyes are suited to sleeping in your contact lenses.


In addition, if you wear easyvision Monthly Opteyes contact lenses from Specsavers, you’ll be delighted to find the equivalent lens in Biofinity at Feel Good Contacts, available for the best price in the UK.

Benefits & Features
  • Monthly contact lenses - can be worn daily for 30 days or 29 nights continuously
  • Comfortable to wear all day long
  • Can be worn as extended wear lenses for as long as a week (if prescribed)
  • Exceptional breathability
  • 48% water content

Alternative Contact Lenses

Air Optix Aqua and comfi Air are similar monthly contact lenses.

Other contact lenses you can try

comfi Pure 1 Day is a suitable daily disposable alternative to Biofinity. 


Biofinity parameters

Manufacturer CooperVision
Brand Biofinity
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range +8.00 to -12.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14mm
Lens material Comfilcon A
Water content 48%
Oxygen permeability 160 Dk/t

Want to compare lenses? Browse our extensive contact lens specification page.
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  • Victoria - 16 Sep 2019
    These are great contact lenses if you normally wear monthly ones. They dont dry my eyes and last all month. Very reasonably priced and been getting these sibce leaving specsavers, where they were £15 per month and im getting same thing from here.
  • Seung Hui Joo - 13 Sep 2019
    this lens so good and comfortable. I highly recommend this for everyone.
  • Sharon Wenn - 11 Sep 2019
    Have used these for many years and are the most comfortable lenses for me.
  • Paul Sharrard - 11 Sep 2019
    Very good, quality contact lenses. Very cheap, price wise.
  • radusiq - 11 Sep 2019
    I''ve been wearing continuous wear lenses for years, and to be fair I never saw or felt much difference between the brands - these are just as good as other brands at double the price...
  • leszek sobczak - 09 Sep 2019
    I am lorry driver so quality is very important for me, strongly recommend extended wear Biofinity , good quality, not issues during night shift,
  • Gillian - 01 Sep 2019
    Good lenses
  • Leanne Mitchell - 30 Aug 2019
    I was skeptical at first about these contacts, I''d seen mixed reviews online, and being new to the contact lens game I wanted to make sure that I picked the right ones. After trawling through website after website and review after review I finally settled on Biofinity, they seemed the best option for me. Not only were they fantastically priced, but now after wearing them for almost a week, they are so comfortable that some days I forget I''ve got them in. They also don''t dry my eyes out, which was a big worry as the optician told me that I had dryer eyes than normal. Overall a great lens, I''m going to stick with Biofinity for as long as my eyes allow. And for that price you can''t complain!
  • Andrew Wade - 30 Aug 2019
    Simply the best quality lenses
  • Jessica Dickens - 26 Aug 2019
    These really are the best lenses ever and so cheap! I constantly forget that I have them in...
  • Tracey Longstaff - 22 Aug 2019
    Very affordable lenses. Returned to these lenses after 2years of trying various other extended wear lenses. These are the most comfortable and problem free ones for me.
  • Holly Louise Davison - 20 Aug 2019
    Have used these for a number of years and find them comfortable for the whole month.
  • Keith - 20 Aug 2019
    Very good product
  • Asraf Vantra - 17 Aug 2019
  • Winni Hagen Berman - 16 Aug 2019
    Ordered on a Sunday, received on Monday, I was so surprised, the company never fails to impress. Highly recommended
  • Chris - 15 Aug 2019
    The best contact lens I have used thus far.
  • Fiona - 14 Aug 2019
    I was advised by optician to change from Proclear to Biofinity as I tend to wear my contacts for long periods. I have found these to be a little more difficult to remove from my eye and think they are more flimsy that the Proclear. However to date I have not had any issues with quality and they do the job.
  • Paul Paduraru - 13 Aug 2019
  • Russ - 10 Aug 2019
    Never had any issues with this product very happy
  • Karolina - 08 Aug 2019
    Happy with them.
  • Pauline Stark - 07 Aug 2019
    Excellent product. I have had no problems with them. This was second order from them and they have been great.
  • Ondrej - 07 Aug 2019
    Great service
  • Annonymous - 04 Aug 2019
    Exactly the same I would get from the opticians but a lot cheaper
  • Sue Jones - 30 Jul 2019
    Quick delivery Easy to order
  • Kirsty - 29 Jul 2019
    Comfortable to wear and easy to apply. Would definitely order again
  • Brian Stokes - 24 Jul 2019
    Very speedy service.
  • Michael Mulraney - 21 Jul 2019
    Comfortable and easy to put in.
  • Mrs Moira Livingston - 20 Jul 2019
    Best monthly lens on market. Comfortable, forget I wear contact lens’s. No issue when I wake up in the morning which has been an issue in the past with other lens.
  • Jayne - 20 Jul 2019
    Very comfortable, great price.
  • Joshua Peat - 17 Jul 2019
    Easily the best contacts I've ever had, very comfortable and have kept my eye's healthy even though I tend to wear them too long. Feelgoodcontacts were also brilliant, everything arrived the next day. Amazing!
  • Jia Ng - 14 Jul 2019
    The lenses are very comfortable to wear.
  • Ismini Koutsovasili - 12 Jul 2019
    Excellent product
  • katrina - 12 Jul 2019
    Very happy with the product
  • Contacts wearer - 12 Jul 2019
    Great product , great prices
  • Philip Nelson - 11 Jul 2019
    Very comfortable to ware.
  • Chris Keightley - 10 Jul 2019
    Very comfortable to wear highly recommended
  • Jessica Roberts - 10 Jul 2019
    Excellent product
  • Winging_it_mumma_of_two - 07 Jul 2019
    First time wearing Extended Wear lenses instead of Daisy Disposables and the transition has been fab with these. Will definitely be repurchasing!
  • Jiyoung Park - 06 Jul 2019
    using this for 10years highly recommend!
  • Lance Dann - 04 Jul 2019
    Best lenses so far . I have dry eyes and these work really well and are comfortable to wear. Because they retain a lot of water they can slide of your finger easier when attempting to put them in which can be a bit frustrating but the comfort they give is worth that.
  • Maggie Matthews - 01 Jul 2019
    Brilliant contact lenses, quick delivery and a good price.
  • Catriona Leyland - 01 Jul 2019
    These were recommended as an alternative to the specsavers ones I was using and I am more than happy with them. They are a fraction of the price even with solution etc. so it''s a no brainer really.
  • Birgitta Eriksson - 30 Jun 2019
    I have us this one for many years and they sit perfect on my eyes.
  • Maria Poiares - 26 Jun 2019
    Good quality
  • Julian Watkins - 26 Jun 2019
    Excellent item and service thank you
  • Sue Hind - 26 Jun 2019
    First time using another these and they are brilliant
  • Peter May - 26 Jun 2019
    Excellent product and service
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    Very nice , good quality and good price
  • Jamila Douglas - 24 Jun 2019
  • BigBadBillDemott - 24 Jun 2019
  • Andrew Fraser - 19 Jun 2019
    Great service. Fast delivery and good quality. Easy to reorder.
  • Jana - 19 Jun 2019
    Excellent have been using them for years
  • alex - 17 Jun 2019
    Great for extended wear, my eyes rarely dry out with these lenses. I''m a plasterer , working in a dusty environment and these lenses do the job perfectly
  • Alex Earl - 13 Jun 2019
    excellent product
  • Matt Roylance - 12 Jun 2019
    Very good
  • Graham Rushworth - 09 Jun 2019
    I have been using these monthly lenses for a couple of years and they are first-class.
  • THOMAS CRUSHAM - 04 Jun 2019
    Great product the best i''ve come across
  • DENNIS - 01 Jun 2019
    So comfortable to wear, I have never had a problem with them during wear. Unlike some brands which dry out and have the need to use drops.
  • zena whaley - 29 May 2019
    very comfortable to wear
  • Gill Perry - 28 May 2019
    Ideal for long wear. Is use them for at least 9 hours at a time. Very comfortable, they stay hydrated and reasonably durable. My current go to lenses 🤗
  • Joyce Cuellar - 24 May 2019
    Love them!!!!
  • Rachael Snelson - 21 May 2019
    Love these, very comfortable and soft for extended wear. Very good value too.
  • Cedrick Powell - 21 May 2019
    Very comfortable!
  • Ellen Chou - 20 May 2019
    The product was perfect and arrived super quickly. Great packaging and outstanding service.
  • Pauline Stark - 19 May 2019
    The lenses are great. I got the extended wear ones and they are fantastic. Really comfortable to wear. I would definitely recommend them
  • lorraine townsend - 18 May 2019
    great lenses purchased at a third of the price of going through my optician
  • Julie - 17 May 2019
    Very comfortable. The only contacts I can keep in for longer than 4 hours. Very happy with the price. Very fast delivery.
  • Mr Turner - 16 May 2019
  • Eun Na Lee - 15 May 2019
    Thanks. good condition
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    By far the best monthly contacts I have used. So comfy
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    Brilliant! Never go elsewhere now. I hope. Well done!
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    Great product, comfortable and lasts long!
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    Excellent service, as always
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    Great quality product
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    Didn''t fall asleep with them yet, but they are of great comfort during the day.
  • Joyce Vincett - 02 May 2019
    Nice comfy contact lenses, easy to pop in and remove, I wear them 6 days a weeks before removing and never any issues
  • AB Sanders - 02 May 2019
    Great contacts, minimal irritation. Recommend for people that find contact lens irritating.
  • AV - 01 May 2019
    Very comfortable. Wearing them for 2 days so far.
  • Gill - 01 May 2019
    As expected
  • Anna - 30 Apr 2019
    I suffer with really dry eyes when I wear lenses, I’ve worn these twice now & there pretty comfortable.
  • Emma A - 28 Apr 2019
    Comfortable, soft and reliable
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    Very efficient and delivered next day
  • mr matt whittle - 28 Apr 2019
    Excellent next day delivery, cheapest prices for contact lenses
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    Excellent! Excellent!
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    I find they don’t last the full month often ripping in the 3rd week
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    Im using these contacts for ages!
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    Great comfort
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    This is the best contacts linces and l have used them many years
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    Excellent service
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    Very good value for money
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    The most comfortable lenses I have ever worn.
  • Maureen Campbell - 14 Apr 2019
    Love these lenses Comfortably to wear a d reasonably priced
  • Valerie Morrison - 12 Apr 2019
    My son has been using this brand for 2 years and finds them excellent. Comfortable to wear all day with no drying out.
  • Cal Adamson - 10 Apr 2019
    Seems fine
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    Very comfortable lens
  • Carol Philbrick - 08 Apr 2019
    Exactly what I want. A+++
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