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What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is a painful condition that occurs when eyes are not able to produce the natural tears that they need to stay hydrated and healthy. This increases the risk of eye infections or irritation, often causing pain and discomfort, particularly for contact lens wearers.

What are the causes of dry eye?

Everyday factors such as air-conditioning and indoor heating can dry out eyes, and are present in most workplaces and houses. In addition, using computers, smartphones and other digital screens can cause you to blink less than you normally would, depriving your eyes of the natural moisture they need, leading to drier eyes.

Wearing contact lenses is also occasionally cited as a reason behind dry eyes. If you feel that this is the case with you and your eyes, it’s worth visiting your optician to see if they suggest switching to a more appropriate contact lens.

What are the symptoms of dry eye?

Common symptoms of dry eye syndrome are sore and gritty eyes, which are often irritating and red in appearance.

While extremely uncomfortable at times, dry eye is usually a short-term condition that can be cured with the use of over-the-counter treatments. Serious problems related to dry eye are extremely rare, however if you find that your symptoms haven’t gone away, or your eyes’ condition haven’t improved after treatments, then you should speak with your optician or GP.

How can I treat dry eye?

Fortunately, Feel Good Contacts provide an extensive range of eye care products and dry eye treatments, such as eye drops, vials, gels, eye masks and an eye mist. At FeelGoodContacts.ie, we stock genuine branded products in their original packaging, from popular brands including Blink, Biotrue, Clinitas and Systane.

Eye drops

Eye drops are all conveniently available as small bottles, typically in the standard 10ml bottles, or in packs of single-use vials, which can easily be carried with you on the go. Blink and Systane Ultra are renowned for being able to use while you wear your contact lenses. Our popular Blink eye drops for dry eye range includes Blink Intensive Triple Action and Blink Intensive Tears Bottle, which also come in Vials for added convenience. In addition, our Systane Ultra Bottle is also available in handy Vials to keep on you wherever you go. For sensitive eyes, you can rely on Biotrue Rewetting Drops Bottle or Vials to maintain moisture throughout the day.


Artelac Nighttime Gel and Systane Lubricant Gel Drops are designed to be used before bed and allow your eyes to refresh themselves overnight, for rehydrated and fresh-feeling eyes that last throughout the next day.

Eye masks and sprays

At Feel Good Contacts, we stock eye masks that have been specifically designed to tackle the symptoms of dry eye. The Eye Doctor and The Eye Mask are dry eye treatments that relieve discomfort and irritation. In addition, the Thera-Pearl Eye Mask offers an all-in-one, hot and cold therapy for effective relief from dry eye. Bring the spa home with these impressive reusable masks that relieve your dry eye symptoms in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you wear contact lenses or not, Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist is an exceptional spray that offers fast relief from dry eye, and one that can conveniently be used on-the-go. This is perfect for those who find it difficult to apply eye drops and are after a simple solution to dry eye.

What are the best eye drops for dry eye?

While we stock a wide range of eye drops at FeelGoodContacts.ie, our best-selling eye drops for dry eye are Blink Intensive Triple Action. These eye drops are suitable to use while you’re wearing your contact lenses and are designed to effectively soothe dry eyes.

Need help?

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our dry eye treatments or eye care products, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated and friendly customer service team. Call us on 01 514 3614 or email us at cs@feelgoodcontacts.ie.

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