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Buy glasses online from Feel Good Contacts with an extensive range of high-quality glasses and spectacles to choose from. You can buy prescription glasses online from the comfort of your own home, for the most affordable prices. We offer designer frames cheaper than the high street, saving you time and money. Our huge range of designer frames include Ray-Ban, Superdry, Gucci, Feel Good Collection and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few.

Can you buy prescription glasses online?

Yes, you can order prescription glasses online, just make sure you have an up-to-date prescription. Prescription glasses get processed with the same technology, suppliers and quality checks used by high street opticians.

What kind of glasses can I buy online?

You can buy glasses with different types of lens options available here at Feel Good Contacts, including single vision, bifocal and varifocal/progressive/multifocal lenses. There are multiple lens coating options you can add to your glasses at the checkout, to ensure your customised glasses are the perfect pair to suit your needs. These lens coatings include scratch-resistance, anti-glare, a solid sun tint (which essentially makes them into prescription glasses) as well as blue light glasses, perfect for those who spend long days in front of digital screens.

Why buy glasses online?

Buying online has its advantages, and we suggest a few reasons why you should buy glasses online:


We order our frames in bulk. This means we can offer our glasses at lower prices when compared to other online retailers and high street opticians.


Buying glasses online allows you to order from the comfort of your own home. This means you can get your prescription frames directly to your doorstep whenever you need them.

A wider choice

Buying online means you have more choice in men glasses and women glasses, from different colours, frames and materials to choose from. So, you can buy a pair of glasses for any occasion.


Get all the information you need without having to walk or drive to an optician. Our incredibly useful Eye Care Hub page answers all your questions on glasses. For further advice and information, our highly qualified opticians and helpful customer service team are always available for any questions you may have.

Why are online glasses so cheap

Buying online usually works out cheaper as you aren’t paying for overheads and special equipment which stores would have to. Feel Good Contacts buy directly from the suppliers and in bulk, substantially cutting the cost you’d pay at your local high street opticians. We’re delighted to offer you the same discounts by offering the lowest price for your glasses online.

Where to buy glasses online?

You can buy glasses online from Feel Good Contacts. We offer a range of single vision lenses, varifocal lenses and more to suit your visual requirements. Feel Good Contacts is a highly reputable online retailer and known for our excellent delivery and customer service.

Reasons to buy glasses online from Feel Good Contacts:

  • Compared to high street opticians we offer the lowest prices on glasses
  • Offer a wide range of prescription glasses to choose from
  • Free single vision lenses
  • Free scratch resistant coating
  • Lenses are glazed using the latest technology
  • Free returns, 30 days hassle-free
  • “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot

How to buy prescription glasses online?

Buying glasses online at Feel Good Contacts is quick and easy. You will need to have an up-to-date glasses prescription at hand. You should have been given your spectacle prescription from your last eye exam. If you don’t have your prescription, then you can request your prescription from your optician, as it’s your legal right in the UK to own a copy.

Follow our simple guide on how to buy glasses online:

  • First, choose your frames.
  • Enter your prescription.
  • Choose the type of lenses you’d like.
  • Enter your payment details, then we’ll take care of everything else.

What glasses are best for me?

Our guide on what glasses will suit me will help you learn which frame best complements your face shape. Finding the best pair of glasses for yourself is no easy task and this guide will determine what style of frame and colour will suit you the most. We stock a huge range of popular styles and frame shapes, from classic aviators, vintage cat-eye glasses, trendy round glasses and more.

Buy cheap glasses online at Feel Good Contacts without compromising on quality or comfort. For any questions on how to order glasses online, contact our helpful and friendly customer service team. Contact us today by phone, WhatsApp, email or send us a message through LiveChat in the bottom right-hand corner.