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What are comfi contact lenses and solutions?

comfi contact lenses provide a quality eyewear option and eye care at a very affordable price. Available in daily and monthly wear, comfi contact lenses are premium contacts that correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness to keep your eyes fresh, comfortable and healthy from morning till night.

comfi range is exclusively available at Feel Good Contacts and we guarantee we won’t be beaten on price.

comfi contact lenses

Made with a breathable hydrogel design, comfi Daily Disposable contact lenses are the healthiest way of wearing contacts, also offering total convenience as you can simply dispose of them after a full day’s wear. You also have the option of ordering these in a 5-pack to try.

Alternatively, comfi Purest 1 Day provide a premium silicone hydrogel lens that achieves a higher level of breathability. This makes them ideal lenses for keeping dry and sensitive eyes feeling fresh all day long. We offer a 5-pack supply for those wishing to try them out.

comfi Air has become one of our best-selling monthly disposable contact lenses, allowing more oxygen to reach the eye than most other lenses. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, these lenses offer a highly comfortable wear throughout the day. These premium monthly contacts are available in a 1-pack edition for added convenience.

You can also find a coloured contact lens in comfi Colors 1 Day, if you’re looking to enhance your eye colour. These lenses are available in 5 stunning colours including Gorgeous Brown, Sweet Hazel, Divine Green, Timeless Grey and True Blue. We also stock a zero prescription (plano -0.00) Rainbow Pack featuring one pair of each colour, giving you the option to try all give colours in one pack. After you’ve decided which colour suits you the most, you have the option to buy the individual colour with our single colour packs.

comfi All-in-One Solution

Designed to meet all your eye care needs, comfi offers an outstanding contact lens solution to take care of your monthly or two weekly lenses.

comfi All-in-One Solution is a multi-purpose contact lens solution that cleans, disinfects, stores and rinses your lenses.

By utilising a high quality hyaluronate, comfi All-in-One Solution offers a superior conditioning of your contact lenses to other multi-purpose solutions. Your lenses will stay moist and comfortable, keeping your eyes hydrated and fresh all day long, when you use this quality contact lens solution.

You can try comfi All-in-One Solution as a single bottle (250ml) or opt to stock up and save even more with our Triple Pack edition. In addition, we even stock a comfi Travel Pack, providing you with a 100ml bottle of the multi-purpose solution that can be taken with you in your hand luggage when you next jet off on holiday.

comfi Eye drops

For fast and effective rehydration, comfi Drops offer a premium eye drop that can be used with or without contact lenses in. These exceptional contact lens-friendly eye drops are perfect to keep with you on the go and reintroduce moisture to your eyes.

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