comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack

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Travel easily with comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack to disinfect, rinse and store your contact lenses.

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comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack Benefits & Features

  • Travel size bottle to help clean, disinfect and store lenses wherever you go
  • Can easily fit into your hand luggage
  • Gentle formula is suitable for dry and sensitive eyes
  • Uses hyaluronate (HA) to help maintain lenses moisture
  • Includes a contact lens case

Recommended For

  • Those after a travel-friendly all-in-one solution
  • Two weekly or monthly contact lens wearers going on holiday
  • Dry and sensitive eyes after a gentle formula

Alternative to comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Flight Pack is a suitable alternative to comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack.

Product Description

Our comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack makes travelling with your contact lenses easy. The compact 100ml bottle of multi-purpose contact lens solution is the perfect size for your hand luggage and meets the restrictions for liquids carried onto aircraft cabins.

Using a multi-purpose contact lens solution like comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack eliminates the need to buy two separate saline and peroxide solutions. Your contact lenses will still receive the benefit of a high-quality, thorough clean. comfi All-in-One Solution gently washes away dirt and debris from your contact lenses, while maintaining their moisture. This ensures your contact lenses will not only be clean for daily use, but also retain a comfortable silky feel, as if you’re wearing them for the first time. This is made possible by the innovative addition of hyaluronate (HA) – a natural lubricant only found in Biotrue and comfi contact lens solutions.

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Product Details

Manufacturer comfi
Brand comfi
Ingredients PHMB 0.0002%, Polyquaternium, Hyaluronate
Pack Size 1 x 100ml bottle, 1 x lens case


If you are allergic to any ingredient in this product you should discontinue use.

For Use

Make sure you thoroughly wash and dry your hands before removing the lenses from your eyes or the lens case, then complete these simple steps.

  1. Place a few drops of comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack on each side of the contact lens and rub gently for 20 seconds.
  2. Thoroughly rinse each side of the lens for 5 seconds with the solution.
  3. Place clean contact lenses in the lens case and fill with fresh comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack. Soak for at least 6 hours and discard solution from the lens case after each use.

See the label at the back of the bottle for full instructions and important safety information.

Our contact lens solutions are endorsed by our in-house opticians and attain the highest standards of quality. Read our quality statement to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack?

comfi All-in-One Solution is perfect for cleaning and storing your monthly contact lenses and two weekly lenses on the go. This handy 100ml bottle is travel-friendly and meets airport restrictions for carry-on luggage.

comfi All-in-One Solution Travel Pack Reviews

  • Shelley - 28 May 2024
    Nice size to take away on holiday. Cleans my contacts lenses brilliantly
  • Caitlin Wall - 28 Apr 2024
  • Lynda - 25 Apr 2024
    Excellent product ??
  • Gina Sanchez - 07 Jan 2024
    Great! I have to travel really soon. I ordered the all in one solution + my monthly contact lenses in the evening and literally next morning I received both! It was a VERY QUICK delivery. Feel Good Contacts are always this quick, I love it!
  • Tia - 13 Dec 2023
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