1 Day Acuvue Moist

30 Pack 90 Pack
30 lenses / box
30 Pack 90 Pack
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist
1 Day Acuvue Moist 1 Day Acuvue Moist 1 Day Acuvue Moist 1 Day Acuvue Moist
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comfi Pure 1 Day

1 Day Acuvue Moist Product Description

1 Day Acuvue Moist, produced by Johnson & Johnson, are some of our most desirable daily disposable contact lenses.

They have a unique dual-action feature that locks in moisture through their exclusive use of LACREON® technology. The flexible material creates a cushion of moisture that fits comfortably on your eyes, maintained to last all day. The lenses stay hydrated, relieving you of any discomfort that you would feel towards the end of the day.

For daily comfort and convenience, 1 Day Acuvue Moist provide great flexibility as they are ideal for allergy sufferers, who are prone to dryness and sensitivity. The lenses also offer the highest level of protection, by blocking over 95% of UVB radiation and 80% of UVA light. As daily disposables, 1 Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses are the healthiest way to wear lenses, giving you the freedom and ease of a fresh new lens every day.

You also have the additional benefits of their 123 indicators and Visitint technology, for a simple application and handling of the lenses.

You can choose to save and buy more, as 1 Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses are also available in a 90 pack. We also offer 1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism and 1 Day Acuvue Multifocal.

Benefits & Features

  • Conveniently daily disposable contact lenses
  • LACREON® technology ensures comfort and moisture
  • Keeps your eyes safe from UV damage
  • 1-2-3 system allows for easy lens insertion and removal
  • Visitint technology makes your lens easier to see
  • 58% water content

Alternative contact lenses to 1 Day Acuvue Moist 

comfi Pure 1 Day can alternatively be worn as an upgrade.

1 Day Acuvue Moist parameters

Power range +6.00 to -12.00
Base curve(s) 8.5mm, 9.0mm
Diameter(s) 14.2mm
Lens material Etafilcon A
Water content 58%
Oxygen permeability 25.5 Dk/t


  • By: David Solomon On: 28 Dec 2018
    My favourite lenses :)
  • By: Babak Ataolahi Eshkoor On: 18 Dec 2018
    Great value for money and does the job.
  • By: Vishal Verma On: 17 Dec 2018
  • By: Lisa Stevenson On: 12 Dec 2018
  • By: Shazia Khalil On: 09 Dec 2018
    A few of the contacts were not good. But the rest seem fine
  • By: Helena Antonio On: 08 Dec 2018
  • By: ELEONORA RAGNI On: 06 Dec 2018
    perfect service, always
  • By: Jade Barker On: 04 Dec 2018
  • By: Eddie Watson On: 03 Dec 2018
    great service
  • By: Marie Dethleffsen On: 01 Dec 2018
  • By: Marie Dethleffsen On: 01 Dec 2018
  • By: Mohammed Uddin On: 24 Nov 2018
  • By: Paul Silcott On: 23 Nov 2018
  • By: Yan Jun Chua On: 21 Nov 2018
  • By: Rahul Sen On: 19 Nov 2018
  • By: Irene Rodriguez On: 13 Nov 2018
    Very good service indeed.
  • By: Geraldine Archer On: 10 Nov 2018
    Love this site!!! I always receive my lens the very next day. Easy to navigate and reasonably priced. I recommend company to all my friends that wear lenses.
  • By: Phoebe Richmond On: 03 Nov 2018
    Do a good job and comfortable
  • By: CHENER ZHANG On: 31 Oct 2018
    very good
  • By: ELEONORA RAGNI On: 25 Oct 2018
    Perfect service, perfect customer service, perfect lenses
  • By: Tina Brown On: 17 Oct 2018
    Love them perfect
  • By: Mark Thompson On: 16 Oct 2018
    Outstanding value.
  • By: Fabian Wright On: 13 Oct 2018
    Good service on time
  • By: Geraldine Archer On: 12 Oct 2018
    Great service.
  • By: Mohammed Islam On: 08 Oct 2018
    Value for money
  • By: Shanaz Imran On: 08 Oct 2018
    I have been ordering from this company for years. The are very efficient and their prices are very competitive.
  • By: Paul Docker On: 01 Oct 2018
    Fantastic service, first class, every time...!!
  • By: Pauline Dolton On: 30 Sep 2018
    Great service
  • By: Alexander Makarov On: 26 Sep 2018
    Very fast delivery and very good price
  • By: JOSEPH BAXTER On: 20 Sep 2018
    very happy with total service first class
  • By: Thomas Stobbs On: 17 Sep 2018
    great service thanks
  • By: Alison Durant On: 12 Sep 2018
    Great service. Hassle free ordering and prompt delivery.
  • By: Ambia Ahmed On: 10 Sep 2018
    Excellent service!
  • By: krista radzina On: 04 Sep 2018
    Fantastic team, very quick delivery
  • By: Paola Collins On: 29 Aug 2018
    great service good quality product
  • By: David Roberts On: 24 Aug 2018
    brilliant service
  • By: Michal Talar On: 23 Aug 2018
  • By: Magda On: 23 Aug 2018
    Quite flimsy but very well hydrating throughout the day.
  • By: Customer On: 22 Aug 2018
    Probably one of the most comfortable contact lenses I’ve worn. Only downside is the contact lenses flip inside out quite easily on your finger when you’re putting them in your eye
  • By: Ollie Godfrey On: 21 Aug 2018
    Really comfortable lenses for long periods of wear.
  • By: Karen Siu Ting Salvatierra On: 17 Aug 2018
    In comparison to other brands I have bought from stores here in the UK (like specsavers), I find the Acuvue much better and more comfortable to wear (as well as cheaper!). I have been using them now for the last 3 years with no problem.
  • By: Barry On: 16 Aug 2018
    Excellent product, fit for purpose.
  • By: Lynn Phillips On: 15 Aug 2018
    Excellent product and service every time.
  • By: Mr Keith Reavill On: 15 Aug 2018
    Very comfortable lenses. Good price great delivery times. Highly recommend.
  • By: Janet Cook On: 14 Aug 2018
    Product excellent Will not go through my letter box, so always have to collect it from sorting office 5 miles away Not good
  • By: ANNE On: 14 Aug 2018
    Really good daily lens. No eye dryness even after 12 hrs
  • By: Steven Fricker On: 13 Aug 2018
    Very comfortable even compared to my previous contact lenses
  • By: Sue Forsyth On: 11 Aug 2018
    Superb, reliable and speedy service!! I would not buy from any other place!! Thank you Feel Good Contacts!
  • By: Chris On: 11 Aug 2018
    They are good easier than cleaning
  • By: Anish Patel On: 10 Aug 2018
  • By: GARY HUTCHINSON On: 10 Aug 2018
    Great product , easy to use
  • By: Shoeb Ahmed On: 09 Aug 2018
    This the only contact lenses I’m most comfortable with wearing and I regularly buy it from Feelgood contact lenses. Great Customer Service!!
  • By: Nannette Flageul On: 09 Aug 2018
    Efficient and reliable service. Order arrived the next day
  • By: Nora Luna Reneflot Thoresen On: 09 Aug 2018
    My eyeballs can’t live without these
  • By: Andrew - repeat customer On: 08 Aug 2018
    Excellent product, great prices, and prompt next day delivery
  • By: Hannah Trinder On: 07 Aug 2018
    Great product will certainly be buying them again
  • By: Joyce Wright On: 07 Aug 2018
    Great product Excellent service Shall buy again
  • By: James Place On: 06 Aug 2018
    Used these for years, very good lens
  • By: chundarathil sudhakar On: 06 Aug 2018
    just what we wanted was delivered efficiently
  • By: JJP On: 05 Aug 2018
    I have quite dry eyes and these seem to be the most comfortable option for me.
  • By: Anonymous On: 03 Aug 2018
    Great product, great next day delivery and helpful staff. Thank you!
  • By: Deborah Capocci On: 02 Aug 2018
    Great product! Would highly recommend
  • By: Kay Gent On: 01 Aug 2018
    Excellent product, very pleased with the contact lenses, and a very good price.
  • By: Nisha On: 30 Jul 2018
    Good moist contact lens at a decent price
  • By: Stacey plant On: 29 Jul 2018
    Not good they kept breaking and were not round alot were curved which then cut into my eye :(
  • By: Mrs Gibbs On: 28 Jul 2018
    Always used acuvue for the past 4 years.
  • By: Andrew Barber On: 27 Jul 2018
    Excellent service. Used this company for over 5 years.
  • By: Mila-jama On: 26 Jul 2018
    Excellent value and delivery service.
  • By: G Mahay On: 25 Jul 2018
    I have been using these for appox 12 years and I have tried others along the way, but I find the Acuve Moist dailies are perfect. No dry eyes, no itchiness. Fit perfectly.
  • By: Izzers On: 23 Jul 2018
    Great product and cheaper than my usual provider.
  • By: Debra On: 22 Jul 2018
    Last all day, sometimes over 12 hours, don’t notice they are in mostly. Sometimes at work with the high air con or out in the sun my eyes get a bit dry but its usually after about 6hrs. For reference the optician said I have very dry eyes and I have tried standard lenses and lasted about 45 mins before they were unbearable.
  • By: Sally Lee On: 22 Jul 2018
    Great lenses . Comfortable wear all day if I choose to.
  • By: Ken Lovegrove On: 19 Jul 2018
    reliable service
  • By: Joanna Rylow On: 19 Jul 2018
    for me too soft, sometimes not stay in correct place in eyes
  • By: Wendy Tarbard On: 19 Jul 2018
    The lenses are very good and I will hope to order with you next time
  • By: Lynda Lawson On: 18 Jul 2018
    Tried this brand for the first time as a new lens user. Much more comfortable than the first brand I tried and found them easier to put in and take out.
  • By: Donna Caves On: 18 Jul 2018
    Very good product and have been using these lenses for 20 years
  • By: MARGARET CROYSDILL On: 16 Jul 2018
    The service was impeccable fast and reliable.
  • By: Kam Li On: 15 Jul 2018
    Very good value for money contact lenses. Can''t fault it.
  • By: MMC On: 14 Jul 2018
    Excellent product, have never had any problems with it, used it for 12 months plus.
  • By: Maria Davis On: 13 Jul 2018
    Ordered these for my daughter she’s really happy with them
  • By: Naomi Meaden On: 13 Jul 2018
    Excellent service, delivered within 24 hours
  • By: Linda Roberts On: 13 Jul 2018
    Great lenses. Wear from 8am till 11pm. Easy to remove and so full of moisture they never dry out. Highly recommend
  • By: Anastasia On: 13 Jul 2018
    With all the contact lens I prefer these for many years. Acuvue Moists are thin enough, wet enough and very comfortable. I only use the eyedrops in the case of a very dry or airconditioned air. In all other cases, I forget about they are in my eyes. Happy with my choice!
  • By: Pat On: 12 Jul 2018
    100% happy with the product as branded lenses
  • By: Daljit Sharma1982 On: 11 Jul 2018
    Always have used these and their great and the value you get them at can’t go wrong
  • By: Jamal Miladi On: 10 Jul 2018
    Excellent value and fast delivery service.
  • By: Julio Mastrogiacomo On: 10 Jul 2018
    Always found this product to be of good value and very comfortable to wear. Have been using the product now for 15 years.
  • By: Alec Proctor On: 09 Jul 2018
    Excellent service
  • By: Sharon Hayward On: 09 Jul 2018
    These contacts were recommended by my optician and are very comfortable, but I haven''t tried any others to compare.
  • By: Francesca Welham On: 05 Jul 2018
    As comfortable as anything stuck on your eye can be !! Wouldn''t use anything else
  • By: Julie Tarbox On: 04 Jul 2018
    The lenses are very comfortable. The service is exceptional my order came he very next day
  • By: Petra Mcloughlin On: 03 Jul 2018
    even better than the branded for dry eye - excellent product and excellent service
  • By: Sian Williams On: 03 Jul 2018
    Brilliant Quick Reliable Service. Never disappointed with my orders.
  • By: Monika Ziziunaite On: 02 Jul 2018
  • By: Lynn Phillips On: 01 Jul 2018
    Superb service every time !
  • By: John Richards On: 01 Jul 2018
    I''ve always loved these super comfortable lenses.
  • By: Amanda Carruthers On: 01 Jul 2018
    Perfect and a whole half the price I was paying at the opticians monthly direct debit!!
  • By: steve On: 01 Jul 2018
  • By: Darren Shaw On: 29 Jun 2018
    Fit perfect would recommend
  • By: Ms Fiona Greaves On: 28 Jun 2018
    I thought my previous disposable lenses were good, but when I tried these I was amazed. It''s quite easy to put them in too quickly and get them the inside out or creased on the edge so I do end up binning a fair few but I don''t care about that because they are so worth it for the comfort and clarity when they go in right.
  • By: Colin P On: 28 Jun 2018
    The best lenses I''ve used. Very comfortable, even when, on a few occassions, I''ve worn them for longer than I should.
  • By: Alastair Rhymer On: 26 Jun 2018
    Excellent. Used this product for years and just about to move to varifocal. Recommend fully!
  • By: Liseli Sitali On: 24 Jun 2018
    Very comfortable and great at keeping your eyes from drying out. Good for people who typically find wearing lenses a problem because they''re prone to their eyes drying out.
  • By: annie On: 24 Jun 2018
    Great every day lenses. Comfortable and although I have slightly dry eyes these make contact lens wearing easy.
  • By: Dianna On: 24 Jun 2018
    Brilliant so comfortable to wear
  • By: Caroline O'Shaughnessy On: 21 Jun 2018
    can't complain. They work for me.
  • By: anthony jordan On: 20 Jun 2018
    The contacts lenses. arrived first thing next morning Perfect Regards Tony Jordan
  • By: Roberta Moca On: 20 Jun 2018
    The product is good. However, since I have very sensitive eyes I am having some problems to wearing them for long hours. This might not be related with the lenses in themselves but just the fact that my eyes are very sensible and there are really few brands which allows me to use contact lenses all day.
  • By: Catherine Jones On: 17 Jun 2018
    Brilliant product. No complaints or issues
  • By: David Kell On: 17 Jun 2018
    These are the only lenses I use. Comfortable and have a high water content. Rather pay a it more for the extra quality they are.
  • By: kiwijo On: 16 Jun 2018
    I have tried other contact lenses but after 12 years, these are still the most comfortable
  • By: Jill On: 15 Jun 2018
    These contact lenses are much better for me than the ordinary daily ones. Would definitely recommend.
  • By: Wendy McMenemie On: 14 Jun 2018
    Excellent, fast and reliable service.
  • By: Jeanine On: 11 Jun 2018
    Good lenses, I can for more hours with these.
  • By: Anish Patel On: 09 Jun 2018
    Great daily’s Nothing more to say on these .. Cheaper alternatives out there but never tried them
  • By: Richard Emden On: 08 Jun 2018
    This product was actually better than where I use to buy my lenses from. Crisper clearer vision, I had no idea I wasn''t seeing the way I should have been. Excellent product
  • By: Ollie Godfrey On: 08 Jun 2018
    Very comfortable lenses - best I''ve used in 15 years.
  • By: Sam Tiger Davies On: 06 Jun 2018
    These are very comfortable. I have been using a different brand for a few years because they were cheaper, but seeing I could get 1 Day Acuvue Moist at a cheaper price I thought I''d go back to them. They are ever so slightly bigger and a touch thinner than the other brand, which makes them slightly harder to get in (just because they fold in on themselves more readily) but once in, they are very comfortable. Providing the price remains competitive, I will be sticking with these now!
  • By: Candy On: 06 Jun 2018
    Comfortable for long use.
  • By: honeybee On: 05 Jun 2018
    Impressively quick and efficient service and delivery to UK, from easy to use website. I chose cheapest non-tracked for another order, to France, and it took 2.5 weeks. You get what you pay for. Not the fault of FGL but worth the extra cost for faster delivery overseas. Discount on first order appreciated - another for loyal customers/repeat orders would also be well received!
  • By: Albert Nezri On: 04 Jun 2018
    great and fast service
  • By: Paul Cornell On: 03 Jun 2018
    Used this product many times and never had any problems.
  • By: Jane Fox On: 03 Jun 2018
    Really good product at a good price
  • By: Val On: 01 Jun 2018
    Good value, comfortable and easy to use
  • By: Rachael Neighbour On: 31 May 2018
    Contacts were exactly as advertised. Been using daily contact lenses since I started wearing lenses and no problems with them. Speedy delivery too
  • By: David Burge On: 31 May 2018
    Very good service with no fuss ,very good products, will not hesitate to use this company again, Excellent service and product
  • By: Martin Gledhill On: 31 May 2018
    Quality product every time, never any issues
  • By: Jennifer Mcaleer On: 30 May 2018
    Good quality, comfortable & clear. NEVER had a problem lense in over 5 years of use. You get what you pay for. Will never go back to a cheaper lense.
  • By: Latoya Smith On: 29 May 2018
    Always delivers on time
  • By: Amanda Johnson On: 27 May 2018
    Great product very comfortable and easy to use
  • By: Julie Morgan On: 25 May 2018
    Have been using this product for many years and am very satisfied.
  • By: Sarah Lea On: 20 May 2018
    Been using these style of contact lenses for years. They are easy to use and handy
  • By: Nathan Howes On: 20 May 2018
    More comfortable than the alternative suggested by Vision Express. Less dry, despite long wear-times. Glad to return to these!
  • By: Amal Mockbil On: 19 May 2018
    Always quick delivery!
  • By: kiwijo On: 18 May 2018
    I have tried other lenses but these suit me well. I’ve been using them for 10 years without any problems.
  • By: Dawn Stevenson On: 17 May 2018
    Excellent product, would recommend this product to anyone who uses contact lenses
  • By: Steve Harrison On: 16 May 2018
    Basically very good, but can dry in the eyes quickly
  • By: Mr WARDEN On: 15 May 2018
    Comfortable lenses but they tend to fold over in the packet when I open them.
  • By: Louise McCreery On: 12 May 2018
    Always fast delivery
  • By: Tilly On: 12 May 2018
    I’m not sure if I ordered incorrectly with these lenses, but I find them really uncomfortable. I’ve being wearing lenses for years, and have never struggled so much to put them in! May be due to how soft they are, which is great...but unfortunately not for me.
  • By: Shahid Hussain On: 09 May 2018
    I wear these lenses for 16 plus hours daily and feel very little discomfort, would recommend as a product but don''t feel its value for money.
  • By: Justin N On: 07 May 2018
    Awesome service and timely delivery!
  • By: Mr E Griffths On: 06 May 2018
    Fast service, good prices.
  • By: Heather Williams On: 03 May 2018
    Great contact lenses......And great service.....
  • By: John Richards On: 02 May 2018
    These lenses are unmatched for vision and comfort.
  • By: Mrs T. Baker On: 30 Apr 2018
    Very comfortable 1-day lenses, would recommend them to anyone who has ever experienced a problem with dry and irritated eyes while wearing contact lenses.
  • By: Customer On: 29 Apr 2018
    Ordered in evening and arrived the next morning. Great packaging and service!
  • By: Shauni Keating On: 27 Apr 2018
    Comfy fit and not a dry eye in sight.
  • By: Jeanan Alesia On: 27 Apr 2018
    I have dry eyes so this product works best for me. I also find the lenses don''t rip like many other brands.
  • By: Sonia Juchnowicz On: 25 Apr 2018
    Excellent price and a super fast speedy delivery!
  • By: Des Bain On: 16 Apr 2018
    Liking these as an alternative to my Monthly''s!!!
  • By: linda On: 14 Apr 2018
    Excellent service, arrived next day as promised.Will definitely re-order.
  • By: Bart Stawowy On: 13 Apr 2018
    Amazing price. Always delivered on time
  • By: Guest On: 11 Apr 2018
    favorite brand, love the ability to order whenever and have them delivered within a few days
  • By: Angela Cross On: 11 Apr 2018
    Not happy as I bought online to save money but I ended up paying extra as the postman didn’t knock and I was in. He put a card through for me to collect from town where I had to pay for parking.
  • By: Mar Bonnin Palmer On: 09 Apr 2018
    Always moist and easy to use
  • By: Tiffany Williams On: 07 Apr 2018
    Great keep my eyes moist considering how long I wear them they should be classed as continous wear rather than daily
  • By: Miss Samantha Smart On: 06 Apr 2018
    Very reliable website and good quality contact lenses at a good price.
  • By: Ferdi On: 01 Apr 2018
    What I’ve been using for years
  • By: George Pool On: 30 Mar 2018
    Only used them a few times so far, find them thinner than other I''ve tried , fell out couple of times, once in I could feel them in which I couldn''t with others I''ve tried. Took me longer to get them in than I usually do
  • By: IOM On: 29 Mar 2018
    Doesn''t feel as good quality wise as the ones I''ve ordered from other websites despite being exactly the same brand, size, strength etc
  • By: Dorothy Reid On: 29 Mar 2018
    Northern Ireland resident, always next day delivery, super service. The lenses are so comfortable, optician suggest hard lens but I am more than happy with these. I personally think my choice of dailies is the best!
  • By: Bryony HC On: 28 Mar 2018
    Great product. Would recommend for anyone looking to use 5-6 days a week.
  • By: JULIAN WARD On: 25 Mar 2018
    Excellent, easy to wear, would recommend for sports!
  • By: Ndidi On: 25 Mar 2018
    Have always used this brand and it’s the same one. Will buy again .
  • By: Maria Caballero On: 24 Mar 2018
    Very comfortable contanct lenses
  • By: Suze On: 22 Mar 2018
    ?? a little packet of Haribos in each box. Next day delivery if you ring in the morning. Staff very helpful and polite.
  • By: Denise On: 22 Mar 2018
    Everytime I have ordered my contact lenses from this site they have been despatched that day and delivered the next. This is an excellent service and I have had no problems at all.
  • By: Anna Flix On: 18 Mar 2018
    Comfortable to wear, no hassle lenses. I’ve had some batches which have been more uncomfortable than others for some reason and some with dry lenses inside but those weren’t purchased from this website
  • By: Debbie Bennett On: 18 Mar 2018
    Not impressed with these lenses supposed to be moist yet on several occasions on one particular eye they rolled up and came out.... Won''t be buying this lense again
  • By: Mrs Mary Park On: 16 Mar 2018
    Great easy to use lenses. Very comfortable.
  • By: SJ Choi On: 16 Mar 2018
    It is definitely comfortable after a long hour of work but when I put it on it keeps falling out. I am thinking to buy a different brand contact lens because of this.
  • By: Liz Archer On: 15 Mar 2018
    Cost effective product when purchased on line from this company
  • By: S Favas On: 14 Mar 2018
    Good product. Very comfortable to wear.
  • By: Ben On: 13 Mar 2018
    The real deal. There''s currently one type of contact better than this from Acuvue, but not worth the price. I''ve been using these for years and highly recommend them.
  • By: Kate On: 10 Mar 2018
    Very comfortable. Really happy with this product.
  • By: Angus Mandy On: 08 Mar 2018
    Fast, easy, ordering. Great product. Great price!!
  • By: Dionne Leach On: 08 Mar 2018
    I tend to have quite dry eyes but I can wear these lenses for many hours without any problems.
  • By: W chittleborough On: 07 Mar 2018
    Always fantastic & Super quick delivery
  • By: Suzanne Kapitanec On: 07 Mar 2018
    Comfortable and clear. Good value for money
  • By: Ruta Krisciunaite On: 07 Mar 2018
    They are just the best for me!!!
  • By: Heather Canning On: 06 Mar 2018
    They''re Contact lenses - I can see better now and they don''t hurt my eyes (It turns out you have to fill in this box)
  • By: Anon On: 04 Mar 2018
    Works well for me. No damage to eyes and no other products needed
  • By: Jane Thomas On: 04 Mar 2018
    Easy lenses to get in and out of your eye. Super comfortable and a good price
  • By: tcpip On: 03 Mar 2018
    I''ve used Acuvue Moist for many years. I have tried alternatives, but not found any that are consistently as good and comfortable as these.
  • By: Alion On: 02 Mar 2018
    Use these all the time and find them easy and very convenient, particularly when travelling.
  • By: Tina Maginnis On: 01 Mar 2018
    Fab lenses, no more dry eyes.
  • By: Kathy Lossin On: 28 Feb 2018
    Acuvue moist is the best contact lens for me.
  • By: TN On: 28 Feb 2018
    I''ve been using the Acuvue Daily contacts for a few years now and am really happy with them. Light ad comfortable in the eye and doesn''t dry my eyes.
  • By: Adam Old On: 28 Feb 2018
    Great fit and quality and very happy with the lenses
  • By: David Green On: 27 Feb 2018
    Great contacts. Used them for years, wouldn''t use any others
  • By: Martina Mercer On: 22 Feb 2018
    When they work they''re brilliant, moist and good for my eyes, but past 4 packs have been faulty with split lenses, curled lenses and all hosts of problems.
  • By: Yuka Murakami On: 21 Feb 2018
    Always good!and I like the HARIBO:)
  • By: Customer Jay On: 19 Feb 2018
    Lenses feel like they are not there,
  • By: Elizabeth Johnston On: 18 Feb 2018
    I find Acuvue Moist Lenses very comfortable for my eyes and Feel Good Contacts make ordering and delivery very easy.
  • By: Hugh On: 17 Feb 2018
    Very happy with customer service skills. I will continue to use feel good contact lenses kind regards Hugh
  • By: Sandie On: 17 Feb 2018
    Good quality contact lens with rapid service & delivery. Would use time & again. Cant beat the price either, I have tried other companies & always come back.
  • By: P mangat On: 14 Feb 2018
    Great product being using them for years never had a promblem.
  • By: Catherine On: 11 Feb 2018
    Have used these for a while now, without problem. Absolutely no complaints.
  • By: Louise On: 10 Feb 2018
    Good product - no hesitation in recommending.
  • By: Lynn Phillips On: 10 Feb 2018
    Speaking as a long time customer, always had first class service, never been let down.
  • By: Ryan On: 10 Feb 2018
    Great product, good price
  • By: CJS On: 07 Feb 2018
    I have quite dry eyes and these are the best i''ve used
  • By: Paul Donovan On: 06 Feb 2018
    Have been using both Feel Good Contacts and 1 Day Acuvue Moist for a few years now . An excellent product and company
  • By: Julie Bekes On: 05 Feb 2018
    Fantastic what more can I say
  • By: Alex Heyward On: 04 Feb 2018
    My daughter was prescribed 2 weekly lenses then developed dry eyes so we swapped to these dailies and she has no problems with them at all.
  • By: Elaine On: 04 Feb 2018
    Happy wearing them for years!
  • By: Alan Wilkinson On: 02 Feb 2018
    Great product and fantastic service... Standard delivery is often delivered the day after ordering...
  • By: Gillian Collins On: 31 Jan 2018
    spot on perfect, always on time good quality, would not deal with any one else
  • By: kevin bailey On: 30 Jan 2018
    Great lenses great service
  • By: Chris Newland On: 27 Jan 2018
    Product is excellent. have worn them for years,
  • By: M MacKinnon On: 26 Jan 2018
    Good for comfort and dry eyes
  • By: Y On: 25 Jan 2018
    Superb service! Will recommend to every friends!
  • By: Kevin Aldridge On: 24 Jan 2018
    The order process was very quick and straight forward.Arrived on time and packaging fitted through letter box
  • By: GARY On: 23 Jan 2018
    Great one dayers, for the gym and holidays
  • By: Rahil Shafaq On: 22 Jan 2018
    For my daughter, who has said that they are slightly more fidgety to put on, however, comfortable when finally positioned.
  • By: Kay Gent On: 20 Jan 2018
    I am very pleased with this site, excellent service, and quick delivery. First time I have used this site for contact lenses, they were the best price, even with paying for delivery, they were still cheaper than the others. Very pleased.
  • By: Nathan Howes On: 18 Jan 2018
    Very comfortable, despite wearing for prolonged periods.
  • By: Dan I On: 18 Jan 2018
    Good quality contacts I would recommend.
  • By: Erwin Kusuma Tham On: 17 Jan 2018
    Very comfortable product with reasonable price
  • By: Rachel Murray On: 15 Jan 2018
    Used them for years. Excellent.
  • By: Sharon On: 14 Jan 2018
    fast efficient service, would use again
  • By: Jennifer Kipps On: 13 Jan 2018
    good comfortable lenses stay moist all day
  • By: Neil Langley Evans On: 11 Jan 2018
    Clear website. Easy to order. Good pricing. Quality product.effciient delivery
  • By: Jon Barker On: 11 Jan 2018
    comfortable contacts and easy to wear
  • By: Tara On: 11 Jan 2018
    When they''re in they''re great - lightweight and don''t dry out of my eyes. However, because they''re so thin and lightweight they take longer to get in than other brands I''ve used. Despite this I''m happy and will continue to use them
  • By: Emma McDonald On: 06 Jan 2018
    Very comfortable lenses for daily use
  • By: Paul B On: 05 Jan 2018
    very comfortable all day, for in-frequent user like me. Well priced
  • By: susan On: 05 Jan 2018
    To thin fold up in eye couldn''t wesr
  • By: Customer On: 02 Jan 2018
    Very good fit and comfy contacts. They say daily but if you take very good care of them you can use them for 2 to 3 days extra.
  • By: Sina Mo On: 28 Dec 2017
    Have been wearing these contact lenses for a few years now, so far so good!
  • By: Jason Georgiou On: 28 Dec 2017
    Comfortable and good value for money
  • By: Karen Brown On: 28 Dec 2017
    Been using these lenses for years now. Comfortable for all day wear. Ok value. Next day delivery excellent!
  • By: Chris Newland On: 24 Dec 2017
    Have been using these lenses for years.No problems.Highly recommend.
  • By: Stephanie Base On: 23 Dec 2017
    Brilliant service, ordered one day arrived the next! Well packaged and great price, will definitely use again.
  • By: Mrs. Dawn Hubbold On: 23 Dec 2017
    The same brand that I had supplied by my optician
  • By: Andy Carroll On: 22 Dec 2017
    Pretty good lenses. Thought they were a little thin compared to my old lenses which made them a little tricky to handle at first.
  • By: S M Peacock On: 20 Dec 2017
    Great service and good product for mature dry eyes.
  • By: Dave (Cheltenham) On: 19 Dec 2017
    These contact lenses are a bit flimsy, so if you don''t get them in OK first go, they can easily rip or fold and become very fiddly. Not as good as my usual lenses (Boots Protect Platinum), but OK as a back-up and cheaper, so fair value. Next time I''ll order more expensive lenses.
  • By: Terry Candy On: 18 Dec 2017
    Acuvue Moist are a great product. I can only say if you haven''t tried them do.
  • By: Jurgita Danieliute On: 18 Dec 2017
    Good product and good company.
  • By: Anthony Taylor On: 17 Dec 2017
    Lenses a bit flimsy. Product not that good
  • By: Pand On: 16 Dec 2017
    Bought for my teenage daughter. She uses them every day with no complaints, they must be good and easy to use. Otherwise I’d know about it!!
  • By: pat williams On: 16 Dec 2017
    The most comfortable lenses
  • By: WIola On: 16 Dec 2017
    Comfortable eye lenses for everyone
  • By: Lynn Phillips On: 14 Dec 2017
    Top quality products, excellent service.
  • By: Vakhtang On: 14 Dec 2017
    Excellent for sensitive eyes!
  • By: Wincy Liu On: 12 Dec 2017
    Very comfortable daily lenses.
  • By: mark bradshaw On: 12 Dec 2017
    Good lenses. No problems as yet.
  • By: Haley Coetzee On: 12 Dec 2017
    Great product for daily wear
  • By: Hannah Trinder On: 10 Dec 2017
    Speedy delivery great service. Will use again
  • By: Dodd Susan On: 10 Dec 2017
    It’s the ones the optician gave me and I just ordered the same. Reliably comfy and easy to use.
  • By: Brian Smith On: 09 Dec 2017
    Good product, does what it says
  • By: Suzanne Williamson On: 09 Dec 2017
    Easy to use, comortable lightweight lenses at a good price.
  • By: Mark B On: 03 Dec 2017
    Amazing service. Ordered one day and delivered the next.
  • By: Ms Sinclair On: 24 Nov 2017
    Love these contacts. Tried others but go back to these as comfy.
  • By: Anne - Marie Saffer On: 24 Nov 2017
    Great service, ordered lenses in the afternoon and received them the next day. First order, will definitely be going back!
  • By: John On: 23 Nov 2017
    Hassle free and very quick delivery
  • By: John Richards On: 20 Nov 2017
    There are no better soft disposable lenses on the market.
  • By: Gillian Pethrick On: 20 Nov 2017
    value for money and great quality
  • By: Jacob Cobbett-Smith On: 16 Nov 2017
    Very comfortable to wear all day
  • By: Christopher Rendle On: 15 Nov 2017
    They are very comfortable lenses and my only criticism is they quite often come up the wrong way around when you take them out of the little- its a bit difficult to see what is the right way around
  • By: Robin Windle On: 13 Nov 2017
    Very good contact lenses.
  • By: Gen On: 13 Nov 2017
    Stays well, great condition.
  • By: Customer Mactom On: 10 Nov 2017
    Best lenses and easy to put in.
  • By: GW On: 08 Nov 2017
    I''ve tried a couple of different brands but keep coming back to these. Easy to put in (even when I''m only half awake) and very easy to remove at night. Oh, and I can see well with them!
  • By: Christine Manson On: 08 Nov 2017
    These were the first daily contact lenses I’ve used and find them very comfortable. Will definitely order again.
  • By: SG On: 06 Nov 2017
    I have worn these lenses for years, comfortable and no problems so far.
  • By: Mehjabeen On: 05 Nov 2017
    I buy these lenses on a scheme usually but I might cancel it and go for this instead. Pay the same amount as I pay monthly and get contact lenses every month. Sounds more sensible to me.
  • By: Nick Christie On: 03 Nov 2017
    cracking lenses, can wear 4 hours and hours and stay very comfortable with no dryness at all
  • By: Eva Phillips On: 01 Nov 2017
    Using it for quite some time, comfortable and easy to wear
  • By: Motty On: 01 Nov 2017
    Was really easy to order, and very fast delivery!
  • By: ANJI DUKES On: 01 Nov 2017
    excellent lenses at very good price and delivered next day
  • By: Tim Bowler On: 31 Oct 2017
    Excellent service lenses came very quickly and at a very good price and well packaged
  • By: Marina Negri On: 29 Oct 2017
    Best lenses I have used. Very comfortable
  • By: Catherine Rogers On: 29 Oct 2017
    Love the contact lenses good value for money
  • By: Livvy Bardoe On: 28 Oct 2017
    I have always found feel good contact lenses reliable. Next day delivery. Very good service so no complaints. Have used them over a period of at least 3 years.
  • By: Alan Wood On: 27 Oct 2017
    quick delivery easy to order
  • By: Lynn Phillips On: 23 Oct 2017
    Been getting mine and my son’s lenses here every month for last 2 years. Never been left down! Thoroughly recommend.
  • By: Sinead M On: 22 Oct 2017
    Great lenses that stay moist all day
  • By: Natalie On: 20 Oct 2017
    Comfortable and last the whole day without drying eyes
  • By: Ricardas On: 20 Oct 2017
    Its ok though won''t recommend to buy a triple pack you will find few faulty lenses
  • By: STEPHEN BURKE On: 17 Oct 2017
    These lenses suit me always seem top quality
  • By: Labibah On: 15 Oct 2017
    Read great reviews but were too big for my eyes so they let me have an exchange . Good service over all.
  • By: Anushka Cross On: 15 Oct 2017
    Comfortable and reasonably priced
  • By: Anon On: 15 Oct 2017
    These suit my eyes and my lifestyle. I had a lot of irritation from wearing weekly lenses (sleeping in them, as advised by my previous optician) but the daily ones seem more hygienic and don''t cause me any problems. At my recent contact lens check my optician said my eyes were very healthy. I have a monovision prescription instead of using multifocals and these lenses work well for this.
  • By: Marion W On: 13 Oct 2017
    Comfortable lenses to use that don''t dry out over the day
  • By: Anon. On: 11 Oct 2017
    Good, can wear all day (12-14 hours)
  • By: APercy On: 08 Oct 2017
    Always a good product, never have any issues.
  • By: Liz Crosby On: 07 Oct 2017
    As soon as you pop them in you can’t even tell they’re there. I haven’t worn them for more than about 8 hours but in that time they stayed unnoticeable and didn’t get dry. Great lenses.
  • By: Ms Sinclair On: 06 Oct 2017
    Love these contacts, can wear all day. At Feel Good Contact Lenses these are less than half the price I previously paid at my optician (with a student discount!) Could not reccomend more
  • By: Katy Grant On: 05 Oct 2017
    Excellent service quick delivery
  • By: Mrs Mary Park On: 04 Oct 2017
    fantastic next day delivery.
  • By: Anupreet On: 03 Oct 2017
    These are the only lenses i can wear. So comfy and do not dry out or irritate my eyes
  • By: PARMJIT SINGH On: 01 Oct 2017
    Thanks Feeling good no comment
  • By: Jeffrey Donadel On: 01 Oct 2017
    I have always used high street suppliers and thought I would try Acuvue moist and have found them excellent
  • By: K C On: 01 Oct 2017
    Moist for most of the day. Unfortunately there are not a lot of different sizes in terms of curvature of the lense and therefore my left lense is prone to falling out but the smaller size would be too tight. Please find a middle ground!!
  • By: Joy On: 30 Sep 2017
    Perfect, the delivery service was quick and I recieved exactly what I ordered I had no issue with the contacts (no dryness/irritation) Plus thankyou for the cute (or should I say sweet) bonus gift
  • By: John Richards On: 29 Sep 2017
    I''ve been using these contacts for years. They offer excellent vision and comfort.
  • By: Jude On: 29 Sep 2017
    Good value and great service
  • By: Mrs Mary Lam On: 28 Sep 2017
    My regular lens but this supplier was better value for money
  • By: Ramesh Halai On: 27 Sep 2017
    Have been using these lenses for more than 15-20 years snd have had no problemd
  • By: Ruth Allen-Williams On: 26 Sep 2017
    Happy with these lenses. Sometimes find them difficult to put in as it''s hard to tell which is the right way round
  • By: Manar Mohamed On: 21 Sep 2017
    Way better than monthly contact lenses.
  • By: Lynn Phillips On: 20 Sep 2017
    Top quality product and excellent service.
  • By: SK On: 18 Sep 2017
    I am very satisfied with this purchase.Great contacts for one day use,very comfortable and keep the eyes well moistured for the whole day.The price is also reasonable comparing to those on the high street. I would definitely recommend these contacts.
  • By: Mrs_H On: 16 Sep 2017
    the lenses are very good.
  • By: Joan Sigston On: 16 Sep 2017
    Fast delivery at a reasonable cost. Would recommend to all
  • By: N Davies On: 16 Sep 2017
    Soft and moist excellent long lasting lenses
  • By: Jackie Wallis On: 16 Sep 2017
    Great value comfortable lenses. Don''t know I''m wearing them. Have used for years.
  • By: Jill Mellink-Davidson On: 13 Sep 2017
    Good lenses really easy to apply and good standard of product
  • By: Stacey S On: 11 Sep 2017
    Great service good delivery
  • By: Gillian Hopcroft On: 10 Sep 2017
    Lenses arrived quickly and packed well. Recommend this company.
  • By: Mr J D Cain On: 10 Sep 2017
    I have been using these lenses for quite a number of years now and in my view cannot be beaten for comfort.
  • By: Julie Tarbox On: 09 Sep 2017
    Very happy with my purchase. Very quick delivery
  • By: Nicola Claire On: 07 Sep 2017
    Despite the packaging saying that the lenses were the correct ones, they were definitely not. They do not correct my vision, and are unwearable. I assume it is some sort of scam ...... if future I will only use Boots or my opticians.
  • By: Ms Fiona Greaves On: 04 Sep 2017
    I love these lenses. Really comfortable. More expensive than my previous ones but definitely well worth the little extra money.
  • By: Tracey Haggas On: 04 Sep 2017
    Great service great lenses
  • By: K T On: 31 Aug 2017
    Very comfortable to wear and gives some protection from ultraviolet light.
  • By: AMM On: 29 Aug 2017
    Comfortable lenses - the most comfy I have come across
  • By: Aqib Dawood On: 28 Aug 2017
    Absolutly amazing contac lenses no problem at all .comfortable
  • By: Rachel On: 27 Aug 2017
    Good all round! Many thanks
  • By: Gillian Louden On: 26 Aug 2017
    Great company reliable and prompt
  • By: Ray On: 25 Aug 2017
    Not found a better contact lens. I have tried lots of different lenses in the past but always gone back to Acuvue, not the cheapest but definitely the best in my opinion.
  • By: Helen Smith On: 24 Aug 2017
    Never used any other type but very happy. With them.
  • By: Sofia Fominova On: 24 Aug 2017
    great product, easy to wear
  • By: Emcg On: 22 Aug 2017
    Great contacts very comfortable and good value.
  • By: Sarah Jeeves On: 22 Aug 2017
    Always deliver quickly Never had a problem
  • By: Dipen Patel On: 21 Aug 2017
    Very good contacts. Exactly as described
  • By: Harriet Thorne On: 21 Aug 2017
    Comfortable - great for my dry eyes.
  • By: SK On: 19 Aug 2017
    Very comfortable lenses that can be worn throughout the day
  • By: James Burrough On: 18 Aug 2017
    Slightly softer than my old lenses so more tricky to put in, but better fitting and more comfortable
  • By: Colin Parsons On: 18 Aug 2017
    I have tried many kinds of Contact lenses and these I consider the best
  • By: Chris toffer On: 18 Aug 2017
    Love these over and above the regular acuvue lenses for their extra moisture and comfort
  • By: Gem On: 17 Aug 2017
    Arrived quickly and good lenses - will order from again.
  • By: Lucy On: 16 Aug 2017
    Comfortable and a good price for dailies. I''ll keep buying these for as long as I can.
  • By: Judith Rose On: 13 Aug 2017
    Fab service again _well done.
  • By: Customer On: 12 Aug 2017
    Comfortable but, recently I have been finding the odd lens to be a little irritable or, not as comfortable as should be. Still, one of the better options for me.
  • By: Caroline On: 10 Aug 2017
    best contact lenses ive had and at best price and super fast delivery
  • By: Kaj On: 09 Aug 2017
    Good service, fast delivery
  • By: Richard Warburton On: 09 Aug 2017
    Have worn these all day for months with no issues. Even fell asleep all night with them in twice and they still worked fine in the morning. I did change them though LOL
  • By: Mrs Newton On: 09 Aug 2017
    Very good quality, easy to put on and take off, very comfortable.
  • By: Jimmyb On: 06 Aug 2017
    Great lenses for me. Great vision and cannot feel them
  • By: Ruta Krisciunaite On: 05 Aug 2017
    Really extremely fast service and comunication!!!
  • By: Magdalena Olsztynska On: 05 Aug 2017
    Hard to draw from the eye, hard to put in the eye, to soft, poor quality
  • By: Joan Yvonne Savage On: 04 Aug 2017
    Love these lenses! Always choose them.
  • By: Micha de Vries On: 03 Aug 2017
    Great day to day lenses! Can recommend to anyone
  • By: Gillian Dow On: 03 Aug 2017
    Prefer these contacts to other 1 day brands as they keep my eyes moist for longer and as they are slightly bigger, they don''t irritate at all. Also like the faint ''123'' on the rim to easily identify the correct way round. Will be using this brand permanently.
  • By: from Feel Good Contact Lenses On: 03 Aug 2017
    Great comfortable lenses that don''t dry out even after wearing them all day.
  • By: Candy On: 02 Aug 2017
    Great had a little problem to start with . Contacted them and all sites within 2 days Thanks you are great
  • By: Susan On: 02 Aug 2017
    I have been wearing these lenses for a few years now and never had any problems with them - very comfortable.
  • By: Desiree On: 01 Aug 2017
    I find they work as my eyes seem to get very dry.
  • By: SJB On: 31 Jul 2017
    Great lenses for all day wear.
  • By: David Margetts On: 31 Jul 2017
    Perfect, easy to order, arrived on time, no hassle with middle men!
  • By: Customer On: 30 Jul 2017
    Great product! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • By: Eirini Plybon On: 30 Jul 2017
    The best product for me. Much better than its competitor dailies aqua comfort for my dry eyes! Able to wear them from morning till evening whereas Dailies aqua comfort only lasted 3-4 hours before my eyes started drying out.
  • By: G and A On: 30 Jul 2017
    Best product for me, easy to wear and convenient
  • By: Gail On: 28 Jul 2017
    What a fantastic company. Order one day and get them the next.Also there''s a little extra touch of a free packet of sweets. I''m really happy with Feel Good .I will never order from nobody else.
  • By: Yin On: 27 Jul 2017
    Fast and reliable service. Have been using these brand of contact lenses and these are the cheapest I have found on the web.
  • By: Victoria Lewis On: 27 Jul 2017
    Great product and quick deliver
  • By: Ruta Krisciunaite On: 27 Jul 2017
    Feel good contact lenses provides excellent customer service,
  • By: Louisa Guy On: 26 Jul 2017
    great quality contact lenses - reccommended by Boots and Specsavers, but cheapest here!
  • By: Katherine On: 26 Jul 2017
    quick service and great value
  • By: Angela On: 25 Jul 2017
    Been using these lenses for more than 7 years
  • By: Steve On: 25 Jul 2017
    Excellent quality and always in stock
  • By: CHARLOTTE TANTRAM On: 24 Jul 2017
    The contact lenses are excellent and are always delivered on time
  • By: Karolina On: 24 Jul 2017
    Great one day contact lenses. I was using them even more than one day and still felt good on my eye.
  • By: Michelle Oxley On: 24 Jul 2017
    Excellent service and fast delivery.
  • By: Margaux On: 22 Jul 2017
    Great lenses, super comfortable.
  • By: Connie Cowie On: 22 Jul 2017
    Great contacts work well every time
  • By: Mark Johnson On: 21 Jul 2017
    Lovely yes really lovely - yesssssssss
  • By: Emily Miles On: 21 Jul 2017
    Amazing customer care. Contact lenses always come on time and not overly expensive
  • By: Wendy Murton On: 21 Jul 2017
    Good quick service with a little treat inside
  • By: Emma C On: 20 Jul 2017
    The website is very easy to order from. Lenses arrived very quickly in simple environmentally sensible packaging too :)
  • By: Sue Williams On: 19 Jul 2017
    Quality and reassuring good for your eyes
  • By: Janine Van Aarde On: 19 Jul 2017
    Been using acuvue moist for years and love it.
  • By: Mike Inder On: 18 Jul 2017
    Been using these for years. Very easy to apply and comfortable
  • By: Charlotte On: 18 Jul 2017
    My usual lenses delivered promptly with no problems.
  • By: Claire Geddes On: 17 Jul 2017
    I have been using the Acuvue Moist dailys for a couple of years now and find them extremely comfortable and have never had any problems. Highly recommended if like me you wear lenses all day every day.
  • By: Andy Quach On: 16 Jul 2017
    Quite expensive but does the job. I found that they came out of my eye quite easily though, so lost a few this way.
  • By: Simon Edginton On: 16 Jul 2017
    Great price and very fast delivery
  • By: Debbie Adger On: 16 Jul 2017
    I have ordered on line for the past 2 years with no problems. Definately recommend
  • By: Helen Allen On: 14 Jul 2017
    Very happy with lenses will use again
  • By: Hayley McMahon On: 14 Jul 2017
    perfect for my requirements
  • By: Chana S On: 13 Jul 2017
    and help others make better choices about the products they purchase. It couldn''t be easier - with your Trustpilot account you can write, edit and share your product reviews from one convenient locatio
  • By: Alex McK On: 13 Jul 2017
    These are the best contacts I have tried, they are just like water and couldn''t be easier to put in and take out
  • By: GP On: 12 Jul 2017
    Very comfortable. And easy to fit.
  • By: Linda Smith On: 11 Jul 2017
    Very comfortable and easy to use contact lenses which stay comfortable for about 12hrs. The only thing I would like to be improved is the strength no to be easier to read on each lense bubble
  • By: Mr C Lovatt On: 11 Jul 2017
    1 Day Acuvue Moist are great lenses, used for over 5 years, they are so comfortable to wear you forget they are there.
  • By: Lucy Bull On: 10 Jul 2017
    Great price and service. Delivered really quick
  • By: Guy On: 10 Jul 2017
    Perfect for me. Easy to use. No issues with taking them out at the end of use as opposed to other brands too.
  • By: Mike On: 10 Jul 2017
    Don''t get too dry in your eyes.
  • By: Heather Williams On: 09 Jul 2017
    Good brand, far more reliable and less irritating to my eyes than less expensive, store own brands.
  • By: Catherine Nsereko On: 09 Jul 2017
    Great for dry eyes. Very comfortable and still a leading brand!
  • By: Gavin Oliver On: 07 Jul 2017
    Very comfortable product.
  • By: Anushka Cross On: 07 Jul 2017
    These are best ones I''ve used. Cheaper brands are less comfortable and more likely to split.
  • By: Steph On: 06 Jul 2017
    Comfortable, easy to handle, good value. No mess
  • By: S M Peacock On: 06 Jul 2017
    Great for everyday wear with comfort.Fast delivery and good discount prices.
  • By: Jon Barker On: 06 Jul 2017
    Excellent product very comfortable to wear
  • By: Sally Elliott On: 05 Jul 2017
    Have tried monthly and fortnightly lenses. I really like these daily contact lenses. Much more comfortable to wear.
  • By: aysima On: 05 Jul 2017
    The contacts last a very long time in your eyes before any irritations. They are extremely comfortable and better than any other contacts I have ever purchased.
  • By: PhoebeP31 On: 04 Jul 2017
    Great product. Comfortable and quality.
  • By: Alishe Williamson On: 03 Jul 2017
    No problems using these lenses, easy to put in and out
  • By: Sally On: 02 Jul 2017
    Always correct and quickly delivered ????
  • By: Ella Duffy On: 02 Jul 2017
    Easy to use, clean and reasonably priced. Would recommend.
  • By: Linda Roberts On: 01 Jul 2017
    Love these light and moisturised lenses. I wear from 9am - 11pm and my eyes are never dry. Easy to insert and remove as they are so thin. Good value and I can thoroughly recommend
  • By: Simon On: 01 Jul 2017
    Great lenses at a good price
  • By: MT On: 30 Jun 2017
    Great product. Very comfortable
  • By: Charlotte On: 30 Jun 2017
    Good service and love getting sweets with my order
  • By: mark bradshaw On: 29 Jun 2017
    Good comfortable lens for all day wear.
  • By: Aileen Grant On: 29 Jun 2017
    Feel good contacts supply of acuvue contacts seem to be of very good quality. Service is prompt.
  • By: Chan Wang On: 29 Jun 2017
    I have been using this product for years, very pleased
  • By: Adewunmi Dosunmu On: 28 Jun 2017
    The lenses fit well but there was only two option for the BC- Base curve (either 8.5 or 9.0) whereas my prescription was 8.7. Having to buy the 9.0 BC now as I think the last one I purchased was too tight. Some advice would have been good as to which BC to choose depending on your prescription.
  • By: Sarah P On: 28 Jun 2017
    Excellent service! My lenses are always posted promptly they are a competitive price and I can''t fault them.
  • By: Heidi Vinson On: 28 Jun 2017
    Comfortable and easy to use. Multi pack option is great value.
  • By: Tracy Hoggarth On: 28 Jun 2017
    Fab great contacts and prompt service.
  • By: Dominic Edward On: 25 Jun 2017
    You delivered with minimum fuss exactly what I wanted. Thank you
  • By: Jayne McWatt On: 25 Jun 2017
    Really comfortable to wear
  • By: Catherine, Tewkesbury On: 24 Jun 2017
    Comfortable, virtually invisible and easy to use. I see no reason to change.
  • By: Vennessa Atkinson - Reeks On: 24 Jun 2017
    Most comfortable to wear, have no problems with them.
  • By: Ms Sinclair On: 23 Jun 2017
    Love these lenses. I can wear these longer and are comfortable.
  • By: Steve A On: 23 Jun 2017
    As thin daily use lenses then can be tricky to put in - often inside-out & would be good to be able to see inside / outside better. Also they can curl up & become difficult to open out. Once in the eye they are very good.
  • By: Sally Thompson On: 22 Jun 2017
    Easy to order even if your prescription has changed. Delivered next day without fail. Wouldn''t hesitate to recommend them.
  • By: Sarah Jones On: 22 Jun 2017
    Does what it says on the packet! Always reliable quality.
  • By: Helen Woodfield On: 22 Jun 2017
    Great product have used these for some time. Very comfortable
  • By: Wendy A On: 22 Jun 2017
    Excellent speedy service.
  • By: Lee Croft On: 22 Jun 2017
    Quick and prompt service and does exactly what it says on the tin
  • By: Hollie On: 22 Jun 2017
    Really great contact lenses. They keep my eyes moist all day long whereas others in the past have dried up. No need for eye drops with these! Very comfortable fit and all round great lenses.
  • By: Anushka Cross On: 21 Jun 2017
    These are the best, have tried cheaper ones but more likely to break in your eye. They are also most comfortable have tried.
  • By: Miss lucy houghton On: 21 Jun 2017
    Good for dry eyes, this is why I use them comfortable to wear and easy to put in I''ve always used them with no problems!!
  • By: Miss Kirsty Blyth On: 21 Jun 2017
    Great contact lenses last a time least 12 per day without any dryness. Great value for money.
  • By: Nao Maebayashi On: 21 Jun 2017
    Very comfortable - only lens with BC 9.0 I can find.
  • By: GW On: 21 Jun 2017
    I have used these for some time now. I did buy a cheaper type - different brand - and they weren''t as easy to get in or out so I''ve come back to these. They''re very comfy and I don''t get dry eyes. And they''re much easier to remove at the end of a long and tiring day!
  • By: Sandra Olim On: 20 Jun 2017
    Is very nice and always on time ??
  • By: Eileen Rhodes On: 20 Jun 2017
    Contact lenses. Always deliver on time.
  • By: Angela Taylor On: 19 Jun 2017
    I always use these as they are comfortable and easy to use.
  • By: Kelly Scott On: 17 Jun 2017
    Excellent product, never have any problems.
  • By: Lisa Gilliland On: 17 Jun 2017
    Very good reliable service, would recommend
  • By: Phil Todd On: 16 Jun 2017
    comfortable and don''t tear as easily as others I''ve used
  • By: Lucy Irvine On: 16 Jun 2017
    As I expected, no issues :)
  • By: Harley K On: 16 Jun 2017
    Awesome product, good delivery time.
  • By: Alex B On: 16 Jun 2017
    great lenses and very comfortable
  • By: Rob farrell On: 15 Jun 2017
    The most comfortable I''ve found
  • By: Robert On: 15 Jun 2017
    Excellent service as usual. One slight hitch but professionally and speedily resolved
  • By: Ms Iwona Beardsmore On: 14 Jun 2017
    Great lenses and excellent service
  • By: Eilidh Bennett On: 14 Jun 2017
    I prefer Acuvue but is often more expensive but there was an amazing deal on & I got an extra 5% off, so managed to grab 2 boxes for practically half the price :) Acuvue are so much easier to wear than others. I can actually go a full day without feeling irritated.
  • By: Natalie On: 13 Jun 2017
    Honestly I have never used another brand so can''t compare, but they seem fine to me!
  • By: Jasmine On: 13 Jun 2017
    Advised to use these contacts by opticians but very happy. Sometimes require additional eyedrops as I use the computer often.
  • By: Lee On: 13 Jun 2017
    Stay fresh all day long!!!
  • By: R Johnston On: 13 Jun 2017
    Always comfortable, you forget they''re in (remember to take them out!)
  • By: Bethan Farrimond On: 13 Jun 2017
    These are the most comfortable lenses I have ever had, highly recommend.
  • By: Mohammed Rahman On: 12 Jun 2017
    Feel Good Contact Lenses great service always
  • By: Jade On: 12 Jun 2017
    Comfortable as always!reserved one star because I haven''t tried other brand to compare.
  • By: Customer On: 11 Jun 2017
    Brilliant lenses. Eye''s were fine wearing them all day. ??
  • By: Bernadette On: 11 Jun 2017
    Comfortable for my dry eyes
  • By: Havss On: 11 Jun 2017
    Only contacts I can wear with very dry eyes
  • By: Laura On: 10 Jun 2017
    Great product, as described
  • By: Farah Arar On: 10 Jun 2017
    Good and fast service, with reasonable price
  • By: Mark Mcvie On: 09 Jun 2017
    Great one day contacts that offer complete comfort.
  • By: Customer On: 09 Jun 2017
    Great company with good quality lenses fast delivery and friendly service
  • By: Melanie On: 09 Jun 2017
    very comfortable, but very thin, and sometimes tricky to put in I wore contact lenses previously for around 20 years, so experienced in wearing them, but find this generally harder to place.
  • By: J00lia On: 08 Jun 2017
    good for a wear of about 5hours, then start getting very dry but that might just be my eyes also!
  • By: Matthew Davies On: 07 Jun 2017
    Good moist work can make eyes twitch
  • By: Paul Rimmer On: 07 Jun 2017
    Good service from the team. Fast delivery the next day
  • By: Richard On: 06 Jun 2017
    I''ve tried a few lenses like Oasys daily and True eye, but to be honest I seem to get on just as well with these (and they''re cheaper). I can wear them for up to 18 hours without my eyes feeling tired and dry. I''ve even fallen asleep in them (not intentionally) and woke up with no lens problems. Although the Oasys Dailies should technically be a better lens, they didn''t give me this length of daily comfort, my eyes tended to feel a bit dry by the end the day. The only downside to these 1 Day Acuvue moist lenses is that they are thin and floppy, so are not the best to handle, but once in your eye, maybe it''s the thinness and floppiness that makes them comfortable the wear all day.
  • By: Customer On: 06 Jun 2017
    Top quality product purchased for a competitive price.
  • By: Katy P On: 06 Jun 2017
    Great product. Have been using for a number of years with rare discomfort.
  • By: Julie Dickson On: 05 Jun 2017
    Super produce. Very nice to wear
  • By: William Hayward On: 04 Jun 2017
    I only use contacts for sport and occasional use. I find the Acuvue moist reliable and easy to use.
  • By: Nicola Cowell On: 04 Jun 2017
    Really comfortable to wear
  • By: J Brady On: 03 Jun 2017
    A good, long-weaing daily lenses. Not as cheap as some brands but probably gives you less irritation.
  • By: Celecca Fedrick On: 03 Jun 2017
    They''re so comfortable, and I love that I can throw them away at the end of each use.
  • By: Emma C On: 02 Jun 2017
    Easy to find and quick delivery. Simple minimum packaging too, which I really like.
  • By: Fatimah On: 02 Jun 2017
    The lenses and comfortable. However sometimes it can be a little difficult putting them in as the 9 base curve means the lenses turn inside out easily. The 123 on the lenses help.
  • By: Diane On: 02 Jun 2017
    I love these contact lenses, my only quibble is when they are inside out before opening the container
  • By: J S On: 02 Jun 2017
    The service was easy to use and contact lenses arrived very promptly.
  • By: Paul Robertson On: 01 Jun 2017
    Very comfortable to wear - especially in dry environments. But sometimes the lenses are ''inside out'' which distorts the shape a little.
  • By: Katarzyna Kosecka On: 01 Jun 2017
    Very good product...good servis
  • By: Ricky Priest On: 01 Jun 2017
    Amazing product, easy to re-order and super fast delivery
  • By: SDK On: 01 Jun 2017
    Great lenses! Have used them for some time now and will continue to do so.
  • By: Clive Turner On: 01 Jun 2017
    Fit and comfort are always great
  • By: Ben On: 21 Sep 2016
    Started using these instead of Focus Dalies, much more comfortable over long periods and easier to apply in my opinon (the 123 indicator is invaluble). As usual the FeelGoodContacts service is top class.
  • By: Heather On: 20 Oct 2015
    Quick, efficient delivery. Contact lenses are mostly comfortable (only 4 out of 30 I had to waste because I couldn't get them to be comfortable in my eye), but I often get double vision in them, which is annoying, I think it might be caused by the lenses being too watery or it might be the lens is moving too much on my eye. I'm going to try a lesser base curve, see if that fixes the problem.


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