1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack)

€54.45 90 lenses / box
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack)
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack)
  • 1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack)
1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack) 1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack) 1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack)
Save up to 23%, why not try?
comfi Pure 1 Day
Save up to 23%, why not try?
€3.45 5 lenses
€13.99 30 lenses


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Save up to 23%, why not try?
comfi Pure 1 Day
€3.45 5 lenses
€13.99 30 lenses

1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack) Product Description

1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 Pack) are an excellent choice amongst our popular daily disposable lenses, ideal for contact lens wearers with dry or sensitive eyes.

With the exclusive use of LACREON® technology, the 1 Day Acuvue Moist 90 Pack offers long-lasting comfort, as the PVP wetting agent is locked in to ensure the lenses stay hydrated from morning till night. Designed to block UV radiation, these contact lenses keep your eyes both healthy and safe for everyday use.

Manufacturers Johnson & Johnson have found high level of satisfaction with the handling of 1 Day Acuvue Moist 90. The outstanding INFINITY EDGE™ design and silky coating of the contact lenses offers seamless comfort to the eyes. In addition, there’s no cleaning or storage necessary with these lenses as they are daily disposables, which can be disposed of at the end of the day, with a fresh new pair to be applied the next day.

This pack size contains 90 lenses, while we also offer a 30-pack, as well as 1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism and 1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal.

Benefits & Features

  • Daily contact lenses – dispose after a full day’s wear
  • 90-pack supply
  • Comfortable and moist lenses with LACREON® technology 
  • Blocks out UV rays 
  • 1-2-3 system to help with lens application
  • Easy to apply due to Visitint technology 
  • 58% water content

Alternative lenses to 1 Day Acuvue Moist 90 Pack

comfi Pure 1 Day can alternatively be worn as an upgrade.


1 Day Acuvue Moist 90 Pack parameters

Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson
Brand Acuvue 
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range +6.00 to -12.00
Base curve(s) 8.5mm, 9.0mm
Diameter(s) 14.2mm
Lens material Etafilcon A
Water content 58%
Oxygen permeability 33 Dk/t

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  • Alex Wood - 08 Apr 2019
    Expensive for a few bits of plastic buy comfortable and they help me see properly
  • Tracy Laffan - 04 Apr 2019
    Great product
  • Penny Legg - 02 Apr 2019
    Next day delivery and great price
  • Sharon Johal - 27 Mar 2019
    The best contacts
  • Matt - 19 Mar 2019
    Definitely the most comfortable lenses and I''ve tried a few different brands.
  • miss r - 23 Feb 2019
    All good!
  • Jill Chartell - 16 Feb 2019
    The Acuvue Moist Daily Lenses are the only lenses that suit my eyes. My eyes are very sensitive. Even though I would benefit (vision wise), with special lenses for a stigma in one of my eyes, I have been unable to use these sort of lenses because they are too thick and cause me discomfort. Acuvue Daily Moist are the only lenses for me.
  • Pamela - 26 Jan 2019
    Easy to order and speedy delivery. Cheapest on internet!
  • Tina Scheiner - 06 Dec 2018
  • Sarah Jenkins - 19 Nov 2018
  • Marcel Pierard - 17 Oct 2018
    Keep up the good work, I am very satisfied with your services and the quality of my lenses.
  • Janet Riddiford - 08 Aug 2018
    Excellent but packaging of actual lenses have become more difficult to open needing to use scissors
  • John Parker - 07 Aug 2018
    Shipment came exactly as ordered- daily acute lenses.
  • Valerie Smith - 02 Jul 2018
    Great comfy lenses
  • CBooth - 18 Jun 2018
    Good trusted product - just delivery that is annoying.
  • Iram Sarwar - 13 Jun 2018
    I have received the lenses. Very happy with the quick delivery, only upset about the treat you offer, it would be nice if you could provide a gelatine free product for the vegetarian customers.
  • Richard - 06 Jun 2018
    Very comfortable and easy to use.
  • vlk - 01 Jun 2018
    These lenses are very good especially if you have dry eyes.
  • Andrew Clarke - 18 May 2018
    Bulk buy and forget for 3 months
  • Jim - 10 May 2018
    Very good product excellant service.
  • Renata White - 04 May 2018
    great!! thanks.
  • Hazel Fletcher - 29 Apr 2018
    Came within 24hours, on time and perfect ! what more could you ask for !
  • Lisa - 21 Apr 2018
    Easy and comfortable to use. Have used these for years and no complaints whatsoever
  • Park - 16 Apr 2018
    The best! These keep my eyes moist all day long without need for eye drops or discomfort
  • Julia DYMOND - 11 Apr 2018
    Order stated 3 months supply, however I don’t think that 3 months supply for only one eye counts.
  • Stefan Betty - 23 Mar 2018
    Have used acuvue for years, easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Marcin - 14 Mar 2018
    I have been using these for few years now and must say they are the best contact lenses for my requirements. They don''t feel dry even if worn for longer periods of time. I tend to wear them for up to 5 days/week. Despite being pricey than some alternative products on teh market, they are worth the extra money.
  • lisa lipscomb - 28 Feb 2018
    I have used these lenses for as long as I can remember! Never had an issue with them. Great product.
  • CustomerKatie Bunion - 05 Feb 2018
    A brilliant company to shop from. Excellent customer service, and delivery was the next working day. Quick and easy transaction from start to finish. Highly recommended.
  • Suzanne - 01 Feb 2018
    Great service and quick delivery. Good value. Highly recommend.
  • SB - 01 Jan 2018
    Delivered as promised. Excellent product
  • Mark Melaugh - 30 Dec 2017
    High quality and good value
  • Lesley Manning - 23 Dec 2017
    Does what it says on the tin
  • Brigitte L - 22 Dec 2017
    Perfect product. Very happy with this product.
  • Jim - 07 Dec 2017
    Excellent contacts and good price.
  • vlk - 05 Dec 2017
    These lenses were recommended by my optician. The vision is good and the comfort level really good. I would recommend them
  • Ele - 03 Dec 2017
    exactly as described, very comfortable and good price
  • Qin Li - 29 Nov 2017
    Very good,it''s eas and comfortable
  • Michael H - 20 Sep 2017
    Excellent service would not use anyone else
  • Zuzana - 18 Sep 2017
    the multipack is very convenient, lenses itself are very good quality.
  • Richard - 14 Sep 2017
    They suit me very well. If you find some lenses are a little uncomfortable then these may be worth a try.
  • vlk - 11 Sep 2017
    Good product especially for dry eyes.
  • Cassandra Davenport - 30 Aug 2017
    This product works for me as I found the best to wear through the day and a 3 month option takes the hassle out of running out in a month!
  • Naomi Price - 18 Aug 2017
    Comfortable and great value
  • Margaret - 13 Aug 2017
    Great as usual,arrived quickly
  • Simon Richardson - 11 Aug 2017
    Excellent, quick service. Good price.
  • kenny - 08 Aug 2017
    Easy to wear and extremely comfortable
  • Rob - 05 Aug 2017
    Comfortable. Well packaged. What else can you say?
  • Neil Thomas - 22 Jul 2017
    Comfortable lenses which I can keep in all day.
  • Ender - 19 Jul 2017
    delivered on time. need to make sure you get the right price as different website sites have varying prices.
  • Alexandra Hassan - 16 Jul 2017
    Comfortable, daily lenses that have a UV protection.
  • Sally Clarke - 16 Jul 2017
    Lenses arrived the next day, highly recommended!
  • Neil Cole - 12 Jul 2017
    great product and very comfortable
  • Judith Sherski - 12 Jul 2017
    Totally satisfactory. Excellent value
  • Kate Fozard - 21 Jun 2017
    Comfortable and competitively priced, I have used this brand of one-day contact lenses for some years now. In my opinion, they are just about the best disposable lenses you can get.
  • Nicola Buxton - 21 Jun 2017
    Good quality reliable lenses. I have tried several brands but always return to Acuvue moist. Comfortable, thin, good value, easy to order. I would recommend them.
  • Liz L - 12 Jun 2017
    these are a good choice with no dry eyes even at the end of the day
  • Miss Amanpreet - 11 Jun 2017
    I do love Acuvue contact lenses however after purchasing these, after a couple of hours they start rolling around in my eye. For long wear it doesn''t suit my eyes. However everyone has different eye types. What doesn''t work for one may work for another.
  • T Lee - 08 Jun 2017
    Bargain if you use daily contacts and the 90 pack is more economical. No brainer really.
  • Philip Sumner - 03 Jun 2017
    The most comfortable lenses I''ve ever worn.
  • Jesse Laski - 31 May 2017
    Good product. Helped me greatly with my dry eyes
  • Paul - 29 May 2017
    Good service from feelgoodcontactlenses
  • Padraig - 27 May 2017
    Good quality and value as always
  • Susan - 23 May 2017
    Good comfortable lens. Would recommend this product.
  • Pamela - 20 May 2017
    Always buy these as a perfect comfortable fit that lasts all day.
  • CustomerKatie Bunion - 16 May 2017
    Very comfy contact lenses. Staying moist all day.
  • Charmaine Morris - 12 May 2017
    Great comfort all day long
  • Nikki - 11 May 2017
    Better value for money than buying individual packs - always my go to with the big packs.
  • Marina Negri - 09 May 2017
    Excellent product, moist and never tears
  • Rebecca Jackson - 07 May 2017
    Great product fast delivery
  • Ana - 07 May 2017
    Comfortable to wear lenses in a value for money pack
  • Jacqui Mann - 04 May 2017
    Great service very quick and very reasonable in price
  • Natalie Nunes - 04 May 2017
    Good lenses. Still get dry eyes occasionally which can make the lenses a bit uncomfortable but generally these are very good and gentle lenses for my sensitive eyes.
  • Suzy - 01 May 2017
    Excellent value saved more than 50% on local opticians price for identical product!
  • Keith - 30 Apr 2017
    Great product for daily use
  • Sandra Thompson - 29 Apr 2017
    Excellent.Brilliant fast service.
  • Ewan - 27 Apr 2017
    Excellent value daly lenses.
  • Louise - 27 Apr 2017
    I''ve been using feel good contact lenses for years. Great, reliable service :-)
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    Prompt delivery of a quality product
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    Problem free & very comfortable
  • Joanne Chapman - 08 Apr 2017
    Great contacts for daily use. feel comfortable to wear and have never had any problems with them.
  • Dianne - 07 Apr 2017
    The best lenses for dry eyes , won''t use any others, Great price from feel good,
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  • Clementine Ripoll - 27 Mar 2017
    My lenses, quite good but I haven''t tried other. Get a bit dry sometimes at end of the day
  • Jorge Palanca - 27 Mar 2017
    Recommend this website for lenses
  • Luke - 27 Mar 2017
    Very good to go for this 90 pack as is usually a bit cheaper than the the single packs even if they have deals on. Very good product been using for over 10 years now and I don''t think I will switch as I find my eyes get quite dry with other brands.
  • Rob - 21 Mar 2017
    Simple and effective. Well packaged.
  • Linda Macdonald - 23 Feb 2017
    I''ve found these lenses to be both very comfortable and easy to insert. Would definitely purchase again.
  • Astrid - 22 Feb 2017
    Have been using these for more than 2 years. Works well with my eyes.
  • Michael Panteli - 21 Feb 2017
    Have been using these for years now, by far the best contacts lenses on the market. Keep my eyes moist for much longer than several other I have tried
  • S.A. - 03 Feb 2017
    Very easy online order. Very competitive prices and also extremely fast service.
  • Julia - 25 Jan 2017
    Amazing contact lenses, specially for dry eyes!
  • CBooth - 24 Jan 2017
    Comfortable for all day wear.
  • Lyndsey - 21 Jan 2017
    Great service. Good price. Great thanks!
  • Liz L - 21 Jan 2017
    Great lenses, my eyes never feel dry at the end of a full day wearing them.
  • KFB - 01 Jan 2017
    Good service! Would recommend again. Quality product, much better than other discount brands
  • Yi Ying - 28 Dec 2016
    good product. Recommend to everyone. Much cheaper than other website worth to buy it again.
  • Ewan - 16 Dec 2016
    I have purchased these lenses before but feel good did it cheaper and faster than anyone else.
  • antony - 14 Dec 2016
    Very good lens. I wear the lenses longer than I should but this lens helps me with this.
  • Michael Philipson - 03 Dec 2016
    These are easy to use, comfortable and no solution bottles needed. I always carry a spare pair
  • Mrs B - 18 Nov 2016
    Good every day contact lens but am careful not to wear too long as dry eyes can be a problem.
  • Ibraheem - 17 Nov 2016
    Great service and great turn around ????Keep up the great work ????
  • PumpkinLongs - 11 Nov 2016
    Great lenses, I wear them for long hours of the day ( I know I shouldn''t), I''m self employed and they really keep my eyes fresh.
  • AM - 10 Nov 2016
    I''ve been reordering my contact lenses with Feel Good Contact Lenses for many years now and it has always been a quick, easy and positive experience. That is why I will continue to order my contact lenses with them and can only recommend others to do the same!
  • Mary - 01 Nov 2016
    Good quality and very comfortable contact lenses.
  • Jay - 31 Oct 2016
    Great lenses! Feel very comfortable all day
  • Natassja Hanlon - 30 Oct 2016
    The best contact lenses I''ve ever used - don''t dry my eyes out!
  • Gary Mcknight - 24 Oct 2016
    Lenses delivered 2 days after ordering. Excellent service.
  • O - 16 Oct 2016
    I''ve been using this product for over 6 years and it''s great, smooth and sits well on the eye.
  • Cecilia Choy - 22 Sep 2016
    very comfortable lenses for wearing them in this dry weather country of England
  • Melissa Miller - 06 Sep 2016
    I''ve played around with other contacts. These keep my eyes moist all day.
  • Rachel Taylor - 03 Sep 2016
    Easy to use, good price and fast delivery
  • Ellie Dobner - 22 Aug 2016
    Absolutely amazing and trustworthy service. Cheaper than the opticians, same quality of lenses plus reminders when you''re running low and free next day delivery with my 90 pack! Fantastic.
  • Zahra Masters - 08 Aug 2016
    Long time user, best for dry eyes.
  • Claire Piercy - 27 Jul 2016
    great product. easy to use
  • Monika Higgins - 24 Jul 2016
    I''ve used contact lenses for over 30 years now and I had real problems with eye dryness. Moist is the only contact lens at the moment that I''m still able to wear. They are thin, so comfortable I forget that I even wear them. Great Product! Thanks
  • Peter Shepherd - 22 Jul 2016
    I find these lenses very comfortable to wear and would recomend
  • Lucy Thomas - 07 Jul 2016
    Comfortable to wear, haven''t had a dud one yet!
  • Amelia Mackenzie - 22 Jun 2016
    These are very comfortable lenses that are packaged well. Much better than previous lenses I have tried.
  • Selina Beaugrand - 22 Jun 2016
    Very happy with the service. Fast shipment, competitive prices! Recommended!
  • Katie Forster - 18 Jun 2016
    My eyes get dry quickly but I find these lenses soft, moist & easy to wear all day.
  • Melissa Holland - 16 Jun 2016
    Quite thin and can easily rub out. I also find they get dry toward the end of the day but that''s a common problem I find with daily lenses
  • Esther Wershof - 01 Jun 2016
    Easy to use and comfortable to wear. They can get a bit dry towards the end of the day - but this is often the case with lenses
  • Jessica Beecham - 14 May 2016
    Great product, very comfortable to wear
  • Paul Devanney - 03 May 2016
    A very reliable and comfortable lens that''s easy to put in. I often wear mine for 10-12 hours at a go and I''m barely even aware that I''ve got them in.
  • Miles Beecham - 28 Mar 2016
    Great lenses and a great service
  • Jonathan Mould - 28 Mar 2016
    Comfortable lenses, can wear all day
  • Melanie Pinney - 25 Mar 2016
    Used this product for many years and think they are great!
  • Toenjai Jandee - 22 Mar 2016
    I hunted around for the best price, and went for Feel Good. Also received the best service.
  • Helen Whitehill - 16 Mar 2016
    Excellent product comfortable to wear reasonably priced recommend to all contact lens wearers .
  • Shaun Donohue - 28 Feb 2016
    I like these lenses. I can leave them in longer because they dont dry my eyes out. I dk however sometimes have a problem putting them in. They are so moist I blink and they slide out.
  • JULIE FIELD - 20 Feb 2016
    A very straightforward ordering process with a very quick delivery time. I can''t fault them in any way. Very reliable and efficient service.
  • Natalie Thorne - 18 Feb 2016
    As expected, cheaper price than other companies
  • Michelle Gibbs - 16 Feb 2016
    Excellent service, quick delivery, easy to use site, very pleased overall
  • Tamima Al-Armanazi - 08 Feb 2016
    good for dry eyes like mine
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    Very Comfortable lenses . Lasts whole day.
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    Great products at top price and quick delivery - will use again
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    Good value, excellent product, good for dry eyes.
  • Elvan Ayhan - 04 Feb 2016
    First time I used this brand.. They are so comfortable Thank you so much
  • Joanne Forrest - 20 Jan 2016
    Great product, consistently good lenses
  • Lisa Bird - 17 Jan 2016
    Good quality lenses at resasonable price
  • Jennifer Wise - 10 Jan 2016
    I''ve never had an issue with these lenses. Been using them for years and wear them up to 12 hours without getting dry eyes or irritation.
  • Claire Pugh - 04 Jan 2016
    Good contacts although occasionally eyes become dry wearing them.
  • Alison Lees - 27 Dec 2015
    Have been using these lenses for over a year. Perfect for those who suffer with dry eyes like I do. Had been paying £39 for 30 days supply from my optician so I am delighted that I can now save around £15 a month by purchasing the 90 day pack from Feel Good Contact Lenses.
  • Margie Sun - 10 Nov 2015
    My eyes tend to get very dry - I work in an office with all-day air conditioning and am staring at the computer monitors the entire time. Acuvue Trueye did not work for me so switched to these, which are great for me.
  • Michael Wafel - 27 Oct 2015
    Brilliant the best prices and service since i''ve been shopping on line. Keep up the good work