Blink Eye Drops for Contact Lens Wearers

What are Blink eye drops?

Developed exclusively by eye care specialists AMO, the Blink range caters for every need with a wide selection of eye drops and products available to treat various eye conditions.

Benefits of Blink eye drops

Whether you’re suffering from dry eye, excessive tearing, or you just want to add some more moisture to your lenses, the Blink range has the treatment for you. All Blink products are carefully formulated to mimic the natural feeling and texture of real tears.

We stock all genuine branded AMO Blink eye care products at and guarantee the cheapest price in Ireland with our Price Match promise. We also offer FREE delivery on all orders over €55.

Types of Blink eye drops

For those that suffer from incredibly dry eyes, Blink offer both Intensive Tears and Intensive Tears Plus, which require less applications throughout the day than with most standard eye drops. They help counter the potentially irritating effects air conditioning, hot climates and prolonged digital screen use have on your eyes. So, in just a few drops, your eyes will be instantly relieved of dryness, grittiness and irritation.

Blink-N-Clean are eye drops designed specifically to target the protein and bacteria that can gather on contact lenses as the day goes on, reducing build-up and giving your lenses a quick and effective clean. These are perfect for digital screen users, so whether you’re working in an office, studying or constantly on your smartphone, these Blink eye drops will help provide excellent comfort and visual clarity for seamless vision.

For sensitive eyes, Blink Refreshing Eye Drops work to rehydrate and awaken dry, tired-feeling eyes. The gentle formula provides instant soothing relief for a quick boost throughout the day.

Most Blink products come in a standard 10ml bottle, but we also offer multi-packs of smaller, single-use vials, which are even more convenient and easy to use. So, you can carry some Blink Contacts Vials or Blink Intensive Tears Vials in your purse or bag and be prepared, even when you’re on the go.

Other Blink eye care products

At Feel Good Contacts, we are delighted to include additional AMO eye care products, including Blink Lid Clean wipes and Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist. The eyelid wipes can be used by both children and adults, to effectively remove debris, make-up or bacteria from your eyelids. In addition, the eye mist is an excellent answer to tackle dry eyes for those who find eye drops difficult to apply.

Which Blink eye care products can be used with contact lenses?

AMO are proud creators of Blink-N-Clean, Blink Contacts Bottle and Blink Refreshing Eye Drops, which can all be used whether you have contact lenses in or not. Wearing contact lenses is amongst the many causes of dry eyes, and these impressive eye drops deliver the additional convenience of rejuvenating your eyes without the hassle of taking out your contact lenses.

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