Lens Plus Solution Value Pack

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Rinse and store with Lens Plus Solution Value Pack saline solution, a larger pack size to last you longer.

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Lens Plus Solution Value Pack Benefits & Features

  • Saline solution for soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses
  • Can be used for rinsing lenses
  • Compatible with protein removal tablets
  • Eliminates bacteria on surface of the lens
  • Formula matches the pH of substances in the eye

Recommended For

  • Anyone after a value pack to last longer
  • Those who often need to rinse their contact lenses looking to stock up
  • Those who need to temporarily store their lenses

Alternative to Lens Plus Solution Value Pack

Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution is a suitable alternative.

Product Description

Lens Plus Solution Value Pack is an effective saline solution for rinsing and storing all contact lenses, whether soft or rigid gas permeable, daily, two weekly or monthly contact lenses.

A unique solution among other products of its kind, it has been specifically created by AMO with the wellbeing of sensitive eyes in mind, meaning it’s ideal for those that frequently experience dry and gritty eyes. Lens Plus Solution Value Pack has a formula that matches the pH of substances in the eye, carefully mimicking these substances to give the products a natural feeling that is at balance with your natural tears.

You can use this saline solution for an effective rinse of your contacts after cleaning, although it is not suitable for effectively disinfecting your contact lenses. This way, you’ll be sure there’s no excess cleaning product or debris left on your lens that could potentially disrupt your vision or irritate your eyes, giving you complete visual clarity throughout the day. In addition, storing your contacts overnight in the solution means that they’ll be fresh, moist and comfortable for wear the next day.

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Product Details

Manufacturer AMO
Brand AMO
Ingredients Sodium Chloride, Boric Acid, OcuPure Preservative (Sodium Chlorite) - 0.005%, Purified Water.
Pack Size 1 x 360ml bottle


Do not use this solution if you are allergic to any ingredient in this product.

For Use

Make sure you thoroughly wash and dry your hands before removing the lenses from your eyes or the lens case, then complete these simple steps.

  1. To rinse, place your lenses in the palm of your hands and squirt the Lens Plus Solution Value Pack over the lens and repeat on the other side.

See the label at the back of the bottle for full instructions and important safety information.

Our contact lens solutions are endorsed by our in-house opticians and attain the highest standards of quality. Read our quality statement to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you buy Lens Plus Solution Value Pack?

You should buy the Lens Plus Solution Value Pack if you’re looking to stock up and want to save on additional delivery costs.

Lens Plus Solution Value Pack Reviews

  • Lucrezia L - 15 Jan 2024
    Does what it says
  • Alison Taylor - 02 Dec 2023
    Good quality for sensitive eyes.
  • Vit Adamek - 23 Sep 2023
    Great Value
  • Kevin Shah - 04 Jun 2023
    good product
  • Alison Taylor - 06 Jan 2023
    Great for sensitive eyes
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