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When it comes to contact lens solutions and lubricating eye drops, it’s hard to find a bigger name than Abbot Medical Optics (AMO), by Johnson and Johnson. Their wide selection of eye care products include brands such as Blink, Oxysept, Complete and Total Care, which are all stocked at Feel Good Contacts, at the guaranteed cheapest prices in Ireland, thanks to our Price Match Promise. The products in this range are suitable for soothing uncomfortable eye problems such as dry eyes and red eyes.

Complete RevitaLens Solution
Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops
Blink Intensive Tears Bottle

Abbott Medical Optics solutions

Multi-purpose solutions, such as AMO’s Complete RevitaLens solution are highly popular choices for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing your soft contact lenses. Exceptional in terms of convenience and quality, the Complete Multi-Purpose Solution is available as a single bottle, a triple-pack and as a travel pack at Feel Good Contacts. It’s worth noting that we also stock hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions including Oxysept 1 Step, as well as a solution for rigid gas permeable contact lens wearers in Total Care.

Abbott Medical Optics Eye Drops

Eye drops (or artificial tears) are useful for reliving dry, tired or irritated eyes, this can happen from too much screen time or from wearing contact lenses. Developed by Abbot Medical Optics, the Blink range offers some of the most popular eye drops on the market. You’ll find Blink eye drops for every one of your eye care needs.

Blink Intensive Tears are eye drops for dry eyes, re-wet your lenses with Blink Contacts or clean your contacts while they’re in with Blink-N-Clean eye drops, all available in 10ml bottles. At Feel Good Contacts, we also stock a number of these eye drops in multi-packs for those that like to stock up, as well as single-use vials, which are convenient to use when you’re out and about. As well as Blink eye drops, Oxystep solutions and Complete solutions, we also stock a wide range of contact lenses and other vision care essentials. For the lowest price in Ireland and FREE delivery on orders over €55, visit Feel Good Contacts for all your eye care needs.

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