Complete RevitaLens Solution Triple Pack

€21.00 3x240 ml and 3 lens cases
3 Month Pack 1 Month Pack
3 Month Pack 1 Month Pack
  • Complete RevitaLens Solution Triple Pack
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comfi All-in-One Solution Triple Pack
€10.99 3 x 250 ml
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Save up to 48%, Why not try?
comfi All-in-One Solution Triple Pack
€10.99 3 x 250 ml

Complete RevitaLens Solution Triple Pack Product Description

Complete RevitaLens is available in a value-for-money triple pack which includes three bottles of multi-purpose solution. This is enough to keep your lenses clean for three months depending on how much and how often you wear your weekly lenses or monthly contacts.

Complete RevitaLens Solution offers uncompromising hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting for your contact lenses so you can store them safely and clean them each day without having to use two or more different products. This dual-disinfection system saves you both time and money, and the Complete RevitaLens Solution Triple Pack means you won’t have to reorder contact lens solution for at least three months.

Developed by AMO, Complete RevitaLens multi-purpose solution can be used with all types and brands of soft contact lenses. It offers intense moisture, giving your lenses a fresh feel and leaving your eyes feeling invigorated each day.

If you’re not ready to stock up and just want to try out Complete RevitaLens Solution, we also stock a 240ml bottle -enough for a one month supply - as well as a flight pack for when you’re jetting off on holiday and don’t need a full bottle of contact lens solution.

Benefits & Features
  • Multi-purpose solution
  • Designed to clean, rinse, disinfect and store lenses
  • Suitable for use with all soft contacts
  • Removes protein, bacteria and dust deposits
  • Conditions lenses to enhance comfort
  • Triple pack supply
  • Pickle67 - 07 Oct 2019
    Have been using this for some years now and am still very happy with it. Good price from Feel Good.
  • Gareth Williams - 31 Aug 2019
    works very well, always used it, never have any problems with infections or degrading of lens using it
  • Zab Adam - 31 May 2019
    As described.
  • Christine France - 14 Nov 2018
    I have have bought these from you before, delivery also on time along with good packing
  • Gareth Williams - 11 Jul 2018
    Always used this product, price and delivery always good
  • David - 27 Jan 2018
    RevitaLens Solution is the best i have ever used for my soft contact lenses, it keeps my eye moist all day long. Would never use any other.
  • Karen Pearce - 02 Dec 2017
    Speedy order and delivery pleased with company
  • Emily Giles - 12 Mar 2017
    Good value for money pack.
  • Hannah Kane - 26 Jan 2016
    Was having dryness problem. I Made lots of different, lenses feel much better.
  • Steve Jenks - 13 Oct 2015
    Good product and simple to use.
  • Rosemary Williams - 29 Sep 2015
    Good product at a good price.