Oxysept Contact Lens Solutions

What is Oxysept contact lens solution?

Oxysept contact lens solution is a specially designed hydrogen peroxide solution that allows you to clean all soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel contact lenses. This solution was designed by AMO to offer cleaning and storing in one simple step.

How do I use Oxysept solution?

Offering a deeper clean than most other solutions, Oxysept 1 Step also needs to be neutralised after use, which is where the convenient one-step process comes into play.

The solution should be poured into the case along with your lenses, while you’ll need to add one of the provided neutralising tablets.

After cleaning and rinsing your contact lenses, place them in the lens holder and close the basket lid. Then, fill the empty contact lens case with the Oxysept contact solution till the line, before adding one of the provided neutralising tablet to the solution. Immediately place the lens holder inside and close tightly.

Allow your contact lenses to soak overnight or for a minimum of six hours for complete disinfection, while the tablet will work to ensure the solution is neutralised and that there are no cleaning agents left on the lens come morning.

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Does Oxysept solution come in a larger supply?

Yes, you can choose to stock up and save even more when you buy a Triple Pack, complete with 3 bottles and 90 neutralising tablets. You’ll enjoy total hygiene, as well as exceptional comfort and convenience, when you use Oxysept 1 Step lens solution to clean your contacts. All Oxysept contact solution come with a specialised lens disk case.

Need help?

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