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Oxysept 1 Step
Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack

What is Oxysept contact lens solution?

Oxysept disinfecting solution is a preservative-free hydrogen peroxide solution that cleans all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel contact lenses. This multi purpose solution designed by AMO cleans, disinfects, neutralises and stores your lenses. This solution is suitable for all soft contact lenses.

How do I use Oxysept solution?

Clean your lenses with an appropriate cleaner and then rinse the lenses thoroughly with a sterile saline solution. Place the lenses into the ‘basket holders’ of the case and put it aside. Fill the case with Oxysept 1 step solution. Now, and most importantly, also drop a ‘neutralising tablet’ into the solution. Finally, place the baskets holding the lenses into the case that contains the solution and the neutralising tablet.

Allow your contact lenses to soak for a minimum of six hours for complete disinfection, or overnight. The tablet will ensure the solution is neutralised and that there are no cleaning agents left on the lenses come morning. The added lubrication in this solution will ensure your lenses are soft, comfortable and ready to wear. In the morning you can insert your lenses straight away, and if you prefer, rinse the lenses with some saline solution before putting the lenses in your eyes.

How long can you leave contacts in hydrogen peroxide?

Oxysept is a hydrogen peroxide solution which requires neutralising. You must leave your lenses in this solution (with a neutralising tablet) for at least 6 hours to ensure your lenses are thoroughly clean as well as neutralised. In the morning, rinse your lenses with either a multipurpose solution or sterile saline solution. Do not rinse your contacts with hydrogen peroxide solution. You should also never use water to rinse or store your lenses.

Does Oxysept solution come in a larger supply?

Yes, you can choose to stock up and save even more when you buy the Oxysept Triple Pack, complete with 3 bottles and 90 neutralising tablets. You’ll enjoy total hygiene, as well as exceptional comfort and convenience, when you use Oxysept 1 Step lens solution to clean your contacts. All Oxysept contact solutions come with a specialised lens case.

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