OxySept Solutions for Contact Lenses

Oxysept 1 Step contact lens solution is a specially designed hydrogen peroxide solution that allows you to clean all soft contact lenses in one simple step.

Offering a deeper clean than most other solutions, Oxysept 1 Step also needs to be neutralised after use, which is where the convenient one-step process comes into play. Accompanied by a multi-pack of neutralising tablets, the solution can just be poured into the case along with your lenses, while at the same time adding a neutralising tablet to ensure there are no cleaning agents left on the lens come morning.

You’ll enjoy total hygiene, as well as exceptional comfort and convenience, when you use Oxysept 1 Step lens solution to clean your contacts.

Try a month’s supply of Oxysept 1 Step, with a 300ml bottle accompanied by 30 neutralising tablet. Or, stock up and save even more when you buy a Triple Pack, complete with 3 bottles and 90 neutralising tablets inside.