Biofinity Contact Lenses

What are Biofinity contact lenses?

Biofinity contact lenses are monthly disposable lenses, renowned for their impressive performance and high level of comfort. Biofinity are some of the most popular monthly contact lenses in Ireland. Crafted from reputable eye care professionals CooperVision, Feel Good Contacts stock an extensive range of Biofinity monthly contact lenses for all types of visual correction.

Why choose Biofinity?

Biofinity contact lenses are ideal for those who suffer from dry eyes. Made from state-of-the-art silicone hydrogel material, the lenses allow more oxygen into your eyes, helping them to stay moist and hydrated throughout the day.

What are the different types of Biofinity contact lenses?

Designed with the same impressive lens material, Biofinity contact lenses are available for short-sightedness and long-sightedness, as well as in multifocal and toric form. Biofinity Toric is made for lens wearers with astigmatism and Biofinity Multifocal help correct the issue of presbyopia.

For those with more extreme astigmatism, the Biofinity brand offers an extended range so you can also find Biofinity Toric XR and Biofinity XR available at Feel Good Contacts. They provide the same benefits as the other lenses and cater for people of all prescriptions.

Can I wear Biofinity as extended wear lenses?

All Biofinity can be worn as extended wear lenses, as well as monthly disposable contacts. If approved by your optician, you can wear your Biofinity lenses for up to seven days of extended wear, day and night without needing to remove them. However, sleeping in your contacts is not recommended for everyone and we strongly advice speaking to your optician for a suitable wearing schedule.

How to take care of your Biofinity lenses

Biofinity contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 consecutive days of daily wear, provided they are removed nightly before bed and stored in a multi-purpose solution. A simple cleaning routine will maintain the quality and comfort of your lenses to last the entire month.

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Here at Feel Good Contacts, we offer unbeatable prices for your Biofinity, guaranteed to be cheaper than your high street optician. We also offer Price Match, should you find the same lenses cheaper elsewhere online, we promise to refund you the difference.