Biomedics Contact Lenses

What are Biomedics contact lenses?

Created with comfort, performance and reliability in mind, Biomedics contact lenses offer something for everyone, whether you wear monthlies or daily disposables. You’ll even find toric editions of popular Biomedics contact lenses for correcting your astigmatism.

A generous water content level can be noticed in each of these Biomedics contact lenses, ensuring that you’ll experience total comfort when you wear your lenses, from morning till night.

What types of Biomedics contact lenses are there?

Biomedics 1 Day has recently been upgraded to Biomedics 1 Day Extra, improving the water content from 52% to 55% and an optimised base curve that helps with the fitting of the lens. These daily disposable contact lenses are great for those with a busy lifestyle, work long hours or simply don’t want to keep up with a lens cleaning routine.

Alternatively, you can try Biomedics 55 Evolution, a monthly contact lens that also provides comfort and hydration through its 55% water content. In addition, this lens enjoys an aspheric design that reduces spherical aberrations and blurring, and features edge tapered technology to enhance the fit.

Toric contact lenses from the Biomedics range are available in daily disposable form as Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric and as a monthly contact lens with Biomedics Toric.