EasySept Solutions for Contact Lenses

Another quality contact lens solution from industry-heavyweights Bausch & Lomb, EasySept solution delivers a highly effective clean of your lenses.

Use this premium hydrogen peroxide solution to clean and store any soft contact lens (even silicone hydrogel lenses), and be confident you’re putting in a clean, fresh and comfortable lens the next morning.

As with all hydrogen peroxide solutions, you’ll need to neutralise your lenses after using EasySept solution. Conveniently, each pack of solution comes alongside a specialised contact lens case that features a neutraliser built in. All you need to do is add your lenses to this case, fill it with solution, leave them overnight, and the next morning you’ll be putting in fresh, rehydrated lenses that offer an unrivalled level of comfort.

Why not try a one month supply of EasySept contact lens solution? Or, you can stock up and save even more with the triple pack.