Frequency Contact Lenses

What are Frequency contact lenses?

Specially designed for both clarity and comfort, and particularly adept at correcting unusual prescriptions, Frequency contact lenses by CooperVision are available at for the guaranteed cheapest prices in Ireland.

Frequency lenses are monthly contacts that have been created with stable vision and comfortable wear in mind. With a high water content, each Frequency lens can keep your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable from the moment you put them in in the morning till you take them out at night.

What types of Frequency contact lenses are there?

Frequency 55 Aspheric is an exceptional contact lens designed to cater for more extreme prescriptions, and is also able to correct early presbyopia and light astigmatism, due to its Enhanced Resolution Technology.

All Frequency contact lenses are made using UltraSync technology that allows for a flexible, yet very stable shape. This same design makes Frequency Xcel Toric an ideal choice for correcting your astigmatism as a quality toric contact lens that offers stable, undistorted vision all day long. For those with the more extreme degrees of astigmatism, you can also find Frequency Xcel Toric XR at