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What are Frequency contact lenses?

Frequency contact lenses are monthly contact lenses renowned for correcting more specific prescriptions. Created by CooperVision with a high-water content and stable vision in mind, Frequency contact lenses can keep your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable from morning till night.

What types of Frequency contact lenses are there?

At Feel Good Contacts, you’ll find an extensive range of Frequency contact lenses to cater for all visual requirements. Frequency 55 Aspheric is an exceptional contact lens for lens wearers with more extreme prescriptions and is also able to correct early presbyopia and light astigmatism, due to its Enhanced Resolution Technology. These lenses are also available in a 6-pack edition.

All Frequency contact lenses are made using UltraSync technology that allows for a flexible, yet highly stable shape. This same design makes Frequency Xcel Toric an ideal choice for correcting your astigmatism as a quality toric contact lens that offers stable, undistorted vision all day long.

For those with more extreme degrees of astigmatism, you can also find Frequency Xcel Toric XR at

How can I look after my Frequency contact lenses?

The Frequency range is made up of monthly disposable contact lenses, which can be worn for 30 consecutive days of daily wear, provided they are removed before bed and stored in solution overnight.

You can maintain the quality and comfort of your lenses using a suitable multi-purpose contact lens solution. Our best-selling comfi All-in-One Solution offers everything you need from one bottle to clean and store your contact lenses.

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