FreshLook Contact Lenses

What are FreshLook contact lenses?

FreshLook contact lenses are coloured contact lenses that offer a fun and easy way to temporarily enhance or change your eye colour, created by leading eye care manufacturer Alcon & Ciba Vision. FreshLook offers coloured lenses for visual correction, as well as purely for cosmetic use, in a wide selection of colours.

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What types of FreshLook contact lenses are there?

FreshLook have a variety of coloured contact lenses to cater to every eye colour and are available in daily disposable or monthly disposable form.

FreshLook Colorblends are monthly contact lens, designed with a 3-in-1 colour technology that combines three different shades of colour together in one lens. This offers a beautiful and natural enhancement to your eye colour, creating an eye colour that is deep, complex and textured. This works to mimic the look of a natural eye regardless of which colour you choose. Colorblends contact lenses come in twelve stunning colours.

Those who want a stronger, more vivid appearance should opt for FreshLook Colors. These monthly disposable contact lenses contain only one intense colour, opaque enough to cover even darker eyes. FreshLook Colors are available in six vibrant colours.

For lighter eyes, FreshLook Dimensions enhance and define your eye colour for a stylish update. Dimensions are available in three glamorous colours and are designed to give you the appearance of larger and brighter eyes.

If you don’t necessarily want to change your eye colour, rather enhance what you already have, FreshLook Illuminate lenses enhance the colour of even the darkest of eyes. These contacts introduce a sparkle around your iris and increase the depth of colour that others see in your eyes.

FreshLook One Day is one of our most popular coloured lenses around and offers the same design as FreshLook Colorblends, with the added convenience of being daily disposable. These lenses are available in four different colours, offering a subtle enhancement.

Can I buy FreshLook contact lenses without a prescription?

Yes, FreshLook contact lenses aren’t just for Halloween or special occasions. With the FreshLook range, you can correct your eyesight with prescription lenses, while still enjoying an exciting, enhanced or new eye colour.

FreshLook contact lenses provide the comfort, hygiene and easy application of any vision-correcting contact lens. This makes the brand perfect for both prescription and non-prescription wearers to enjoy, whether you have dark or lighter coloured eyes. For cosmetic use (no prescription), simply select 0.00 (Plano) at the products page.

How can I look after my FreshLook contact lenses?

Most FreshLook contact lenses are monthly contact lenses, requiring nightly removal, disinfection and cleaning. They can be worn for up to 30 days, provided they are stored in solution overnight. However, if you only wear coloured lenses on special occasions, try FreshLook One Day lenses or FreshLook Illuminate. These daily disposable coloured lenses deliver the same vibrant eye colour and crystal-clear vision but can be thrown away at the end of the day after a full day’s wear.

Can I wear make-up with my FreshLook contact lenses?

Yes, you can wear your contact lenses with make-up. However, we recommend inserting your contact lenses before you apply your make-up, and then removing them before taking off your make-up.

Need help?

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