PureVision Contact Lenses

What are PureVision contact lenses?

Created by the well-known and well-trusted manufacturer Bausch & Lomb, the PureVision range consists of some of the most impressive monthly wear contact lenses around.

With every lens made from silicone hydrogel, PureVision contact lenses are known for being exceptionally comfortable to wear. Silicone hydrogel as a material makes for a more porous contact lens, and with increased breathability, your eyes will stay refreshed all day long.

What types of PureVision contact lenses are there?

PureVision2, an upgrade of best-selling lens PureVision, utilises High Definition Optics to reduce the occurrence of blurs or glare, therefore improving the visual clarity you enjoy. This impressive monthly contact lens is also available in toric form as PureVision2 for Astigmatism, while we stock an exceptional multifocal contact lens in PureVision2 for Presbyopia.