Blink Lid Clean

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Blink Lid Clean Product Description

Formulated with soothing camomile, Blink Lid Clean eye wipes by AMO are a refreshing and effective way to rid your eyelids of any dirt, debris, make-up or bacteria that may have gathered during the day or while sleeping.

Blink Lid Clean Wipes

Blink Lid Clean wipes are hypoallergenic and entirely preservative-free, delivering an effective clean suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. They can be used by adults, children, babies and even contact lens wearers.

For use, simply close your eyes and gently massage your eye-lid and lashes with the sterile wipe. The Blink Lid Clean wipe can be used as a cold and warm compress.

Blink Lid Clean Wipes for Irritation or Infection

Minimise the risk of irritation or infection when you use Blink Lid Clean, designed to help the symptom of dry eye, blepharitis and many other conditions. We stock a wide selection of eye supplements and hygiene products. For all other eye care products, browse our range now at

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Product Details & Advice
  • Exfoliating eyelid wipes, removes debris and secretions
  • Features soothing camomile
  • Preservative-free and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all ages
  • 20 wipes per box
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  • Anne From Cumbria - 10 Jan 2020
    I have issues with my eyes reacting to makeup these wipes keep my eyes clear I had a really nasty cold which went to my eyes using these wipes ensures it doesn’t spread and clears quickly
  • Shirls - 24 Nov 2019
    Very effective product
  • Eric Vince - 30 Oct 2019
    very soothing and inexpensive
  • Louise Fletcher - 17 Jul 2019
    These are amazing for dry eye and blepharitis- can highly recommend!!
  • Satisfied Customer - 03 Jun 2019
    Lovely soothing eye wipes for my dry eye syndrome. Will certainly order again.