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Clariti 1 Day Multifocal Benefits & Features

  • Daily multifocal lenses to correct presbyopia
  • Ideal for anyone with a busy or active lifestyle
  • Silicone hydrogel design allows high level of oxygen transmission
  • Unique dual Intermediate Vision Zones provides seamless vision at any distance
  • UV absorbing contact lenses (should be worn with protective UV absorbing eyewear to protect the eye and surrounding area)
  • WetLoc technology keeps the lenses moist throughout the wearing time

Recommended For

  • People with presbyopia
  • Busy or active lifestyles
  • Those who don’t want the hassle of a contact lens care routine

Alternative to Clariti 1 Day Multifocal Contact Lenses

Dailies Total 1 Multifocal and, MyDay Multifocal are alternative daily disposable lenses.

This is a recommendation made by Feel Good Contacts. If you wish to try alternative contact lenses you will need to consult your optician to make sure they are suitable for you and are fitted correctly.

Optician Equivalents

  • Boots Oxylens 1 Day for Presbyopia
  • Specsavers easyvision Daily Umere Multifocal
  • Eyexpert Finess 1 Day Multifocal

Product Description

Clariti 1 Day Multifocal by CooperVision are daily disposable multifocal contact lenses designed to correct presbyopia. These daily contact lenses are made from a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material, allowing more oxygen to pass through the lens and reach your eyes. You can expect healthy and hydrated eyes all day long with these silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

Clariti 1 Day Multifocal contact lenses feature four smooth progressive zones to allow seamless transitioning when focusing on all distances, removing the need for reading glasses. The UV filter will protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. In order to protect the eyes and the area around the eyes, it is essential to wear UV protected eyewear.

Exclusive WetLoc technology in these lenses promise to keep your eyes hydrated by binding water molecules to the surface of the lens, for clear vision all day. This reduces the possibility of dry eyes, headaches and blurry vision. These lenses are comfortable, easy to use and provide advanced vision correction for presbyopia.

Buy Clariti 1 Day Multifocal lenses 30 pack. Order by 5:45pm for same day dispatch. Get the Clariti 1 Day Multifocal for the best price with Feel Good Contacts, with our Price Match Guarantee, which means if you find this product cheaper elsewhere, we will refund you the difference. Not sure? Checkout the Clariti 1-day Multifocal reviews.

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Clariti 1 Day Multifocal Parameters

Manufacturer CooperVision
Brand Clariti
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range +5.00 to -6.00
Base curve(s) 8.6mm
Diameter(s) 14.1mm
Lens material Somofilcon A
Water content 56%
Oxygen permeability 86 Dk/t
Pack size 30 Pack

Want to compare lenses? Browse our extensive contact lens specification page.

Our selection of contact lenses supports our aim of total customer satisfaction and is endorsed by our in-house opticians. Read our quality statement to learn more.

Further Optical Advice

What are Clariti 1 Day Multifocal lenses made of?

Clariti 1 Day Multifocal contact lenses are made of Somoflicon A, a silicone hydrogel polymer that delivers optimal eye health and comfort. It has a water content of 56% and an oxygen permeability of 86 (Dk/t). Somoflicon A is currently used to make all the lenses in the Clariti range by CooperVision.

Is Clariti 1 Day Multifocal available as a normal or toric lens?

Yes, Clariti 1 Day Multifocal is available as a toric lens. Clariti 1 Day Toric is one of the few silicone hydrogel toric lenses available on the market. You can also purchase Clariti 1 Day as a spherical prescription lens for both long-sighted and short-sighted prescriptions.

Is Clariti 1 Day Multifocal a good contact lens?

Clariti 1 Day Multifocal lenses are designed to correct presbyopia. With the exclusive WetLoc technology, your lenses will remain moist supporting excellent all-day wearing comfort. Clariti 1 Day Multifocal has been reviewed by our Optical Team.

Reviewed by our Optical Team

Tina Patel

Tina Patel, Contact Lens Optician.

Tina Patel is a qualified Contact Lens Optician and part of the Optical Team at Feel Good Contacts, which promises the same attentive and quality service offered on the high street. With an outstanding 25 year strong career in the optical industry, Tina offers expert advice and support on contact lenses, solutions and eye care.


Clariti 1 Day Multifocal Reviews

  • Lesley Walden - 05 Jul 2023
    Great service
  • Anne Smith - 12 Sep 2022
    They are better than wearing 2 pairs of glasses
  • Midnight in Paris - 02 Aug 2022
    Very comfortable to wear, have ordered more lenses.
  • Dan Kan - 17 Apr 2022
    Ideal and good value for money
  • Anne Smith - 30 Jan 2022
    Would certainly recommend
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