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Clariti Toric Benefits & Features

  • Monthly contact lenses
  • Silicone hydrogel lens for astigmatism
  • UVA/UVB protection
  • Lenses stay moist for longer with AquaGen technology
  • 56% water content

Recommended For

  • Those who need astigmatic correction
  • Someone who looks for a breathable toric lens
  • Anyone who suffers from dry eye

Equivalent contact lenses to Biofinity Toric

A suitable alternative lens is Biofinity Toric.

Optician Equivalents

  • Specsavers easyvision Monthly Lacrima Toric
  • Boots Oxylens Monthly for Astigmatism

Product Description

Clariti Toric contact lenses are an exceptional choice to correct your astigmatism without compromising on comfort. These silicone hydrogel contact lenses by CooperVision provide excellent visual correction and an unrivalled degree of hydration.

Stable and comfortable vision

Aspheric Optics design ensures that the lenses remain stable on the eye throughout wear, with minimal rotation during eye movement. As a result, these lenses produce sharp and uninterrupted vision from morning to night.

A hydrating and breathable lens

These silicone hydrogel contact lenses feature AquaGen technology, a treatment that helps the lens attract water molecules for lasting hydration. This lens also has a high-water content, promoting excellent all-day comfort and hygiene. The silicone hydrogel material supplies a higher amount of oxygen to the lens than standard hydrogel contact lenses, keeping your eyes healthy and hydrated.

Wearing Clariti Toric contact lenses

Maintain these impressive monthly contact lenses with a simple cleaning and storing routine. After a full day’s wear, remove your lenses before bed each night, then clean and store them in multi-purpose solution.

Enjoy the same outstanding performance with Clariti 1 Day Toric, for a daily disposable wearing option.

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Clariti Toric Parameters

Manufacturer CooperVision
Brand Clariti
Wearing type Monthly Contact Lenses
Power range +6.00 to -9.00


-0.75, -1.25, -1.75, -2.25
10° - 180°
Base curve(s) 8.7mm
Diameter(s) 14.4mm
Lens material Somofilcon A
Water content 56%
Oxygen permeability 57 Dk/t
Pack size 3 Pack

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Further Optical Advice

What is a toric lens?

A toric lens is a contact lens that corrects astigmatism, an eye condition that means the eyeball is shaped like a rugby ball.

Can I sleep in Clariti Toric?

This contact lens has not been approved for extended wear so you cannot sleep in them.

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Clariti Toric Reviews

  • Sabahat Shahzadi - 11 Nov 2023
    Love it
  • Sabahat Shahzadi - 28 Jan 2023
    Amazing love to use contact lenses.
  • ADELE YAN LUN - 04 Nov 2019
    great quality of contact lenses
  • Anna Boniface - 26 Jul 2019
    These are great lenses, I can wear them up to 12 hours without them drying out. Would recommend!
  • Charlie Potter - 25 Jul 2019
    Been wearing these for years, the most comfortable lenses I've ever had! So glad to find something good for my dry eyes.
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