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Clinitas Soothe Product Description

Clinitas Soothe are gentle preservative-free, lubricating eye drops by Altacor that provide effective relief for dry, gritty and irritable eyes.

Available in these 20 re-sealable droppers for all day use, you can enjoy quick and effective relief from dry eyes wherever you go. Clinitas Soothe eye drops are of particular help to those with persistently dry eyes and can counter the effects of digital screen use, air conditioning, pollution and a number of other environmental factors.

Clinitas Soothe for long-lasting hydration

With Sodium Hyaluronate worked into the formula, Clinitas Soothe eye drops help to lubricate your eye’s tear film, ensuring long-lasting hydration and comfort for up to 12 hours. For use, you can even keep your contact lenses in when you apply the drops, which ensure your lenses stay smooth and comfortable during wear.

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Product Details & Advice
  • Fast, effective treatment for irritated and dry eyes
  • Free of any preservatives
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used by everyone, including contact lens wearers
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  • Robert Moseley - 09 May 2020
    I use this product every day and find it great and convinient
  • kW - 31 Mar 2020
    Good product recommended by my optometrist.
  • Angela - 08 Jun 2019
    I have changed to Clinitas Soothe eye drops because I find them to be more lubricating. I was recently prescribed them to help with an allergic reaction and have continued to use them as they help my dry eye condition.
  • Barbara Nash - 27 Apr 2019
    Brilliant product. It’s used for my dogs eyes