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EasySept Solution Triple Pack Product Description

EasySept Solution Triple Pack brings together all the benefits of the regular bottle of EasySept Solution for triple the value. Give yourself three months’ worth of hydrogen peroxide solution and reduce the number of times you need to reorder contact lens solution for your two weekly and monthly contact lenses. EasySept Solution Triple Pack is the perfect answer if you want to stock up on your contact lens solution without having to reorder each month.

What is included in the EasySept Solution Triple Pack?

Enjoy the ultimate clean from EasySept contact lens solution triple pack, which contains 3% hydrogen peroxide and provides a high level of disinfection when added to the special lens case. EasySept Solution Triple Pack comes with three contact lens cases in total, one for each month of use.


What are the benefits of EasySept Solution Triple Pack?

Created by Bausch & Lomb, the innovative, preservative-free formula is perfectly suited for those that suffer from allergies triggered by some of the substances used in other contact lens solutions. Give your lenses a thorough clean with less fear of irritation to your eyes. The hypoallergic formula is perfect for more sensitive eyes.


What lenses can EasySept Solution Triple Pack be used with?

EasySept Solution Triple Pack can be used with both silicone hydrogel and standard hydrogel lenses. As well as disinfecting, cleaning and storing, EasySept Solution Triple Pack works to rewet your lenses, maintaining a high level of comfort and hydration throughout the wearing process. EasySept is also available as a one month supply.

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Product Details & Advice
  • 'No rub' formula
  • Used to clean and store contacts
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 3 x contact lens cases
  • 3 x 360ml solution bottles
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