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The Eye Mask Product Description

Enjoy fast and effective relief from the conditions of dry eye when you use The Eye Mask, an exceptional eye care accessory also suited to treating inflamed and sore eyes and blepharitis.

Dry eye can be caused by air conditioning, digital screen use, traffic pollution and a variety of other factors common in the modern world. The Eye Mask works to combat dry eye, as well as many other eye-related conditions, by externally heating the eyelids. In turn, this is effective in stimulating the nearby glands, easing symptoms and offer a soothing sensation. 

This impressive product, created by The Body Doctor, is adept at fighting symptoms such as: blurred vision, grittiness, red eyes, light sensitivity, inflammation and reduce puffiness. 

Using the mask couldn’t be any easier; simply heat it up for 30 seconds in the microwave before applying to closed eyes, for between seven to ten minutes. Remember to massage eyelids gently after removing the mask and to use lid wipes after.

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