Thera-Pearl Eye Mask

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Thera-Pearl Eye Mask
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Thera-Pearl Eye Mask Product Description

Thera-Pearl Eye Mask offers a therapeutic spa-like treatment for a variety of eye conditions, from the comfort of your own home. Developed by eye care professional Bausch & Lomb, the eye-ssential mask is perfect for treating dry eye, blepharitis, sinus headaches, irritation and relieve puffy eyes.

Why use Thera-Pearl Eye Mask?

Suitable cold or hot, you can choose the type of treatment you’re after with Thera-Pearl Eye Mask. Designed with Pearl Technology, the small pearls can retain heat or remain cool for long periods of time. This versatile product is suited to those with even the most sensitive eyes.

Thera-Pearl Eye Mask Benefits

For use, simply chill in the freezer for 2 hours to rejuvenate tired eyes or minimise the sting of a brow wax. Alternatively, Thera-Pearl Eye Mask can be used as a hot compress. Pop into the microwave for 15 seconds to relieve dry eyes, or to simply clear your nasal passages and airways.

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Product Details & Advice
  • Spa-like mask for therapeutic benefits
  • Relaxes, soothes and rejuvenates eyes
  • Dual-use for hot and cold therapies
  • Pearl Technology®
  • Freeze or Microwave for best effects
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