Do I need an eye test?

How often should I go for an eye check-up?

It’s generally advised by eye care professionals to go for an eye check-up once every two years, even if you don’t notice any changes to your vision or eye health. This may be done earlier if you feel there are some changes.

This way, the optician can identify any possible issues before they cause any damage to your eyes or vision, and can take note of any change, no matter how slight, in your contact lens prescription requirements.

How can I tell when I need my eyes tested?

Some tell-tale signs that you should get your eyes checked include:

  • If your eyes are severely dry, red or itchy
  • If you’re experiencing eye strain or headaches
  • If you often get dizzy and suffer from motion sickness
  • If you’ve noticed any changes to your vision
  • If you have diabetes or any other health condition that could affect your vision or eyes

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