How Does Air Pollution Affect Eyes?

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Air pollution in London has exceeded its safety limits, causing a range of eye symptoms for contact and not contact lens wearers. This includes red eye and dry eye syndrome and can lead to even more severe complications.

Air pollution has been said to have been causing a wealth of health issues such as asthma, heart disease, dementia and stunted lungs for children. A recent article published by Optician Online claims that exposure to pollutants caused by vehicles has also been linked to a higher risk of AMD.

With all this talk of pollution in the city, beauty industry experts are promoting an anti-pollution skin care routine.

Whilst the skin is delicate, the eye is even more so, therefore, it’s no surprise that this organ has fallen vulnerable to the effects of pollution. These effects are often overlooked by optometrists despite there being a connection between poor air quality and eye irritation.

To best protect ourselves from the harmful effects of pollution, here are some questions worth considering:

Can bad air quality make your eyes red?

Red Eyes

Poor quality of air containing harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide has led to more people complaining of having red eyes

Itching, irritations, chronic discomfort and symptoms of dry eye syndrome are consequences of toxic fumes and particles lying on the outer surface of the eye. This damages the tear film and can result in severe complications.

How is air pollution creating discomfort for contact lens users?

Woman putting in a Contact Lens

Doctors have said that air pollution can damage your contact lenses, causing harm to the eyes. For this reason many are now opting for daily disposable contact lens brands rather than monthlies.

To best avoid damage to your eyes, it is recommended that you wear contact lenses prescribed to you by your optician, and that you are following their advice and what is detailed in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Feel good contacts only stocks lenses from reputable manufacturers such as Johnson and Johnson and CooperVision. You can shop from a variety of daily disposable contact lenses, including toric contact lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses for presbyopia. These contacts lenses are especially great as they are made from silicone hydrogel allowing a higher amount of oxygen to travel through the lens.

Contact lens wearers should ensure that they remove their lenses immediately if they face irritation and clean them with a suitable contact lens solution.

What can you do for an irritated eye?

If you experience soreness or itching, we suggest using eye care such as lubricating eye drops. Our Blink n Clean eye drops are best as they target built up protein and bacteria on the lens, getting rid of any irritating deposits.

How can you protect your eyes from eye pollution?

Man Wearing Sunglasses

You can minimise eye symptoms in a polluted environment by:

  1. Wearing high quality sunglasses to prevent pollutants from getting in your eyes. Butterfly and wrap lenses are particularly useful as they cover a larger surface of the eye.

Feel Good Contacts stock a wide range for men and women, designed to suit various face shapes and sizes.

  1. Avoiding the outdoors when pollution is at its peak.
  2. Relieving discomfort using our thera-pearl eye mask, or eye drops to soothe irritation and dry eyes.

How polluted is London compared to other cities?

According to The Guardian, a pollution map released by a campaigner in 2019 shows that over 2,000 locations across, England, Wales and Northern Ireland have dangerous levels of pollution.

Recent studies studies have even shown the air pollution in London to be worse than that in New York and Madrid and almost just as bad as in big Asian cities such as New Delhi and Beijing.

Boy wearing a pollution mask in Beijing

Want to ensure that your eyes remain as protected as possible? Browse our full range of eye care products at Feel Good Contacts. We have everything from top quality eye drops to treatments for dry eyes all at unbeatable prices.

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