Love Island Sunglasses 2023: Get the Look

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Monday, 06 March 2023 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Winter Love Island 2023 is almost over, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve been loving the stylish sunglasses everyone has been wearing. We’re on job to find you the fashionable frames worn by all the islanders this year. Why do the Love Islanders wear sunglasses in bed? Because they know how important sun protection is, well, that and the lights in the bedroom are very bright in the morning!

winter love island 2023 sunglasses

What sunglasses do they wear on Love Island?

For Winter Love Island 2023, the cast have been wearing a mixture of brands, from Prada to Balenciaga and Ray-Ban, the islanders have chosen classic styles with a few more statement pairs thrown in.

Tom’s oversized shades

love island 2023 sunglasses tom clare
Image source: ITV 2

Radley RDS Aveline 118 Gloss Amber/Caramel/Coral

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Tom has always been popular with the girls, although his constant indecision and flirty behaviour has caused more than one girl to get upset with him. Has he finally found his partner in Sammie? Only time will tell. Steal his look with these stylish oversized square sunglasses from Radley.

Tanya’s Versace sunnies

love island 2023 sunglasses tanya manhenga
Image source: ITV 2

 Versace VE4361 GB1/87 Black

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Tanya has been with Shaq from the start and although they’ve had their issues and the whole love triangle with Martin, the couple continue to go from strength to strength. Tanya has a bold and confident style that can also be seen in her fashionable Versace shades.

Shaq’s rectangle sunglasses

love island 2023 sunglasses shaq muhammad
Image source: ITV 2

Prada PR17WS 1AB5S0 Black - Shay Mitchell

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Shaq is known for keeping it real, his honesty and witty charm always comes across, and so does his effortless style. He’s taken to wearing large, rectangle sunglasses around the villa and you can get the look too with these stylish sunnies by Prada.

Ron’s colourful aviators

love island 2023 sunglasses ron hall
Image source: ITV 2

Ray-Ban RB3561 The General Gold Crystal Blue 001/3F57

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Although it was a slow and rocky start to their relationship, Ron and Lana appear to be stronger now than ever. Ron has been seen wearing a statement pair of gold sunglasses with blue lenses. The square, aviator style of these shades makes them a versatile accessory that would suit a lot of different people. Get the look with these fashionable pair of sunnies.

Claudia’s hexagonal Ray-Ban shades

love island 2023 sunglasses claudia fogarty
Image source: ITV 2

Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal Gold 001/58 Polarised

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It seemed like Casey had finally found a connection in Claudia, that was until Rosie came into the picture. Until her dramatic exit, she was serving looks in her hexagonal Ray-Ban sunglasses. The hexagonal shape has become a firm favourite over the last few years, it’s as classic as the round or the cat eye. Get the look with these classic gold framed Ray-Ban shades.

Jessie’s silver wrap shades

love island 2023 sunglasses jessie wynter
Image source: ITV 2

 O'Neill Barrel 108P Matte Grey Polarised

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Although Will almost caused the end of their relationship after his antics in Casa Amor, Jessie seems to have finally left that in the past after some serious grafting from Will. She’s been wearing some sporty, wrap-style shades that give her the perfect Y2K aesthetic.

Kai’s square sunnies

love island 2023 sunglasses kai fagen
Image source: ITV 2

FGC Sam C02 Grey Polarised

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Kai was initially gassed to be coupled up with Olivia, but after Casa Amor his head turned to Sanam. His blossoming new romance appears to be going well. He’s staying drama-free and he’s doing it in style with these oversized square sunglasses. With adjustable nose pads for comfort and gradient lenses for style, these practical and chic shades will suit a wide variety of people.

Your Love Island dictionary

We know the world of Love Island can be a confusing place. You might watch the show and hear words/phrases being thrown around that you’ve never heard of. Consider this your official Love Island dictionary, read our guide and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Deep it

When you take something seriously.
E.g. Being in the bottom two doesn’t mean anything, don’t deep it

Dead it

When you’re no longer interested in someone (or was never interested in the first place) so you make it known that you are not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with someone.
E.g. He’s just deaded it with me

Where’s your head at?

A way of asking how someone feels romantically about someone else.
E.g. We’re getting on great so far but I’m just not sure where my heads at


When you are actively and determinedly pursuing someone in the hopes of forming a romantic relationship with them, you are grafting.
E.g. Ever since I messed things up with Lana I’ve been grafting to get her back

On Job

The phrase ‘on job’ refers to someone who is getting to know many people (or sometimes just one person) in a determined fashion.
E.g. Casey has only been in the Villa a few hours and he’s already on job

Good chat

If someone has ‘good chat’ it means they are very skilled in conversation.
E.g. I’m not sure if there’s a connection between us but at least he’s got good chat

Muggy/mugging me off

Muggy describes behaviour that is especially rude or disrespectful.
E.g. Getting with him before telling me was really muggy

The ick

Not just exclusive to Love Island, the ick is a phrase that has become increasingly popular in the mainstream. The ick describes a personality trait or behaviour that someone does which completely removes your initial attraction to them.
E.g. Seeing him shout at Ron really gave me the ick

It is what it is

This essentially means you must accept the situation, it’s usually said in reference to an unpleasant or unfortunate turn of events.
E.g. I’m disappointed that she found a better connection, but it is what it is


Both gassed and buzzing mean that you are excited.
E.g. I’m gassed that she kissed me outside of a challenge!

My head’s turning

If your head has been turned, it means you have a romantic relationship with someone but you are suddenly also attracted to someone else, therefore questioning your interest in the first person.
E.g. I’m happy in my couple right now, but that doesn’t mean my head can’t be turned


Banter is a friendly and often humorous conversation between people.
E.g. I like the banter between us

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