Do I need eye drops?

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Monday, 02 November 2020 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Eye drops work well for a variety of eye problems, but do you need this commonly used eye treatment?

Are eye drops necessary?

Dry or irritated eyes can be an uncomfortable problem. Eye drops, or artificial tears can help soothe dry and tired eyes for instant relief. They can be used several times a day to help keep the eyes lubricated and comfortable. If you have an allergic reaction, or if you have an eye infection, you may be given prescription eye drops to take. Drops can also be used before and after eye surgery to prevent you from developing an infection or to numb your eye area.


Is it OK to use eye drops daily?

Drops for the eyes are not supposed to be used every day, and using them too often could be disguising a more serious problem such as conjunctivitis, eye allergies or even a foreign object in the eye. Overusing drops will wash away your natural tears which are much better equipped at moisturising your eyes. If you find yourself reaching for the drops too often, seek medical advice to make sure everything is okay.


What are the best eye drops?

There are a broad range of eye drops available to remedy different eye problems. Some eye drops are formulated to constrict the blood vessels in your eyes, making them appear whiter and less red. Other drops will relieve dry and sore eyes. See our previous blog post for more information on what eye drops are and how to use them.

We suggest comfi Soothe Drops as a calming aid to your sore eyes.



Does drinking water help dry eyes?

Dry eyes can be caused by a range of things, including:


-  Dehydration

-  Frequent contact lens use

-  Eye strain/too much screen time

-  Age (if you are 50 or older)

-  Certain medical conditions

-  Certain medications


Drops for dry eyes can soothe irritation. If your dry eye is caused by dehydration, then the quickest way to relieve them is to drink water and keep hydrated. There are other gels and ointments available, such as Blink Intensive Tears Vials, which come in convenient and travel-friendly vials so you can soothe your eyes on the go.


Do I need eye drops?

If you have red eyes or your eyes feel dry all the time, then investing in the right formulation of drops could help your symptoms. If you find eye drops are not effective, or that you rely on them too heavily, then you should book an eye test. You should also be aware that drops can sometimes cause side effects such as increased sensitivity to light, redness and watery eyes.

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