5 frequently asked questions about contact lenses

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Buying contact lenses for the first time can be a daunting process, especially if you’re opting to buy them online. We answer some of the most frequent questions about lenses and bust some common myths.

We’ve compiled 5 of our most commonly asked questions about contact lenses and purchasing contact lenses online. Feel Good Contacts offers the best prices online for your contact lenses and year care products.

Can you purchase contact lenses online and is it safe?

It is perfectly safe to purchase your contact lenses online from a verified retailer. It is important that you visit an optician first and have a professional lens fitting and get a prescription before purchasing contact lenses online. Once you have been fitted, it is a legal requirement that your optician hand over your prescription. You can purchase the exact same lenses as prescribed by your optician online. You are free to purchase your contact lenses anywhere you like and it is cheaper to buy them online.  

Feel Good Contacts offers a wide range of lenses suitable for those who are both long sighted and short sighted. We also stock toric lenses for those who have astigmatism and multifocal lenses for those who require more than one prescription in a lens, or have presbyopia. At Feel Good Contacts, you can choose between daily, monthly, two-weekly and yearly lenses.


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Can children wear contact lenses?

There is no specific age set by eye care practitioners regarding when a child can and cannot wear contact lenses. It depends entirely on whether or not the child is deemed mature enough to properly insert and remove contact lenses without too much super vison. This also includes if they are able to follow proper contact lens hygiene. This is particularly important if they are going to wear monthly or two weekly lenses. It is highly recommended that children and young adults who wear contact lenses wear daily disposables as this requires no daily routine that requires cleaning, storing and disinfecting the lenses.

Contact lenses are highly beneficial for kids and young adults who are highly active and may take part in high performance activities such as sport and dancing. Always consult with a qualified optician before purchasing contact lenses for your child. They will be given a proper examination, lens fitting and the optician can make a formal judgement as to whether or not the child/young adult is responsible enough to wear lenses.  Seek medical attention if your child experiences notable changes to their eye sight.


Is wearing contact lenses dangerous?

Wearing contact lenses is not dangerous, not practicing good hygiene whilst wearing contact lenses is what can lead to infections. Most contact lens infections come from the following:

  • Wearing contact lenses past their recommended wearing time
  • Falling asleep in contact lenses
  • Getting contaminated water or any other substance in your eye and not immediately removing your lenses and washing out your eye
  • Not properly storing and disinfecting two-weekly, monthly or yearly lenses
  • Not following proper hand hygiene when insert and removing contact lenses
  • Getting dirt and debris in your eyes and not taking your lenses out immediately

Avoiding these mistakes drastically reduces your chance of getting infections.


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Are dailies or monthly contact lenses better?

Whether you choose to wear dailies or monthlies is purely dependent on your personal preference and daily routine. It may also be dependant on your prescription and which lens material you prefer wearing, which lenses you are able to wear.

Daily disposable contact lenses are best if you lead a busy and active lifestyle. They can be thrown away after one use and do not require a daily cleaning routine, they are however the most expensive option. Two-weekly and monthly lenses are cheaper, however, they need to be cleaned, disinfected and stored every day. There is also the option of yearly lenses, yearly lenses offer lens wearers a more precise fit due to their flexible and customised parameters. Yearly contact lenses however, are very expensive to replace if lost.

Daily, monthly, two weekly and yearly lenses are available for short-sighted, long-sighted and astigmatic lens wearers. As well as multifocals for those who need more than one prescription/ have presbyopia.


Do I have to sign up to a direct debit to order contact lenses?


While many high-street opticians may ask you to sign up to a direct-debt scheme, we do not at Feel Good Contacts. We understand that not everyone wears their lenses every day of the week and you may receive more lenses or solution monthly than you need. Many high street opticians simply rebrand recognisable brands in an effort to keep customers loyal to them. You can check our table to match your optician own brand lenses to original manufacturer brands. With us, you can buy your contact lenses at your own accord. Monthly direct debit schemes may also include additional eyecare which you may not need on a month on month basis, meaning you pay for a service you rarely use.

We do offer an auto-replenish service which gives you the option to have your lenses delivered to you on your re-order date. You may opt in or opt out of this service at anytime with no extra cost to you.  


We hope this dispels the myths about contact lenses. Get 10% off your first order with Feel Good Contacts and start saving now.

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